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Thursday, May 1, 2008

rhymes revisited

Every once in a while
I hit u with a lil poetry
It's been a minute
For those who appreciate, thnx
for those who don't, __________________________
(fill in the blank. make it creative)

your tune was never mine
yet somehow you figured that with time, the melody by which you lived your life would somehow find me
the staff lines would somehow
reach out and bind me as u took notes,
constantly glancing down at your watch as you'd
time me
my tick always your tock and to you,
my clock never did keep time right
frustrated because i was never in a hurry to reach that limelight
preferred to cool out to them tunes of Timelife and keep it soft and...


I sat there trying to string words together,
to no avail.
Them pearls of wisdom
kept falling from my hands
clumsy fingers trying to cling to them and make sense of the unthinkable
She's wanted this for so bad and for so long
she's held onto hope.
imagining that there must be a way
cuz God wouldnt do this to her
leave her soul aching for something she could never have?
The one thing she yearned to know?
I looked into her face
The same one that held all the promise of tomorrow,



She glowed
damn near beamed when i let her know.
No light lingers there now

I knew something was wrong
the second
i picked up the phone
you there?

I lost the baby"

It's been a week now and she hasn't left the house
can't say that i blame her
Can't say anything, in fact.
I just hold her tear streamed face into my shoulder
and glance down at the blanket she refuses to let go


Im not sure where i am
who i am
floating in dismal purgatory
in the grander scheme of things i really am
unless i endeavor to be something to someone else
They say that the mark of a great person is the footprint they leave in the heart of others
no heavy impressions have i made
Hard to do when u tread lightly

29 public opinion:

Urban Thought said...

I like your poetry. I want to see more of it. Keep doing the greatness that you do.


Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

...and yet the sand that fills my heart fights to retain the traces of your passing, despite the rising tide. Your poetry is THAT deep.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

t.r.b said...


Anonymous said...

Inspiration? Who's Erica? -Chanell

Roddykat said...

Never let it be said that you didn't know how to breath some life into words, hon. Tight as always.

Charles said...

I love reading other people's poetry. But what I really had to comment on...was that Tracy Chapman...thats hot...

Muze said...


that second one...powerful girl.

very powerful.

loving the first one too.


Mr Fresh!! said...

u gt a good touch at peotery i really enjoyed it

swag_ambassador said...


karrie b. said...

u killed it once again. love ur bootleg deep side lol.


1/3 of what I used to be said...

I love you bootleg poetry yet again! lol

The last one I really can relate to.

"They say that the mark of a great person is the footprint they leave in the heart of others
no heavy impressions have i made
Hard to do when u tread lightly"

Nothing but the truth. But if this is personal your making footprints. their just not yours tho. We never walk alone:-)

Poca said...

you are to die it!

Desy said...

now why can't i see u treading lightly?...

great read

guerreiranigeriana said...

i don't think i've ever read your poetry...i must start...the first one really spoke to me...

Rashan Jamal said...

I dont really do poetry... so I'll fill in the blank...

for those that dont... sit in the corner quietly while the rest of the class has juice and cookies.

you didn't say it had to make sense, just that it had to be creative.

Damn Benydryl making me sound crazier than normal....

dejanae said...

preciate it

look at u tryna upstage me at my own
thnx man.i try

ill take that as a compliment

a bootleg made up character inspired by a heart-wrenching episode of law and

and esteemed am i by your words

that was indeed Ms Chapman sir
hotness is all i know how to

high praise

aww thnx
preciate the feedback

u burning incense and dressed all in black too?


glad it spoke to you

*awkward fumbling as i blush*
thnx hon

maybe cuz i got big feet?lol

im touchin folk

man u aint gota 'do' poetry to leave a comment on it
even if it is to criticise the senseless

womp womp
u failed on that fill in the blank
come back and try when ur not high

Don said...

@ dejanae: that final poem was too sweet. so true. i never thought of it, this way: They say that the mark of a great person is the footprint they leave in the heart of others

we do need to stop treading lightly, don't we?

Don said...

"make it precipitate, you know...make it rain, when you can make it thunderstorm..."

answer that question, deja.

Anonymous said...

Inspired by tv? You are an artist-let me get an autograph before you blow up!
And email me or something, I feel like I havent spoken to you in ages-Chanell-phone is broke :)

Demon Hunter said...

Good stuff. You're a wordsmith, girl. :*)

Mizrepresent said...

i love your very thought provoking and real.

DiamondsR4eva said...

ur poetry is hawt!

12kyle said...

for a young lady with her own can spit it in the "regular" language, too! LOL

i.can't.complain. said...

D, did i ever tell u that u're my fav blogger when it comes to poetry.

well, u are.

p.s. u look amazing in that pic from the push it to the limit post.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u got enuff for a book folk, hit me up and i will tell and show u how

Thic Flair said...

good ole dej

Anonymous said...

I so dig your poetry!

dejanae said...

yes we do need to stop treading lightly
im making steps to remedy that

ill get on that

@demon hunter:
aww shucks. gracias

thanks for the feedback hon

thnx...i think

woot woot
that means a lot
ha. thnx

will do man
will do

good ole dej?
me no likes the sound of that

thank u very kindly

ms.uncensored said...

i dig it.
wish u could hear my ((snap, snap)). lol.
my fave was..."the melody by which you lived your life would somehow find me the staff lines would somehow reach out and bind me as u took notes"
that had me speechless.
reading the lines over and over again [[til]] i got lost between em. get it girl. deserves a link. =]