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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I wish a muhfuka would

When's the last time you got into an argument?why?
When's the last time you got into a physical altercation?why?
What is something you would fight for/over?
Ever got hurt while tryna break up a fight?

I'll answer these later tonight
regale you with the story of how i got jumped

oh man
i always laugh when i think about it

see ya later folk

the rest of the answers to the question session wil be up Friday and Saturday

17 public opinion:

karrie b. said...

ughhhh wtf deja. if i saw u getting jumped i'd totally jump in and throw in a few kicks.

BK girls hold it down for eachother.


12kyle said...

Got into an argument with Mrs12 yesterday. Wanna know why...b/c she was wrong! LMAO!!!

We cool now.

Urban Thought said...

I haven't argued in a while. People don't like arguing with me. They think I think I'm always right. I just believe they are usually wrong or one sided. Not one in the same.

I don't fight.

Anonymous said...

When did you get jumped D?
Last argument? Ha! I'm 5 mins ago.
Last physical altercation? Lets not go there.....
I'd fight for friends and family before myself and only if I think some blows are about to be exchanged.-Chanell
Hurry up and update!

Mizrepresent said...

Last argument with my ex,some months ago...i don't like arguing so i hung up!

Last physical fight - a long time ago, but i was grown, fought my brother cuz he on some dumb ish, and took my car keys, and i wanted them back, so we fought...i left scratches all across his face, we didn't speak for about 2 weeks after, then he came by my house and apologized.

I would fight for my kids, my family.

I'm always trying to break up fights, the last time was with my brother (yep the same one) and a friend of my nephews, i just didn't want them fighting in my house and breaking up my shit. I told them both i would call the police on both of them if they threw one punch.

Desy said...

tell me that u gettin jumped was not a recent situation...

- I haven't really argued with anyone... I'm more of a 'discussor', and it happened with my sis in law about 5 min ago regarding our career choice bein seen as 'a job' (we are both SLP's)

-High School... I told on her... yeh, my ass was a snitch but I couldn't stand that girl....

-that's hard to say...


ms.uncensored said...

last time i got into an argument. last week wit the boo. he was mad cuz some dude said some off the wall ish to me over an im. he went on a jealous rant. tried to calm him down. turned into a big to do. sigh.

last physical altercation. march 25. why do i remember? cuz the bitch called the cops. she pulled a knife on me. then called the cops. on me. sigh. we were friends. she betrayed me. too many times. we got into an argument that got physical.

id fight for my family. id cut a bitch or a dude or over my mom, my sisters or my aunt. my friends. i'm the type if i know u by even association and u gettin jumped or something im in there. like karrie says. bk girls hold it down for each other. no questions asked.

never broke up a fight. prevented one. never broke one up tho.

Pajnstl said...

last argument? with my sisters over the crack baby situation
las physical altercation? lol with my youngest sister b/c she lost her mind and cussed at my mom. smh ( i think we need counseling)

i would fight over/for my mom and my kid when i have some, maybe my husband but that would be a situational thing!

1/3 of what I used to be said...

wow when did u get jumped? Iunno that made me angry just now...

i got in an argument with my dad over my car..he's stubborn but what can I say i live in his house for the time being.

never got in a physical altercation with anyone. People know better then to mess with me lol

Rashan Jamal said...

Argument - I'm not an arguer.. probably like 2 years ago but I can't remember why.

Physical Altercation - 11th grade over a girl.

What I would fight for - anybody messing with my niece or nephews.

Hurt breaking up a fight? - nah, dudes got guns. I don't stick around for fights.

dejanae said...

karrie b:
good to

u wish
the women are always right
get ur ass in check

urban thought:
im always on the right side of an argument too
anyone who says otherwise is obviously misinformed

i wanna know bout the last physical altercation dammit
dont leave me hangin

i know right
u aint finna break up my damn

nah hon
junior high mess

that's some friend u had
u know i wanna hear the full story right?

yeah hon
that counseling sounds like a good idea

u a bad muhfuka huh?

did u blog bout this fight?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

When's the last time you got into an argument?why?
With my mum, about 2 weeks ago, she was being unreasonable
When's the last time you got into a physical altercation?why?
last yr with my olda bro, he was tryna take me for a fool...but i neva get in physical altercations tho....i aint like that
What is something you would fight for/over?
if sum1 touches my mum, sister or lil bro
Ever got hurt while tryna break up a fight?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

p.s--you need to finish that story asap


Maria said...

argument?! I teach high school, LOL my patience is too thick for arguing. back in the day, though, (meaning, like, 9 months ago, right before I was teaching) I pinned a teenager to a wall cuz she and her friends were giving me attitude in the train station and I was NOT in the mood to deal with ANYONE'S bs. I guess the moral of the story is, don't ever catch me when my mood's swinging, cuz it'll knock you the eff out, LOL

but seriously?! I wanna read this right here about how you got jumped... finish the story! ;P

dejanae said...

brothers are so friggin annoying sometimes
i rue the day mines were born
ok that may be a bit harsh
i do love the bastards


now im scared of u
dont go killin no lil kids please

will do
im workin on it

Nicole said...

When's the last time you got into an argument?why?

Monday. The woman at the post office back home in MS gave me attitude when I went in to get my passport renewed then got loud when I asked for her supervisor. So, I got loud back.

When's the last time you got into a physical altercation?why?

Uh, middle school. A girl tried to trip me as I was getting off the bus. My shoe came off and I threw it in her face, then we pulled each other's hair for about a minute until the bus driver got to us.

What is something you would fight for/over?

Messing with my family or my dog.

Ever got hurt while tryna break up a fight?

Nope, if it's not my fight or doesn't involve a loved one, I'm not jumping in the middle. Selfish? Probably.

dejanae said...

"My shoe came off and I threw it in her face"