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Friday, May 9, 2008

Dia de las preguntas 1

First off
I was gon post this shit since yesterday but blogger was actin a damn fool

On to las preguntas

1. chicken or fish
what kinda dumb ass question is this?lol
both of course
but if i gotta pick the one, it'd be fish
more variety

2. if a bug was in your bedroom, would you kill it or set it free?
If it's flyin, it's livin
if it's crawlin it's dyin

3. clinton or obama?
i baracked the vote in the primary election and for sure will do the same in the general if he should be the democratic nominee

4. when was the last time that you cussed somebody out?
i do that every friggin day but the last time i actually did it out of genuine anger was last night
my lil brother was actin a bitch so i had to let him know

5. when was the last time that you cried?
ok dont friggin laugh at me. Thursday i shed a few tears of frustration. I was doin my hair before heading to
the play (i was late mind you)but my afro wasnt comin out right. I cursed up a friggin storm then grew the hell up.lmao. dont friggin judge me

6. can you sing?
uh im not horrible but im not good either
doomed to mediocrity

7. do you and your brother fight?
The question is when dont we fight
We havent got into a physical altercation in a minute tho
Friggin bastards
I miss the days when i could kick their ass

8. what's in your cd player right now or on heavy rotation on ya ipod?
Giants of Jazz
Louis Armstrong meets Duke Ellington
shouts to mad-dad

9. how many TRUE friends do you have? less than 10, less than 5, more than 10, more than 20?
4 sounds about right

10. can you play an instrument?
i play a bootleg sax
i got one sitting in the corner of my damn room that i aint touched in years

11. what was your favorite toy growing up?
my quiz wiz

12. what do you like about the 12th Planet? Shameless self plug*exit stage left*
haha.the regular posting and love the whole post accompanied by lyrics thing

Blogger Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

taking this from the mega

who is your blog crush?
im doomed to love folk who dont love me back
but on the real if i visit ur blog on any bootleg regular basis
i got love for u
I will not open myself up for blog rejection dammit

can u tell me what a blog dump is?
i guess when someone used to visit ur blog on the regular but doesnt any longer
*unsure look*

why dont u rock the fro no more?
what u talkin bout Torrance?
the fro is my thing
im rockin it right now

19 public opinion:

karrie b. said...

blog dump is when u like that person "blog crushing" and after a while u feel a sense of neglect from that person...

i should know.


swag_ambassador said...

pick thta damn sax up, ill grab the trumpet..and we can be the new age mo betta blues LOL..

Pajnstl said...

i pick chicken

lol@ blog dump

Jackie Edwards said...

kill it
i don't remember...
about 2 weeks ago
sang a solo at church once
not very often
donny mcclurkin
between 5 and 10
barbie head

Demon Hunter said...

I don't even know what happened to my sax. I used to play it pretty well, actually.

Interesting post. :*)

12kyle said...

Thanks for your answers

lmao @ #7

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL @ Swag. Hmmmmm, maybe he has a point. That movie WAS kinda hot.

Karrie is spot on about the blog dumped thingie.

LMAO @ you not setting yourself up to be blog dupmed. I feel you, though.

Just like Kyle to ask 12 corny ass questions. SMH

Freaky Deaky said...

Blog dumping to me is when you get booted from a person blog roll and they no longer visit.

Why do you let the flying bugs live? Is it because they're harder to catch?

Rashan Jamal said...

These aren't my questions, so who cares. LOL

Tell us who the blog crush is... its me, aint it? LOL

Stop cursing people out. Although I know I'll probably get the curse out for that above statement.


CapCity said...

I got una pregunta: Ir al fiesta, manana? I don't know how to conjugate! LOL! hope to meetcha finally;-)

SPECIAL Invitation to NYC Bloggers from Organized Noise:
" ... I am inviting all bloggers who live or work in the New York City area to join me on Wednesday night afterwork for a meet and greet. It will be held at MIXX LOUNGE in Greenwich Village. The address is 84 7th Avenue South, a block away from the Christopher Street train station on the 1 train and 5 blocks from the West 4th Street train station on the "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", and "V" trains. Please pass the word to other bloggers in the area. "

dejanae said...

thnx for the clarification

will do

chicken is good but theres only so many ways you can prepare it

jackie edwards:
how long have you played the piano

demon hunter:
what kind of sax?

im just sayin...
i get played enough in real life
no need to get dumped via blog

flying bugs are usually better looking
the prettier bugs

oh shut the hell up
*rolls eyes*
yeah *smirk*
its u

oh damn
i dont think ill be able to make it
is this a conspiracy?

Don said...

deja, i like your answer to number 7. thats some real ish. @ first i really didn't think you were human. and i say that as a compliment.

the song dreamslittle brother is jammin' on your rotate.

Anonymous said...

I cry over my hair a lot. Sometimes, the fro just don't wanna do right!

dejanae said...

a compliment u say?

some days it's a beast
i fall in and out of love with it everyday

MsPuddin said...

i feel you girl. im not a cryer, but if my hair dont turn out right i will turn into a two-yr-old.

and if i see a bug. im screaming.

MsPuddin said...

ps chicken

Demon Hunter said...


dejanae said...


demon hunter:
same one i used to play
i use 'play'


siempre hay una buena respuesta a una buena pregunta, bessos lascivos