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Thursday, January 3, 2008

fuck a swordsmith, the word is mightier

My father being an immigrant and not having a full grasp of the English language, would make me go lug the Webster's dictionary to look up any words he didn't know. God forbid i asked him for the definition of a word. He'd give me this face:

and tell me go get the damn dictionary. Needless to say he was annoying at times but damned if my old man didn't know what he was doing. I always give props to my dad for teaching me the value of education (whether it be formal or informal) and instilling in me at an early age the importance of seeking knowledge.
Which is why his ass was tryna take credit for me getting a perfect score on the verbal part of the SAT'S but i digress

My pops is one of the most intelligent people I know
Knows more bout the goings on of U.S. government than i do

Always tryna make me read one his favorite books
spoutin history
he's still waitin on me to finish The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

Here's Naomi Wolf discussing the premise of her book

and the old man is getting on my damn nerves with all his NPR talk
If i ain't listened to it in a few days, he gives me this bootleg 'i'm ashamed. u r not the daughter i raised' look
get over it

and my old man can dance too
I got the good

My dad's english has come a long way since my elementary school years but I can't help but laugh when he says stuff like "oree op eef you wanna go too the bitch" Well that's what it sounds like atleast. I know he means beach but it's hilarious nonetheless.

My nickname for pops is 'Haitian immigrant'

speaking of Haitian immigrant
me and my dad died watching this.
I don't know. You might not find it nearly as funny if you're not Haitian, but you should get a coupla chuckles or atleast a smile out of it.

You know what i can't stand?
When fuckers assume you're dumb because either you can't speak english well
or you speak with an accent
Okay this is where i tell the truth and shame the devil
I laugh at accents too BUT.....
I don't assume the person with the accent is less intelligent. Truth be told, our folk in the U.S. got some catching up to do with the rest of the world. Our educational system is shitty as all hell.

I have a thing for literature,
the spoken word,
poetry what have you

Here's a few def poetry jam clips

Steve Connell: Territory

Gemineye: Penny for Your Thoughts

Sunni Patterson: We Made It

Black Ice

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Thic Flair said...

Dej, the video of the fight was comedy. He was excited as hell...but he needs to take some self defense classes. That was a bullshit punch and kick even if you ARE fighting a prosticrackheadskelator.

The def poetry spots are love. Curvy and I sat and watched them shits one day on youtube...damn shame how much talent them cats got...they need to share.

and I feel you on the US Education system....I will blog about that in the future.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

I'm cracking up over that video. Dude was extra amped although like Thic said he didn't punch like a little b-i. That joint reminded me of a dollar cab incident in BK. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. And yeah our educational system is past shitty. It's already been flushed down the toilet.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I hate work. I can never watch youtube clips, so I'm missing like half of this post. Oh well!

Ya pops sounds mad cool. Dude is a trip.

The End of America...Never heard of it. I'll check it out (at least the synopsis)

Ms Sula said...

Like mp1 v.8.0 (get it right! lol), I can't watch the videos (work sucks ass!) but I can sooo relate to this post... being that I speak with an accent.

It can be hard trying to get accross what you mean when people have already made up their minds about you not "speaking american"...

On the other hand, it can be a deadly weapon... always good to be underestimated by your opponent... They don't see you coming.

Great post and thank god for Daddies like yours!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

my composite sat was 690. go figure and they said i had an iq of 185 LOL

PAJNSTL said...

OK! I need to start a petition, I can't see nan video! fucking filters! ugh...

But I did lol at your dad talking 'bout the Bitch/Beach! LOL

dejanae said...


what u know bout a dolla cab??!!
well dolla fitty if u wanna argue semantics

the book so far is pretty good
check it out

girl it gets frustrating seeing how ignorant folk can be sometimes

u and mad-dad's jobs are triflin censoring big brother's always in my business ass
cant even see the damn vids

torrance:lol.i gotta take one of those iq tests.

'haitian immigrant' is a trip.
He's always butcherin the language and it's funny as all hell

Tenacious said...

Ok first...lmao @ the pic of the cat!

I agree with you about the education system in America...shit sucks

I'll have to check out that book..I'm always looking for new stuff to read.

*dead* @ that fight...that shit was too damn funny

@ Dej

Socks don't do anything but at least my dry ass feet weren't rubbing against one another

...and I am not a night owl like you...I needs my 8 hours of sleep

Don said...

Aw man, I didn't know you were up on that Black ice. Dude is deep, and a complete effing monster with the flow.

Sunni, now Sunni, she is as raw as they come. Her ode to the Katrina Tradegy kinda freeked me out. She seemed like she cast a spell of voodoo on the audience with her skills and voice.

Good stuff.

KI said...

A lot on ya mind, eh?

Let it all out!

lol... deep shit doe, on the real.

dejanae said...

i don't even think it could be referred to as a fight but it was funny as all hell
look at u bout to be an ole married woman already. Since when you need 8 hours of sleep?

yep man. u aint lyin

always got mad stuff goin on up there

Mahogany Brown said...

ROFL!!! You aint gotta be Haitian to find that video HILL-LARRY-US!! I didn't know if the person he was talking about was a man or a woman for a minute LOL!! Just made it THAT much funnier lol. Oh and the editing the "fight" and him talking about it? DEAD!!

Gemineye is a BEAST! My fave performance of his is "Poetic Bloodlines". I'm a lil too simple minded for Sunni's piece. I get lost in her words and can't find my way back to make sense of it all lol.

But um...yeah this post was kind of a novel lol.

dejanae said...

The being haitian thing just adds a wholenother level of funny. Especially since i can so imagine that being one of my 'fresh off the boat' cousins or something

Poetic Bloodlines was hot!!!
lol@u getting lost in Sunni's words tho