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Thursday, May 8, 2008


i was gon do a post today but after them measly comments on the last one...

yeah right

where's the outpouring of concern and well wishes?

im up for any questions yall might have

hit me
i like that

im gon go see Cry Baby on Broadway today
ill post on it tonight

i saw Slater in A Chorus Line the other day

he has no ass

i been slackin on my bloghoppin
ima remedy that sooner or later
sooner than later

When I Get You Alone

What would you do if u could spend a day with the person of your dreams?

so yeah
ask away

19 public opinion:

12kyle said...


1. chicken or fish

2. if a bug was in your bedroom, would you kill it or set it free?

3. clinton or obama?

4. when was the last time that you cussed somebody out?

5. when was the last time that you cried?

6. can you sing?

7. do you and your brother fight?

8. what's in your cd player right now or on heavy rotation on ya ipod?

9. how many TRUE friends do you have? less than 10, less than 5, more than 10, more than 20?

10. can you play an instrument?

11. what was your favorite toy growing up?

12. what do you like about the 12th Planet? Shameless self plug

*exit stage left*

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

taking this from the mega

who is your blog crush

can u tell me what a blog dump is


why dont u rock the fro no more

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm starting to hate these questions posts. EVERYBODY is doing them! Boooo

If I could spend a day with the person of my dreams...plain and simple...we'd have sex.

t.r.b said...

i know i wished you well so i'm straight;)


what are you studying in school?

where is the most interesting place you've traveled?

what is your favorite spot in the nyc?

my answer to your inquiry.....

What would you do if u could spend a day with the person of your dreams?

meshell said it best:

"i'd be content to just sit here and talk to you.
in my dreams you love me and me only.
the way you kiss and hold me.
love is what I search and search to find.
but until then I'll just dream for the meantime......
no one will ever love you more
talk to me."

Anonymous said...

Look at those stonewash jeans on "Slater". LOL I always liked Zach.

You are a true Robin Thicke fan if you know "When I Get You Alone". I loved that song. I had to find the song after hearing it on a Sprite commercial. Found out who it was, looked at the review for that cd, and bought it. My friends would like at my crazy when I use to bump his 1st cd.

Roddykat said...

Do you still have some of that Hooch (the bootleg alcohol from Haiti) you got from your Pops?

You plan to share?

How many fibers are intertwined in a shredded wheat biscuit?

You still waiting on those answers, aren't you?

How are you doing on your finals?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Is the video blog still on or what? quit stalling!

How many kids did you say you wanted again?

Think I asked enough questions?

Ms. emmotions said... make a wish , waat willl it bee

The Jaded NYer said...

did I forget to wish you well? GIRL, my bad! My brain don't work so good sometimes...GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!!!

now... hmmm... questions...

name one "mystery of the universe" you'd want to know the answer to and why

if you could ask any president, living or dead, ONE QUESTION who would it be and what would you ask him?

what's the best gift you ever received?

what are you studying in school, and how did you decide this was the major for you?

Desy said...

*looking up at what diva wrote*..

what she said... VIRGINITY is HARD so I'd give it up, cause maaan.. he would be able to lay it down so good, i'd never get up...

i really liked this question, so i'mma bite it

if there was a blogger that u could slap the shit out of, who would it be and why?

and i'mma need that double spaced with header and

soumynona said...

That is too funny! I gots love for the dejanade!!
Sidenote: I heart your music! As soon as I visited, Darlin Nikki came on!!

1/3 of what I used to be said...

If I could spend a day with someone of my dreams hmmm..probably just try to get to know him as much as possible and hope this will the first of many days we spend together lol

ANyway questions!

1. what do yo like the most about living in NY?

2. How long have you been wearing your hair natural?

3. What's your workout routine? I'm in need of one so bad lol

4. How are things going with your mom now?

5. whats your favorite color?

6. What is your favorite haitian dish?

Ok I'm done lol

Mizrepresent said...

What is it you love about being Hatian?

What is it you hate?

Can you make lambi? (sidebar --i love that shit) lol!

If i could spend a day with the one i want, he would never leave, and he'd being writing this post about me!

Sting said...

You been tagged. See my blog for details.

Rashan Jamal said...

What will it take for a man to get you to have sex with him?

Why do ask so many questions of your readers?

And finally the question you asked me...

If Hillary wins the nomination would you stay home from the polls in the general election?


Keli said...

So much for not leaving a blog post, huh?

Roddykat said...

Ooh Ohh! I have a couple more questions.

How much traveling have you done?

Is there any place you'd like to go that you haven't been to?

Is there any place that you have been that you'd like to go back to to?

How long will I stall you out on the answers you want? :)

Where did the name Dejanade come from from?

What's the craziest search term(s) that brings people to your site?

Ok, more than a couple, but get to gettin! :)


Im with you O Diva..Im waiting for you to post yours...LOL

I will wait to hear the answers..that always inspires me to ask.

I do want to know though

How do you keep your skin so flawless?

Eb the Celeb said...

helll yeah you been slacking on blog hopping cuz I aint seen you at RBW in a

karrie b. said...

ughhh i cant do questions right now...too lazy, but if i could get with lupe fiasco i would talk to him and win him over with my personality.

u win guys over with ur personality?