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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

rhymes revisited-CUZ HE IS THE TRUTH

No hiding he says
eyes piercing my soul
and two shallow breaths later
two rising and falls of my chest
no secrets
i know i said the words
my mouth moving to form them
the rush of blood to my ears prevented me from hearing them
so i smiled that shaky smile i do when i'm nervous
and prayed that i could let go

firm calloused hands that grip my waist as lust offers the only escape
tongues that invade as passions rise
screaming for hunger to be sated as scorching heat
sets the room aflame
and u slip deeper into me and I hold tighter onto you
as hands explore the unknown
mouths discovering peaks and valleys with wonder
as you make your way to my breast
coaxing responses with your skill
to the soundtrack of rapid heartbeats and shallow breaths
silhouette of arched forms and fingers raking across backs
voice raspy and unsteady
as you hold me close and whisper in my ear
'like that?'
swift intake of air
my back against your chest
like that'
sweat drenched sheets
glistening skin as bodies meet
moving to the beat of desire
i start to squirm as you delve into the heart of me
offering no retreat, no escape from release
as you grip my thighs tighter
i reach forward clasping your head as moans crescendo like symphony
the favor returned
as i take you into me
ecstacy-filled groans followed by
orgasmic loss of speech
as our eyes lock
heaven found atop silk sheets

a man who loves music
a man who loves art
who respects the spirit world and thinks with his heart

sounds good to me

If only for one night
can i guide you inside of me
have you travel the depths of my body
explore my heart
my mind
and take a tour of my soul
i don't need guarantees
but pray that when the journey's over
i can let you go
and somehow
walk away



in your arms i find security
loss of
Your embrace, strong sinewy arms
erase those painful words
memories of
sit ur ugly ass down
nappy headed ho
nappy headed
used to be my shame
head held low
wont u please forget my name
my name
u helped me to see that from within u saw that glow
like neon lights emitting
glow of light through fog
while sitting
u came and rested ur body next to me
that park bench where u tested me and i tested you
like fall and SAT's i questioned you
you said u knew i was the one right then
came at you with the hardhitting ten
didn't accept mess
could tell I was a woman
wanting of men
and not of little boys
When u said you were in school
no car
i said do your thing
eventually you'll buy your toys
Laughed at my jokes
sometimes, too hard i thought
funny? me?
You brought forth my inner
comic, vixen, queen
vestiges of insecurity no longer remain
they tried to call my name
you quieted doubt in my head
and in your security
in your arms
i find

Apparently chick has love on the brain. No prospects in friggin sight but these late night timelife love/soul/lust watever the hell infomercial craps are getting to me.
All this friggin slow music and folk getting married left and right (not that i think i'm ready for all that crap mind u) is only amusing for so long

Yeah, yeah i know. ima young bastard i got time or so i tell myself. Thing is...ole girl moves real slow. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaal slow. Then i don't trust easily, don't open up. Can't take a compliment for shit. hella sarcastic. Not putting out (does anyone still say that?)til i see that ring.

never was the type to inspire poetry
seems what they saw in others could never quite see in she
treasure hidden like sunken ships under stormy seas
expedition deemed hazardous
so no need for retrieval team

My track record is pathetic as all hell. no pathetic would be light years ahead of where i'm at. Some interesting info (well actually more like sad):

My longest relationship was in the 3rd grade
yes u read correctly. That's the FUCKIN THIRD GRADE!!!!!
22 Never been in a real relationship
I don't think my two week foray into dating counts

I'm bout to go off on the next guy that friendzones my ass
Guys always complaining bout getting friendzoned
I am the fuckin queen of the friendzone damnit!!!!!!!

i've been told i might be a bit too aggressive
or as my buddy likes to put it 'u need to be castrated'
Honestly. I can't shut up. I will straight tell you how i feel whether you want to hear it or not. I like to argue. it's my thing. I don't mince words and it might get annoying

Oh i also need to start dressing like a girl too i guess.
I see nothing wrong with me and my brothers sharing clothes but apparently the fellas ain't really feeling it. (this is the same girl who hit up the club in sweats-hey atleast they were red)
Yes it has led to a few mistaken lesbian id's but i figure being comfortable is worth it.

With all of my issues, yes i will take some blame for my predicament, i give myself til 50 to find someone i will even consider spending the rest of my life with.

hmmmm if the way to a guy's heart is really his stomache, i'm assed out. I don't do the cooking thing.

i don't think spinster with 1500 cats is a good look for me (do black folk do that shit???!)

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Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Damn poems got me salivating at work. Gonna have me looking all googly eyed at the wrong person!!!!!

You? No prospects? They can't handle the truth?!? What gives?

Ms.Lady said...

beautiful words.

You'll know "it" when you find it gurl.

Ummm...hopefully YOU wont be the first balck "cat lady"

Dont dem curves gurl..and watch the

Tenacious said...

Ok I'm going to really stop reading your freaky stuff late at night...I'm like "so...what's his number" while crossing my legs

you did not just say the 3rd grade lol

you know what girl not too long ago I thought like you, I don't always "dress" like a girl, hella sarcastic and crude and not to mention I have the aggression of a rapist or something...but you know what, you'll find that person.

And besides enjoy your singlehood...pretty soon I'll be joining the dreaded "married" world and I'll be drooling over my single friends stories.

Trust they are out there ;)

Tenacious said...

@ Dej

That philly cheesecake is a mess! Have you seen that junk? ew!

I am proud in my addiction of Hello Kitty, get off my back mkay...i mean I helped shorty up lol

Tenacious said...

@ Dej

Wedding planning is a joy and a headache...mainly a headache. I'll just be glad when this crap is over :)

mp1 v.8.0 said...

nah, I don't think black folks do the 1500 cat thing, or if they do they live in the country somewhere.

And I'm dead @ you need to be castrated!

Turn off those damn infomercials! I know I do

NYAmicas-Chanell said...

D, that whole post is hilarious....yes in a sad way but a good way for me!
Since the 3rd grade? I wouldnt be putting that info out there like that. lol, at you and your bros. sharing clothes!

Mizrepresent said...

You are 22 young lady. have a whole lifetime in front of you...don't rush it...savor it. And yes, your poetry is the HOTNESS!