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Monday, April 28, 2008

eenie meenie minie moe

random crap again
thnx to killah kelz

when i was in elementary school me and the lil bro were walking home from school
This middle aged white dude was crouched inside a dark blue van and beckoning for us to come check out these puppies he had

get the hell outta here
I watch 20/20 motherfucker
Me and Starsky looked at each other
then got our lil black asses to running
Wasn't nobody about to get got that day

Just cuz we was dancing does not mean i am now your girlfriend, fuck buddy, or wifey.
Needy ass, attachment-disorder motherfucker
The song is over. You can leave me alone now

Treadmills do not like me
The first time i got on one i almost died

it was moreso death by humiliation than anything else
Of course i tried to laugh it off but i was traumatized
I havent looked at treadmills the same since

I havent combed my hair in a week
Im doing this bootleg protective style challenge that requires i dont comb or brush my hair
especially while dry
No big to do about it
finger styling it is
we'll see how long this lasts
im tryin for a month

Im not averse to cosmetic surgery
a nip here
a tuck there
but come the hell on

Angel Lola Lov
not a good look
i aint mad mad at the big ass
ive seen plenty
i aint even mad at the fact that it's fake

like a bad boob job,
(think Pamela Anderson)

it just doesnt look right

peanut butter on toast dipped in coffee?
Basically the only time i drink coffee

35 public opinion:

F&F - Fresh And Fab said...

Whattt!!! im first

F&F - Fresh And Fab said...

peanut butter dipped in coffee, Pure bliss

i think agelona luv, is a mess, it just looks out of place.

her legs are so skinny, its looks disfunctional

she should have injected her tighs too, so they can carry the ass

like i said, shell regret that shit in a feww years to come, when everything starts to hang down south.

have a fantastic week hun


Rashan Jamal said...

I can't see the picture, but I've seen her before and the booty looks too out of proportion to be attractive.

LOL @ the treadmill. I think you should post about that one in great detail.

Peanut butter on toast w/ coffee sounds pretty darn nasty.

Do people kidnap Black kids?

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I can't see the treadmill pic.

I just noticed that was a google shirt she was rocking. That just reeks of class.

U shoulda picked up a rock and through it @ ole dude and then ran. That woulda been hilarious.

Please tell me you not running around with unkempt hair.....not a good look, lady mclaren

Anonymous said...

lol d treadmill doesnt like you!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Treadmills are evil.

And I kinda like Pam's balloon job. I know they ain't real but I am still a tit man after all.

Angel's booty bump is rather outrageous. My eyes be pleased since I am an ass man and all...

Opinionated Diva said...

Not combing your hair for an entire month???!!! Why in the world would you do that?

I love peanut butter...but dipped in coffee??? Nuh uh!

Get back on the treadmill and hold on to the big bar in the front. Problem solved! lol

Jackie Edwards said...

Peanut butter on toast dipped in coffee??? I'll pass....

I've had some unpleasant treadmill experiences myself. Once I missed and hit the STOP button by mistake and I was mid stride. Suffice to say the treadmill stopped suddenly and I was still running. The end result was not pretty:(

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

just say no to treadmils, and did the guy look like the guy in nthe pic?

Anonymous said...

lol, Im just hearing about this Angel chick-how come it's common knowledge that's not her ass? It's nice though. I might get one too!
Protective styling? Good luck D! Im stretching and my hair is killing me at the roots....

Im mad you and your brother were almost kidnapped-or perhaps that nice man really did have nice puppies. I always go and look when someone tells me they have puppies.....I just cant tell what goes on in the car and I get a lollipop after......stop being anti-social!-Chanell cuz I cant login to my other account.

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

attachment disorder..hmm..i like it!!!

i just got off the treadmill...3 miles...the treadmill is your friend!

i need some good protective styles for my hair. i really don't use a comb, and i only use a brush to brush back my edges when need be. finger styling isn't that bad.....the joys of natural hair!

the lola lov chick...ewww..i feel you

1/3 of what I used to be said...

wow @ guy trying to get you to look at his puppies. Im glad you and ur brother was smart enough to run.

lmao @ dude following you around after dancing with him. dang dejanae what did u do to him LOL

LMAO @ you falling off the treadmill. Ive done that before lol

umm...good luck with the finger combing.

angel is ridicolus and thats all im saying lol

peanut butter and coffee? hmm I might have to try that lol

i.can't.complain. said...

a.l.l.'s behind is kinda huge, aint it.

oh well.

she's getting paid

i would do plastic surgery too

just hope i don't turn out like kanye's mom :(

lol @ death by humiliation



Still_Pocahontaz a.k.a POCA said...

then I was all UGH at the last comment!

Angel's arse is unhuman!

What is this hair regimen you are referring to? I need a change

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Tha tredmill likes no one babygurl ;-)

Desy said...

Just cuz we was dancing does not mean i am now your girlfriend, fuck buddy, or wifey.
Needy ass, attachment-disorder motherfucker
The song is over. You can leave me alone now

Laughing my entire body off with this one Deja... that was too much

and is that a for real for real pick of her altered anus?... why would one do such a thing? smh

dessex said...

i seen my boy fall in love with this chick off a I don't get it

Eb the Celeb said...

Not a fan of the treadmill either... I hate running... I am an ellyptical kinda chick!

MysTery said...

Lol, girl you are silly.

CapCity said...

U a'redy know u crazy azz hayl! LOL!

Rashan is so wrong for: "Do people kidnap Black kids?" LOL! But, I'm wichu & bruh on NOT gittin' GOT! Shiiid, we learned EARLY that whitefolk ain't giving us nuffin' 'but azz whoopin's! LOL! then i grew up & they startin' signin' my paycheck - AND STILL givin' out azzwhoopin's! LOL!

Why da las' sexyMFkah I danced wit had the nerve to ask: U cheatin' on me already? when he returned to dance area after tellin' me he was goin' to restroom (@ which I shrugged "Why U tellin' ME?"). I laughed - but, i don't think he was jokin'! LOL! ... but he wuz dayum sexy...

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the treadmill pic!!!


DollFace said...

That coffee thing is interesting.
The way gas prices are these days, the pedophiles are gonna need a new idea.

karrie b. said...

hmmmmmm...peanut butter on toast dipped in coffee?

wont knock it till i try it.


soupasexy said...

lol @treadmill
seriously u almost got abducted?
love peanut butter
cant see the pics tho.

dejanae said...

the thighs dont go wit the ass
thnx hon. u too

will do
i said it tasted good didn't i?
would i steer u wrong?
and shut the kidnappers are taken anything they can get

picked up a rock to give him time to grab one of our asses?umm no
the unkept look is hot man. dont hate

im serious. they dont

i guess there is no hope for some folk

@opinionated diva:'s not as bad at is sounds
i do untangle my hair when washing
then i just let it air dry
bootleg finger style
then rock on

u cant say nothing til u've tried it

im serious. it tastes good.


i dont really fuck with treadmills no more
ha. close enough

dont u friggin dare
if u do, ima pop it.lmao
how long u been stretchin?
ur hair looks great

ur too stupid.smh

no hon. the treadmill is ur friend really feelin the natural look way more than i imagined i would

i aint did nothing.*sinister grin*
lol.honestly, the finger combing aint nearly as bad as i thought it'd be

yep. thats probably why i wont ever get plastic surgery
and if i did
my shit would make friggin sense

like a friggin midget is livin in it
not a good look
i Basically just comb my hair only when wet and conditioned
rinse and let it do its natural afro crap
i try not to manipulate it much
so its the fro or an afro puff
cuts down on breakage

u done fell off one too?

im just sayin...
i dont know.She took them ass implants too far

thats cuz u aint danced wit me yet.lmao

the elliptical, i can work with

maybe just a

haha at 'u cheatin on me already'
no fair. u get the sexy stalkers

how u gon be laughin at my near death experience?

pedophiles kidnappin kids with bikes huh?
dont think itll quite work

let me know what u think of it

we were definitely running for our damn
too bad u cant see the pics. dont know why

Roddykat said...

Peanut butter toast in coffee? What the Hazell?

I've almost taken a spill on the treadmill. We cool now. Now that stair climber is some dumb ish and the elliptical...I don't wanna talk about it.

The Jaded NYer said...

LOL- I just got a funny visual of whatever your "treadmill incident" was!

but don't worry- treadmills activate my vertigo, so I can't use them either.

dejanae said...

dont say shit unless u've given it a try
oh man.the stairclimber dont like me either

u know that tragedies arent supposed to be funny right?

Keli said...

Yeah…treadmills are not punk…they should have a disclaimer warning you to use at your own risk. Lol

What are you talking about…I did that all the time when I had the big fro…but I would make sure to run the fingers through it after washing so it would not tangle, and I also twist it (while wet) then took them down once dry…this helps eliminate shrinkage.

Peanut butter, ick…coffee, ick…but you do you, lol.

Thanks for playing. :)

dejanae said...

im sayin...

i would do the twists but im too lazy
ill just stick to the bootleg finger combing

it tastes good dammit

no prob

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

can anyone proof lolas ass is fake?..It could be real albeit not proportional...there are a lot of natural non-proportional body types out there..just cause its unusual dont mean its

Anonymous said...

Peanut Butter?? And Coffee?? Ugh.. just Ughghghh deja that's a recipe for a throw up situation right there

dejanae said...

its fake. old pics and videos prove it

oh hush

guerreiranigeriana said...

you're fucking hilarious!!...laughed through this whole post...

dejanae said...

glad to be of service