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Friday, February 1, 2008

unanswered questions

yeah i know i been mia for a bit
and no i aint even posting the answers yet
my computer is actin a bitch right now
had to order a new adapter (im currently using my brother's laptop)

truth be told i been kinda lazy plus school is back in session so.....yeah
you'll live. Ill get to answering the questions sometime next week

by the way my new nickname is Phinaeus

here's some poems i did freshman year of high school
laugh and ill cut you

i'm sittin here

watching them

watching him look at her

and not me

watching him talk to her




all this bullshit is driving me insane

bet ya he can't even remember my name

i mean come on i can't look that bad

not even with all the

pimples i have

sure my hair is short

and sure

it's nappy

but what should that matter if i make him happy

sure on the outside i may seem shy as a mouse

but once you get to know me my mouth's as big as a house

sure my tits may not be as

big as hers

sure my waistline ain't as

small as hers

and sure my hair ain't as

long as hers

i'm not her

i'm me

and thats why

i sit here

watching him look at her

watching him

laugh with


i'm done i'm finished

my spirit diminished

the lies and the hurt

the screams in my head

sometimes i honestly wish i was dead

wish i was gone to a place far from here

where my spirit is free and there's no pain to bear

where it don't even matter

the clothes that i wear

the length of my hair

the size of my cup

if my butt is up

but alas i'm in a world where they care 'bout that shit

so i have to wait cause right now

this is it


i go back and read my old stuff
reread then laugh
That's teen angst forya

if my butt is up?

What the hell was ole girl thinking?

7 public opinion:

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I'll be damned if I go back and share and relive my teen angst. It's gonna take some real soul searching. lol

And how you just gonna give yaself a new nickname??? Unh Unh partna, it don't work like that.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

DAMN.......watching him look at her and not me

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm a need an explanation of the Phinaeus.

That's all.

Don said...

Phinaeus, don't cut us. lol. You're in the game, so I doubt if you'll hear any laughs.

Both poems were tight. I've never quite read one like your first one which speaks of? Accpetance? You covered all the bases with that joint.

*bopping my head to The Message*

"Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge..."

Perfect theme song for your second joint.

dejanae said...

this my spot man
i can do wateva the hell i want

all mi-t
thnx i think

rashan? u no like the Phinaeus?
it means nubian and or serpent's mouth. either works

perfect themesong for life
i always say im crazy. two seconds away from the deep end

One Man’s Opinion said...

Nice to know I am not the only person having Labtop troubles. I enjoyed the poems. Thanks for sharing. I think I liked the "Watching him Watching her", best.

dejanae said...

o.m.o.: see that 'misery loves company' mess don't play over here
thnx on the poetry tip