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Sunday, January 13, 2008

So i was walking down flatbush ave. and i spot an old family friend. He asks about my mom and i say i guess she's okay but i don't live with her anymore and since we're not really speaking, i dont know her number. I tell him if i see her i'll let her know he asked about her. While i'm talkin to him this girl comes up and says " I don't mean to be disrespectful and i don't know if that's your girl, but she's lookin good" puahahahahaha. i about died of laughter. Now i was hella offended tho. I didnt mind the come on. i didn't mind the bootleg lustful look she threw my way and i didn't even mind that freaky lip licking thing she did. but how the hell??!!...I was offended she had the nerve to even think that old head could be my man. Either ole girl's gaydar was malfunctioning or she just didn't give a damn.I think her statement suggested the latter. I wish yall coulda seen this chick. She was straight butch. Talkin bout 'don't wanna catch chick in a dark alley, turn you out in prison, strap on a strap-on' type mofo.

Yep. yeah. i know. You only came to talk to him. The fact that you came through the front door and got naked as the day your mama popped your white ass out means nothing. Neither does the fact that you've been e-mailing who you tought was a 13 year old boy about sex for two months now. You weren't gon do nothing. These to Catch a Predator fools kill me. Sittin there holding your friggin nuts talkin bout you just came by to chat. SMH.
speakin of to catch a predator

this man here is dumb as all hell. i cant even...smh. there's just no hope for some folk

I just finished watching a youtube vid and it reminded me of an incident i saw at BMCC. Here goes. This guy had his pants down to just below his ass and you could see his boxers. One of the deans asked him to pull up his pants and he politiely refused citing freedom of expression and all that good stuff. The dean then proceeded to call up security to come handle the situation. The security guards then asked him to pull up his pants and again he said no (dude didn't cop an attitude or anything). He was then informed that unless he did what the dean asked he would be suspended. At that point ole boy got visibly irate and said he was doing nothing wrong. He then asked under what authority did they have the right to expell him. The dean said she had that right under the school guidlines bulletin book crap that they give out to students.(those werent her damn words but yall know what im talkin bout). So ole boy asks to see these guidelines to which the dean just ignores him and repeats the same request her dumbass asked him the last two times. Anyway the student starts goin on about how he's being unfairly targetted. He then says that he works and attends college fulltime paying for his own education and how he'd be damned if he'll be treated like a little boy when he's a grown ass man.
Now i despise the pants below your ass look but ole boy is right. How they gon tell him he could get expelled for his fashion choice??!! Yo i about died when he pointed to some white girl that was passin by with some booty shorts and a cut off shirt talkin bout why yall aint threatening to expell her. LMAO

I tend to speak my mind and i really don't know how to keep my mouth shut. So even if i do what's asked of me, if i don't like it or disagree, i will for sure let you know. Hence the 'i know you aint talkin back to grown folk' beatings. SMH. Anyway.
I tend to dress in a fashion that others might term 'bummy' (although i'd prefer comfortable). Straight sweats and sneaks type of girl and i will occasionally throw on a baseball cap. So i walked into my health class the first day and i knew me and the prof were gonna have drama. He gave me that cursory once-over and i could tell he wrote me off as a slacker. (Seeing as how i'm not easily phased, i didn't really care as long as i got my damn grade) He then asks me to remove my cap, which i do immediately. I woulda left it at that and K.I.M. but... he had started on some holier than thou spiel on how folks who wear caps indoors appear ignorant and how one must effect a professional demeanor when in class and all sorts of condescending mess. Know you know a sistah had to get him off his high horse and bring him back down to the real world. Wasn't nobody in there for a damn job interview. We were there to learn what he had to teach and as long as we did our damn work and didnt wear anything so outrageous as to be distracting, why the fuck is he caring??!!!! Nyway the damn bastard hated me from that day and i'm convinced that's why he gave me an A- instead of the A i friggin deserved;gon mess up my damn gpa and shit.

i'm attempting to tackle 17 credits this semester.Hoping i won't be contemplating suicide by its end, but i'm tryna get the hell out of Brooklyn College as fast as possible.

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Tenacious said...

I don't have anything against lesbians but damn if they'renot more aggressive than men...I've had to fight off more advances from women wanting to taste the goodies than men!!

*dead* at To Catch a Predator. I mean after all this time...shouldnt pedo. be wary of trying to pick up kids *with they sick asses* on the internet. dumb ass pedos.

girl please at my school as long as your tutition was paid they could care less what you wore

Eb the Celeb said...

that mess is straight crazy!

Rashan Jamal said...

LMAO @ being mad that old girl thought that could be your man, but not at the come on.

There's definitely a double standard with the baggy pants thing. They even tried to ban that in public in Atlanta, but didn't b/c they were scared of lawsuits.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

please tell me that was a high school teacher that made you remove the hat. if it was a college prof. you should have told him to kick rocks. and those dateline idiots are Damn good comedy. and you should be mad about that a minus. i always hated those grades

NYAmicas-Chanell said...

I'd trade my boring life for your crazy moments in a sec. You mentioned getting hit on by a female but you didnt tell me all that-LMAO!
I never watched that Predator shows, that dude in the first clip really hauled ass!
I dont like the pants down to your knee caps thing either but the dude sounded like he made some sense.
And I too got in an argument with a teacher about wearing a hat in class. I was having an ultra bad hair day and it went with my outfit so I refused-he didnt like that too much.