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Friday, January 25, 2008

rhymes revisited-VULNERABLE

noone ever loved him, so he kept it close
said his heart was never something he'd ever let go
wasnt one for the chase, wasnt tryna be his buddy,
ova a chick caught a case. on the concrete pouring bubbly
its like this
inferiority complex
like staring at east village condos from roach infested projects
he couldnt find hope so his spirit never fine tuned it
victim of the system never had noone to miss him
miscellaneous. never knew his roots so how could he
ever lose it?
it being his past he says it
be in the past so he swallows them memories back tryna stop the heart attack but an aspirin just wont cut it
wounds too deep and he can't cry wondering what to make of it.
it never made much sense but he took what he could from it
Fought demons that threatened to drive him insane and render him deranged its crazy the way we survive sometimes he'd say
gotta cut shit out that makes you weak
be it your tongue cuz you cant control the words you push forth in your speech
see Terry Fox Run
lost a limb to disease
it's all relative
i'd cut out my heart
if i'd still be able to breathe

what will you remember when darkness finds me?
When all that remains of me is a lingering shadow
When the woman i used to be is left to be conjured up in memories that seem to fade as days pass
and my face can no longer be recalled with any sense of clarity
grainy pictures
the only remnants of my presence
what will you reach for?
What will you pull thru time to remind you of me and the moments we shared
will my name on the day of my passing bring tears to your eyes
or will it like so many anniversaries that go by,
be rendered

leaning over you
one hand tucked under my chin
i can't help but think how beautiful you are
i know u hate when i call you that
but in these few unguarded moments
chances to
watch the rise and fall of your chest
listen to you breathe
caress your face with my eyes
gaze at you with all the love
brimming at the surface
yearning to be expressed
I can look upon you with all the passion my soul cries out for
sending you all i feel
hoping you recieve them
hopeful, romantic, sentimental, tender
so as you open your eyes and smile
"Good morning baby"
I think tomorrow
maybe tomorrow
i'll let you know

i'm bout to do some swagga jackin (i'm sure Tenacious won't mind)
ask me anything you want to know
i'll be honest so don't ask me shit that you dont really want the answer to
like did i get turned on by that TWO CHICKS ONE CUP vid?
I KID. I KID!!!!
Don't go throwin stones

9 public opinion:

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Staring at your chest rising and falling.....
Sounds like stalker tendenceies to me

what will i remember about you?? the words. they put a spell on me!!

And you trying to get all personal, huh?? I'll come back with some queries for ya. You want em left here or emailed to ya??

Ms Sula said...

I find your writing very intriguing... which leads to the personal question:

What is the major inspiration for your work?

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I know that you're saying that you might be that old lady shacked up with 50 cats without a special someone. Does that scare you?? What type of man would be ideal for you?

Tenacious said...

Finally I can drag myself out of my slumber to comment.

How long have you been writing?

Do you ever think you'll bring that wall down?

...and ooh what did you think of 2 girls/1 cup LMAO!!

Check my blog later for my replies to your questions

SongDynasty said...

i JUST caught onto your playlist

the comps been on mute up until now

I love your taste in music, son.

Love Language is one of my favorite songs ever

Little Brother

Chock full of Kweli



Ok let me hop off your clit

Mizrepresent said...

I found this piece "vulnerable" to be like peaking into someones injured soul, your depiction is so clear and felt. Excellent.

Don said...

You're precise with the pen. Love the expression in this post. Tight.

I guess what I want to ask is what is your greatest fear?

Sidebar: Jean Grae snapped on The Illest!!

grown said...

You have a blog?
Who knew.

Dogon said...

i have never been afraid to lov