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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Push it to the limit

this man right here just always does it for me
just the sound of his voice
and i think of sinewy muscles
taut skin glistening with beads of sweat
heavy labored breathing

Push it To The Limit

that's my workout joint right
don't judge me bastards

<<<< my game face
So im off the rag and headed back to el gimnasio tomorrow
I got three months to see some major improvements
four pack here i come (yeah i coulda said 6 but seeing as how that six pack been about 6 friggin years in comin, ima set my goals a lil lower.)

Ima attempt to eat cleaner
(my very loose interpretation of clean)

What are some goals yall are workin towards?
What is some crap yall been sitting on that you know u should be getting done?

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Anonymous said...

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Ms. emmotions said...

goals am workin at?
definately want to remain and maintain my current size, i think if i dont watch it i might push over to the next size,...if that counts as a goal tho

Pajnstl said...

um heffa can you stop flashing your flat stomach? lol yea i'm hating
what i working towards? Losing another 15lbs *sigh*, perfecting my craft(s)

Roddykat said...

I really need to get my butt into the gym myself. I've been noticing a little more in places where there wasn't before...And I not where I'd want it either. (*SMH*) I also keep saying that I'm gonna travel a bit more. There are a few spots I'm always dying to hit, but never can. for whatever reason. And while not exactly goals, i'd like to get back into a hobby or two I'd like to put some time into.

As for what I've been sitting on? one office cleaning, a half a dozen blog posts, and some audio stuff i'm trying to mess around with.

By the way, Ok 4 pack. :)

black mamba said...

that is absolutely nuts because everyone teases me that rick ross is my crush.....and before that it was suge knight.

my sister says i like dudes that are built like rocweilers.....i can't help that thick is it!

to do: pay for school, patiently wait for vacated suite......stay fly;)

Anonymous said...

Ewww..Rick Ross.

Goals I'm working on are moving forward in my career field and eating better. I'm trying for the 6pack.

The Jaded NYer said...

I second that Ewwww Rick Ross comment... I saw a video with him wearing no shirt, and everything I've ever eaten in my whole life just came back up. Gross.

Goals: still tryna get to the gym. Still tryna finish my thesis. Still tryna leave my job. Still tryna figure out what the hell is wrong with my girl parts.

Those are the things on the top of my list.

Anonymous said...

What the devil? Isn't that Rick Ross?n Have you seen that video when he's in bed with an attractive woman, pushes her away and displays his ashy, sweaty rolls to the camera? I cant even look at that video again...I like big dudes but he is in no way sexy....and yeah, stop showing off that flat stomach...-Chanell

Mel said...

I'm on the same gym goal as you, but I've only been saying it for 2 or 3 years... lol

And I missed the photo thing this morning, so now I have to go at the other location this afternoon before work. Blah.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I'm working on being completely happy with myslef and eating healthier to maintain my current weight even though id love to lose like 10 pounds lol

I know I should be studying my ass for finals coming up next week but im like naw I'm chilling lol. I hate studying! lol

CapCity said...

Gurlll, got too much i'm workin on to even START postin' here! lol! But, um, yesssir - that Rick Ross music DUZ git a sistah PUMPED - my theme from him: Ev'ry Day I'm Hustle-in', Hustle-in', Hustle-in'!!!!

Anonymous said...

dang... rick ross... i'll leave that alone, but im workin on gaining a few more pounds of muscle... my goal weight is in between 200-205... thats it physically. other things, get my money where i dont have to worry about it at all, and find "the one"

dessex said...

game face is so serious

dessex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keli said...

I need to finish writing one of these books I've been working on since 06.

And I need to loose a little of this jiggle...just a little though, I kinda like the jiggle, lol.

Still_Pocahontaz a.k.a POCA said... goal is to get up off this here blog and do atleast a half a damn crunch.


Jadore.Tokeyo said...

i hear you...i just got off the treadmill...5 miles, now about to start my bellydancing dvd!!! whew! gotta get ready fot the summer though...and my 21st birthday which is in may!!!

Ms Sula said...

Girl... U've read the blog so you know what the goals are. Lol.

"Aim for the sky, if you don't reach it you'll still fall among stars"

That's my motto. :)

And that Rick Ross is the theme song in my cycling class... On those uphills, man? Yup that's serious motivation...

Your game face and stomach ARE serious!

See you in 3 months, chica. ;)

Freaky Deaky said...

Goals I'm working towards: Being nominated for best humor blog, winning best humor blog, not being bored, increasing my vocabulary, being open to more people, and finding adventure and something to get excited about.

Crap I've been sitting on but know I should be getting done: My undergraduate degree, writing a book, short story, or screenplay, joining a gym, cleaning my room, decluttering, getting an oil change, and starting a business.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about Rick Ross but I am sooooo with you on that one!

I'm working on these 20lbs that I been trying to lose for the last 50 years! Got to lose it...and I'm gonna do it by July 1!

swag_ambassador said...

I wanna gain like 10 lbs of muscle.. maybe 5.. just a lil more on ma frame.. Just for personal.. but since my metabolism is so high I would have to eat a whole bunch..

Desy said...

gettin back involved with a dance studio... i really miss it

Mizrepresent said...

Dayum sure ain't working towards no 4 or 6 pack, just flat would do me just fine, lol! You are so fly, do you...torture is just not one of my priorities now.

A journey to find me said...

Some goals I have been working on is being more open minded, losing about 25-30 lbs, and being a better nurse!

I am supposed to be studying right now but i probably won't lol

P.S- How did you become so dedicated to working out regularly and eating right? I've tried to but i always quit when it gets too hard. Any advice?

12kyle said...

I like Ross. He seems a lil bit different with his delivery. Very consistent, too

karrie b. said...

rick ross is a sausage!

wanna work out 2 morrow? i do. what time u be goin? is it gonna cost me?


DollFace said...

Like your goal. That needs to be mine as well.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

dude you are hot..your body is sick ...your stomach is already flat or is it photo trick, you dont want to be too hard now..I am think its quite disgusting to see a woman with a six pac...they look too hard almost like mehn..a soft toned flat stomach will do

marky said...

damn you look finevgirl.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I see hips

and eat cleaner - explain that

ross well not to partial tomen or women that talk about killing and money defing who they are

Anonymous said...

Only Goal I'm working on thus far Is to not go off like a time bomb on people, and try not to commit actual murder.. for the laws and all that shit

Don said...

i too am doing the gym thing. started about two months ago. haven't started the running thing all the way yet. besides that, i am working towards making a name for myself in the book business.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Whatever turns you on. What sinewy muscles?

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

That Pic is a Heater. Rick Ross is Fat tho, I guess you meant his flow sounds muscular. That Niggas album is tha bidness, It took a few brizzles to convince me tho.

Stew said...

should be studying. i fell off my workout game because of school. need to get back on that too.

Lovebabz said...

You already look FABULOUS! Gosh, what else is there...YOU ARE THERE!

I ain't going to hate on you for your music choices...I don't understand it, but if you dig it, it must have some merrit!

I am not even going to mention my goals now after seeing your flat stomach. Jinkees!

marky said...

Qucifer - LOL - those damn laws.

dejanae said...

@ms emmotions:
sounds like a goal to

ill stop flashin my stomach when u stop flashing them life preservers u call breasts.lmao

why wouldnt hobbies count as goals?
get to them posts

@black mamba:
stay fly
i like that one

oh hush
career goals are always a good look

i see the haters come out in full force
sounds like fun *cringe*

leave rick
u stop showin off first

here's hoping that our lazy asses can get to it

u already know procrastination will be the death of me

good one
gon add that to the workout playlist

get that money booooooooooooy

it's gotta be man

get to finishing that book
i wanna read it jiggle is a good thing. ask the fellas

that'd be a mess if u couldnt do half a crunch for real

bellydancing. i gotta take that up

"Aim for the sky, if you don't reach it you'll still fall among stars"
u and me both
PUSH it to the limit
we gon do this

did u say increasing your vocabulary?
u know that's sexy right? so serious
get to work on that list

yes u can
stay focused (says the self-proclaimed procrastinator)

shut up wit ur "my metabolism is so high"
go to

no pain no gain

girl who lied to u?lol
im so not dedicated and i eat like shit
try doing bootleg group classes or go with a friend
that helps me to stay motivated

the question is
do u wanna slepp with him?lol

lol. shut up
ok i caught this mad late
how bout next week?

girl.lets do it

u gon have me blushing
how u gon come to my spot and cheat right in front of me?

gotem from my mama
try to eat more raw foods.less processed crap
i get what ur saying

yeah.not ending up in jail is a good thing

good luck man

it's under there

thats some new fangled slang that i aint caught onto yet

i should so be studying also *going off to flog myself*

tnx hon but we all got some improving we can do
lol.thnx for being openminded

dejanae said...

i should do that too

Muze said...

girl your body is sick. hush your mouth.

my goal is writing.

to be able to write for a living.

ahhh one can dream.


jameil1922 said...

i really should get off of processed foods and eat more veggies. i can't even imagine what my body would look like if i were to apply myself like that! lol.

dejanae said...

seems like more than simple dreams to me
ur well on ur way there

im sayin.....
that crap is so hard, hence why ive fallen off the wagon so many times

Lou said...

You could possibly make a blog with you just taking pictures of yourself and add a sentence and you'd get 40 comments. Just my theory.

*borat voice*

Its very nice.


E. Christian Wallace said...

Just stopping through, seeing what's going on hurr. That used to be my freeway "get-outta-my-way song" and there's one line in there that kinda motivates me.

Anyways, things I could work on: better employment, unfreezing my gym membership (about 17 months now), being paid to take photographs, and maybe getting some action.

Queen of My Castle said...

Babes, you have a banging body, but if you feel the need to do more who are we to know that? LOL

Nice hair, too

Eb the Celeb said...

Can I borrow a lil bit of your boobs... didnt realize you had so much and I am lacking

guerreiranigeriana said...

you're gorgeous!!!...don't know who that guy is above, but er, um...he's kind of scary looking...but you know i like em lean...

...some goals? money for my move...start training capoeira some fine ass dude that takes me to the moon...finish writing this play with my writing partner...tone up...start locking my hair...i'll stop there...

dejanae said...

but then this would be moreso some narcissistic piece of
well atleast more than it already is

better employment
always something to aim for

thnx hon

girl please *rolls eyes*
lemme borrow ur legs then

haha.yall stay crackin on him
didnt know u trained capoeira.sounds fun
i wanna be taken to the friggin moon too

Demon Hunter said...

I need to rewrite some of my mauscripts and begin a few new ones. And read some books that I have had on my to-be-read pile. :*)

dejanae said...

i got a few books that've been hangin around for years


girl, i love ur abstract posts..i absolutely love them! i tried to click the pic of angel 'silicone booty' lola luv and the link's dead.
not that I need to see her lowrider booty...anyway.

i can't believe she did that to herself. Pam Anderson...yeah that's what she does..but 'lowrider booty is too young for all that mess in her body.


dejanae said...

u aint neva lied

Anonymous said...

most definutly some of my current goals would be to work smarter, and not harder this year....I've been doing it prior to Jan 1, and it just seems like i've slipped back into my old habit.

lets see....drop about 15lbs, and convert another 10lbs into muscle. Finish out my project on my car, get settled in my new spot (still don't have any furniture after two months), and re-new my relationship with the Lord....I've been seriously slacking on this and need to realign my priorities when it comes to my prayer time, and fellowship with him.