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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


she said
she loved him
and her name was Lyric
he said
i aint want no conversation
but she thought they were makin love cuz the moves,
they mimicked
and she swore he could touch her soul and like waters wade in it
cuz she was sleepin with dogs so she got ensnared like a
runaway slave caught
and now she's screamin to God
why u aint trouble them waters?
waitin on a response from the lord she rephrased her question
why you aint swing your chariot low to carry me home?
cuz im lost without you
i'm troubled in my mind and my spirit's weary aint got nowhere to go
sure can't... return back home
heard talk of a balm in Gilead
Can it restore my soul?
mend my heart and
render me whole cuz
im shattered and broken
spirit arrested while waiting on that token
of mercy
as they stare and they whisper
Y'all heard bout Lyric?
yeah that fast tailed lil girl got herself with child
Lord they speak on things they do not know and noone
(i saw pa in Church Sunday he looked right thru me
ma? she had sadness in her eyes but
she passed me by ..)
Noone knows but so much conjecture
Lord i aint yet reached that point
cant utter them words
no..."Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do"
I am not yet that strong
I want destruction visited upon their heads like the
like the ten plagues of Egypt
for every man they had the nerve to claim i've slept with
aint it funny how sometimes we find the worst ones in church?
same ones
who'll catch the ghost and
trail tears behind your hearse
be the ones who spread lies that bind with no care of the harm
to heart
or mind
But as she screams in pain
ramshackle cottage her resting place
with her last breath she releases her daughter's name
and prays
for absolution

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Eb the Celeb said...

Damn... at the worst ones being at church

mp1 v.8.0 said...

See, that's why I don't go to church! lol

Lyric's a beast! Whatchu know bout her?

Tenacious said...

Damn...powerful stuff Dej. See, further reinforcing my reluctance to get back in to the church. too many hypocrites.

@ Dej

I had to curse his ass out, oh and I kinda threw his phone across the slipped. oh well. pervert, I was like damn you could have been discreet!!!

guerreiranigeriana said...

hmmnnn...nice...good ole churchgoers for ya...*tongue in cheek*...or at least the hyprocrits that go to church and spoil the name of the church for the good and sincere ones... you know good and damn well i can't teach capoeira over the damn internet;)...aren't you in brooklyn?...they have capoeira in ny...dunno how far that is for you, but i suspect it might be easier to learn there...mestre joao grande and fica ny for sure i know are there...let me know if you decide to go...

guerreiranigeriana said...

i just saw this on myspace and thought i'd pass it along to's a damn good deal if i must say so myself...hope you can go...

have you ever thought of trying . . .


January 29, 31st and February 1st
the International Capoeira Angola Foundation - NY
is offering free class for absolute (only for absolute) beginners
bring a friend, your family or anyone you know who's always been curious

when? 6:30-8:30pm

six harmonies martial arts studio
232 7th av (between 23rd & 24th st)

Closest Trains:
1 to 23rd Street
C/E to 23rd Street
F/V to 23rd Street
PATH to 23rd Street

Any questions? Drop a note to . Hope to see you there.


Keli said...


Don said...

They are right...

HELLA tight!

Brendan said...

Quite worthwhile piece of writing, lots of thanks for the article.