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Friday, May 30, 2008

Here's part 2
click for part one

nah nah
i must be hallucinating
did this bitch really just slap me?

aww hell n----and before i could finish the thought i was swingin on the heifa
never mind the fact that ive never been in a fight before, nevermind the fact that all them power ranger moves flew out my head, never mind her bootleg posse or the crowd that
obviously was not
against a 'kick Diana's Ass' campaign

(contary to what they show you in the movies, shit did not slow down to a crawl
no slow motion here
It was all a jumble really)

all i knew was that i wasnt tryna get hit and im sure i looked a damn fool swingin like a crazy person (i did say i had never been in a fight havent i?)
I wasnt tryna be Rocky
i was tryna stay out of the line of fire
Was doin a pretty good job of it too til this bitch ass piecea shit lil boy decided to trip me

Yes folk
This punkass mofo saw fit to come outta his face and stick his scrawn, ashy, lil leg out and cause me to land my black ass on the floor
(This lil crusty ass turdlike thing had been talkin shit to me for a minute. He got his own lata tho. He got stomped out by this group of boys

Now this was just the in that Tshaya needed
I saw her foot headed towards me and tried to roll of to the side and stand up
that was the plan anyway

However, Idiots that i didnt even know decided they was in the Super Bowl and somehow i musta transformed into a football or something

nah nah
D aint down for that crap

so there i was
on the dirt floor

mad as all hell
folk wasnt givin a bitch a chance to stand up son

So i did the only thing i could
protected my

u expected some martial arts moves or something?
i aint jackie chan man

im sure i looked like a dyin fish
wobblin about in the dirt
legs and arms flailing tryna hit any target within reach

Then the sea of idiots parted as the dean stepped on thru

Finally, i thought
where the hell u been?

I stood my dirt encrusted ass up quick as can be
Can you believe that dumb heifa was tryna play hard talkin but she was gon finish kickin my ass lata?
did u forget
u just had ur chance
u aint really do shit


If YOU got beef with me and you itchin for a fight
call your fuckin dogs off and let's do this hand to hand combat shit
man to man
woman to woman
junior highschooler
to junior highschooler

I looked down at my clothes
looked up at the idiot bein held by the dean as she was throwin punches in the air
bitch ur arms are not 8 feet long
u can stop now

she kept shriekin
"You lucky he holding me back
that's why i fucked u up"

It was all just too damn much for me
I just burst out laughin

19 public opinion:

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im with u, always stay out the line of fire

DollFace said...

Damn...that's some isht. Was there ever a rematch?

Pajnstl said...

Those cowards!

NYAmicas said...

I loved it!
Not the part where you got jumped but you transformed your misfortune into some prose, huh?
I dont even think that's what prose is but eff it, Im not an English major anyway. And jumping people IS a punk move, that's why only punks do that ish. Thanks for sharing D, you brave girl.

Freaky Deaky said...

Were you there when ashy leg got his beat down? That would've been poetic justice.

Stew said...

damn. bout time you came with part two. been wondering what happened with that.

sounds like you held your own against a gang of people.

i love it when people say "you better be glad they holding me back" i think that is classic. if you ask me, that is a cop out.

congrats on not coming away with a much WORSE beating. esp since you were on the ground

Kandi Black said...

Like he said ^^^ i wuz happy to see a part 2 too...i think if the lil ashy legged nigga had not of tripped u, u coulda got on that chick's ass...i woulda laughed at the lil trifling ringworm too...thinking she had done last u held it down on ur own...she needed backup

Mizrepresent said...

Dang, that was good.

The Jaded NYer said...

I am so glad I went to parochial school...

dejanae said...

thats wat i was goin 4 anyway

no rematch

i know right

i aint ashamed
i made it out

wasnt there

yes sir
had folk askin if i was even in a fight cuz they couldnt see no damn battle

i know
i had it til that.....
*walks away grumbling*

thnx.i think

im glad u went there

mp1 v.8.0 said...

part one was just two weeks ago?

You laughed in her that's gangsta. jumping folks...that's a real bitch move

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm glad you can look back and laugh and not plot bloody murderous revenge and ish.

The kicking while down stuff is not cool at all.

Skoolboi Krush said...

Any dude jumpin' into a chick fight is a bitch!

A journey to find me said...

Wow. You're braver than me lol. That was kinda messed up that dude tripped you. Don't you hate instigators lol.

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha you LAUGHED at her!!!

I. fucking. Loves it

Sha Boogie said...

WHat?! huh? Fighting! Where was my invite, lol. I aint never been in a real fight either, I guess being 5'11 helps!

Fever said...

jr highschooler to jr highschooler lol

that made me laugh.

i don't get into fights....cuz i act crazy & that just scares ppl off lol

Keli said...

lol@ you laughing at her...

I can't stand cowardly bullies...why did it take a whole army.


ms.uncensored said...

lmao. loved it. "wobblin about in the dirt". classic. yeah that jumpin shit is for the birds. happened to me once. all cuz my friend bumped some bitch in a party while she was dancin. her friend popped at the mouth and we argued a bit but my friends were just like chill it aint worth it. fast forward to the next party. standing by myself. friends disappeared. seen the trick posted up watchin me wit her friends beofre my people dipped but i wasn't movin. nope. her bitch ass sees opportunity. has her and 2 of her friends surround me. and yep we got it poppin. fists flyin from all angles. madness. handled my shit. three bitches and they didn't leave any marks. yeah. that jumpin shit is for the birds girl.