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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

truth is

black was the hand i was dealt
race aint a card that i play
cuz that extra melanin i possess aint no joke
when it got folk dragged behind the beds of pickup trucks
and i aint on no
'that was thirty years ago' shit
cuz somehow people still find it funny to use our struggles as slapstick
when you still gotta worry bout being bashed with a nightstick
and for sure betta put them hands up quick but not too quick,
'fore that trigger click
They wanna call me paranoid
your vision's distorted cuz i can see quite clearly
they say i see conspiracies everywhere,
they're right cuz i'm a visionary and the shit that's really scary is
i'm like that homeless man on the street
screamin the ends gon come but aint noone tryna hear me
want me to explain the zoning practices of the FHA
or why anotha liqour store pops up in the hood every damn day
discuss the working poor,how you can't live off ur wage
why we losin youth to the streets cuz they say its the only way
why they tearing down projects to replacem with high rises
tenements to
tens for rent
and move the poor folk out cuz you know they can't buy em
mass exodus known as gentrification
move the downtrodden out to make space for the well off
won't let us forget our place,
this won't ever be our nation
John Benet still talked about years after her death
still hear about that little white girl to this day
put the country on hold got strangers bereft
cowboy hat and frilly dress ingrained into my head
but sorry it aint news if we cover Lateisha
yeah i understand she was raped and killed by her teacher but
she just won't make headlines
and i'm a reporter got deadlines
so can't waste time on dead lines that won't get me that paper
so how bout you try to get the news out on your local paper
and maybe stick a coupla flyers up around town
ima wish you the best and see you later

"Those who fight monsters should make damn sure they don't become one"
line taken from one of my fave shows, law and order

those infomercial people must think folk are stupid
they make the simplest shit look complicated so they can sell crap
i dont need a friggin .............
Richard Simmons?
smh. Why?!??
Who would take weight training advice from someone who looked like that
a whole buncha people that's who
not me

I'm tryna get Monica Brant as a trainer man

I googled fitness models and i came across this:

What the hell made her think this was a good look?!?!?!?!

A lot of fitness models have implants
do u
but....the 'bolted on, reaching your damn shoulder' look is not cute

i should get my black ass back to the gym
It's been two weeks
i been slackin

Xena warrior princess was a much better show than Hercules
plus her costume game was on point

i'd make a hot ninja son

taking up ninjitsu sometime this year
probly closer to the middle
but yall folk betta watch out.ima bad mother now. wait til i get some training. won't be able to tell me nothing.

9 public opinion:

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Yeah yeah come the yapping again!

I used to have the biggest crush on Xena when I was younger. She's still kinda hot. I can't knock her.

When you learn how to work some nunchucks (sp?) come holla at me!

Ms Sula said...

Great poem. Your mind is brilliant.

Monica Brant though? A lil more and her muscles might explode. But it's still a good look.

I like me some Xena too, and yes you'll look hot as a Ninja.

I will be taking up Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu just to keep up with you. :)

Pajnstl said...

Xena was ish!

Nice poetry!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dang hon, truth is u droped all but the pineal gland

dejanae said...

mad dad:
u got nunchucks?

monica brant is wassup
when it's not competition season, she looks a lil softer but overall i like the look
we gon have to spar when you get ur jiu jitsu on

appreciate the compliment

torrance: pineal gland? lol. mad scientist are a trip. I wish i had esp tho.

Eb the Celeb said...

that victoria place is a hot ghetto mess

Anonymous said...

That was hella good Di, like you need to be in front of a mike somwhere. Let me be your agent.

Ms. Behaving said...

WOW...Your poetry game is craaaaaaaaazy!!! :-)

Monica's body is just the type I need for my trip to Trinidad in February.

[Hey...a sister can dream can't she?!?!?!] LOL

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