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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Jazz Menagerie

I love music
We had all types playing in our house
Half of which i couldn't even
French ballads stayed on rotation
but it was beautiful nonetheless
My dad would play the jazz and classical joints on the weekends

Do you listen to jazz?
What's one of your fave songs?
Which songs remind you of your childhood?
Do you play any instruments?
What's the last concert you went to?

I'm tryna add to my bootleg music collection
recommend some artists/songs
doesn't have to be english by the way
The more obscure the better
as long as it's good ish

32 public opinion:

Desy said...

Do you listen to jazz? yes

What's one of your fave songs? Moody's Mood for Love

Which songs remind you of your childhood? Kompa songs that my dad used play

Do you play any instruments? haha, i used to... the clarinet and sax

What's the last concert you went to? do u mean regular concerts or symphonic?... well either way, erykah badu at the house of blues, and the last symphonic was the one i played in... back in 8th grade

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I listen to jazz, well I really just caught onto it in the past year or so. trying to do the cultural upgrade

And i don't do the instrument thing.

last concert I went to was Lupe Fiasco and the Roots in B-more. It was in an opera house, so do i get more culture points??

Mizrepresent said...

Yes,i love jazz, it's so cool and soothing, and upbeat. I like live jazz the best, when you can feel the music, watch the musicians.

fav jazz artists - Rachelle Farrell, Frank McComb, Dianne Reeves, Al Jarreau, Will Downing.

last concert - Rachelle Farrell and Rashawn Patterson.

reminds me of childhood - my dad playing and loving Nancy Wilson.

Mel said...

What's one of your fave songs? Creole by the Charlie Hunter Quartet ft. Mos Def

Which songs remind you of your childhood? Ummm Najee & Kenny G b/c my dad was always playing those in the car when we visited.

Do you play any instruments? 2 years of clarinet, 2 years of piano... and 12 years of quitter... lol

What's the last concert you went to? Usher on The Truth tour.... I think... It's been a while. A LONG while.

Maria said...

I love listening to jazz! one of my favorite albums of all time is miles davis's "kind of blue" and I recently dl'd Herbie Hancock's album called Possibilies...soooo good... my dad played (mostly) old/dead white men songs when I was growing up, LOL stuff by the Rat Pack, the Beatles, Elvis, Englebert Humperdink (I think that's how you spell his name), that country singer who sings that song "Lady." They all bring back fond memories of childhood... I used to play the piano and a little bit of guitar, but the only instrument I'm any good at anymore is my voice... and MUSIC?! soooo many things to recommend. I'm really feeling Explosions in the Sky; they're an instrumental group that has a lotta mood. I also fell in love with Regina Spektor when I saw her at Coachella last year--"Infidelity", "Samson" "Hotel Song" and "On The Radio" are some of my faves; she's experimental-anti-folk, LOL. I'm also loving Santogold right now - esp when I wanna pre-party and shake my booty! LOL... Also, if you wanna check out really cool techno twists on classical songs, dl some Vanessa Mae. She plays violin to some crazy beats; Fur Elise and Flight of the Bumble Bee are among my faves... and Thievery Corporation is the shiznit, too!... okay, I'ma stop now. LOL I think I'm oding... def lemme know if you're feelin any of my suggestions!

karrie b. said...

not a huge jazz fan but i fucks wit some billy holiday.


Canon Adonis said...

I like Jazz... my favorite song? that's kinda difficult. I'll say "Sometimes" by Bilal... no songs remind me of childhood. Hell, I don't even think about my childhood that much... don't play instruments either... last concert I went to was Bilal's at World Cafe Live...

J*Davey- Trickle Down Sid, Topsy Turvy, Dancehall, Red Light, Little Big Heads

HEAVy- Make You Mine, Just Can't Get

The Cool Kids- Black Mags, 88, gold and Pagers, A Little Bit Cooler

Nouveau Riche- Angels, Like Life Again, That I love you, wait a minute

Deerhoof- any of that shit...

Santogold- Creator, L.E.S. Artistes, Creator (remix), Find a Way

and me, once we get shit going

Keli said...

Do you listen to jazz? Not really…the new stuff is watered down…I will listen to some old school from time to time, but I don’t own any in my collection…other than a collection of works by Billie Holliday.

What's one of your fave songs? Good Morning Heartache, well, that’s my favorite Billie Holliday song.

Which songs remind you of your childhood? My Soul Has Been Anchored by Douglas Miller…would hear it every morning on the ride to school.

Do you play any instruments? Trumpet…but I have not picked it up in a long while.

What's the last concert you went to? I want to say Little Richard last spring…but I thought I went to a concert since then.

I like the interactive post.

Eb the Celeb said...

I love jazz... of course one of my fav songs is"in a sentimental mood" duke ellington and john coltrane... the vets are always the best...

some contemporary cats I love though are Ravi Coltrane, and Boney James. I have never been to a jazz concert, but everytime Hypnotiq plays in the subways of NY I feel like I'm at one. They are amazing!

Pan/Thanatos said...

I do like jazz, but in a "matter-of-fact" sort of way. I don't know any particular artists or songs, I just enjoy it as like background music for chillin or whatever.
I play bass guitar and a little electric, though not very well =)
And trust me, you wouldn't want me to suggest any songs.
<-- (Mostly a metal-head)

The Jaded NYer said...

Do you listen to jazz?
Not as much as I used to

What's one of your fave songs?
If you mean my fave Jazz song it will always be "Take the A Train"- I love the horns on that bad boy!

Which songs remind you of your childhood? my mom would play Light FM on Saturdays when we cleaned the house, so anything like "Good Morning Heartache" sung by Diana Ross, or "Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin... stuff like that and *BAM* I'm back home

Do you play any instruments?
My mom tried her darndest to get me to play all of the instruments used in a Latin Jazz ensemble, but I had the attention span of a gnat :)

What's the last concert you went to?
Sean Paul, Calle 13 and Talib Kwele at the Navy Yard- WHAT? You can't tell me NUTHIN!

Music Recommendations: Kaysha, some old school merengue (Alex Bueno, Sergio Vargas, Los Hermanos Rosario), this girl band- The Sounds- have a great song called "Ego", British jazz artist Jamie Cullum (love him!), Flex (new reggaeton artist from Panama I just had to write about), Destani Wolf, and I have to plug my girl Jerzy Jung- she's a friend of mine and she's really talented!

Hope you like :-)

Rashan Jamal said...

I don't really listen to Jazz. I'm extremely limited in that area, although I do love some Coltrane and Miles Davis. You know all the classics that people already know.

One of my favorite songs... That would take forever to delineate all those, so I'll just give you three: Stevie Wonder - Ribbon in the Sky, Prince - Pink Cashmere, and Nas - The Message. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

Songs that remind me of my childhood. Anything by Parliament, Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim, Krs One... I guess the song that most defines my childhood would be Roxanne, Roxanne, cuz it was when I changed from liking hip hop, to becoming obsessed with hip hop.

I don't play any instruments. Played the drums for like 2 weeks, never made it past the stick and the block of wood with the rubber.

The last concert was Jill Scott/Raheem DeVaughn.. Next one is Erykah Badu and the Roots next month.

I'll pass on the music recommendations. I don't really know who you know and who you don't know.

A journey to find me said...

I don't really listen to jazz but Strange Fruit is my favorite song by Billy Holiday!

I did play the clarinet when I was younger. I love the sound, very rich and deep lol.

The last concert was the Lupe's concert. That was before Kanye joined him! I'm so mad and they not even coming back to Baltimore!

dejanae said...

love the kompa
im not really up on the new stuff tho

cultural upgrade is always good
sorry no extra culture points
but ur cool points just increased 2 fold

a few unfamiliar names there
gonna look into that

well u got me beat
i only have about 6 years of quitter under my belt

u stopped just short of od-ing
Regina Spektor is the only one familiar to me
gon check for the rest

yep can't go wrong wit 'lady who sung blue'

thnx for the suggestions
what kind of music do u do?

trumpet? u any good?
good golly miss molly
thank u kindly

sounds vaguely familiar

its all good
just get to know somea the classics
im up for anything. hit me wit somea that metal

that concert sounds like it was fun
im bout to be adding me some new stuff to the collection

stick and block of wood with rubber?
umm...wat year was this?
aint that about an itch.
just make a damn suggestion and go
it aint that hard

i played the clarinet for a hot minute
just pretend they're there in

Thic Flair said...

I didn't start really listening to Jazz until much older. I don't play any instruments but I want to learn the guitar, acoustic and electric....bass as well. Last concert? hmmmm...I think it was John Legend and the Roots in STL.

Roddykat said...

You know I saw this post and smiled, right? Anywhoo...

Do you listen to jazz? Yes, Love it!

What's one of your fave songs?just one, huh. A couple of great ones have been mentioned and I have plenty of faves. So, I'm going with a new Fave: Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda

Which songs remind you of your childhood? Joe Sample - Caramel

Do you play any instruments? Used to sing, but ruined that instrument. :)

What's the last concert you went to? Nothing jazz, I'm afraid, but it is my mission to change that soon. Just a saw a group called Stuck Mojo a few months back (club date).

Jewells said...

I grew up listening to a lot of gospel records. James Cleveland, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Vanessa Bell Armstrong.

Then we got that Lisa Stansfield, Soul to Soul. Stuff like that.

Last concert, if you want to call it that, I went to was Lyfe Jennings.

I'm haven't been listening to jazz that long. The only artists I can think of that I have in my collection is

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yea i suggest
Charles Mingus
Dexter Gordon
Oscar Peterson
Milt Jackson
Sonny Rollins

and a zillion more

t.r.b said...

Do you listen to jazz? yes

What's one of your fave songs? absolute favorite is satin doll by duke ellington

Which songs remind you of your childhood? miles davis' bitches brew cd- no lie, my mother played it at every party every weekend

Do you play any instruments? not anymore, but i played the clarinet until high school.

What's the last concert you went to? frankie beverly in baltimore- hot. that's my childhood as well;)

i love miriam mekeba, alana davis, sasha dobson, kutiman is so crazy funky i'm obsessed.

Don said...

i don't listen to jazz. i tried to get into it but couldn't. blame it on hip hop. a female blogger turned me onto coltrane but i couldn't really feel it. i got demons mannnn...

Jackie Edwards said...

i like just depends on what kinda mood i'm in i guess.

i play the piano.

i think the last concert i went to was usher, i think, or prince.

dejanae said...

i got a bootleg guitar just sitting in the corner
get to playing so u can give me some lessons

like how i stole ur title right?lol
how'd u ruin it?

Lisa Stansfield
maaaaan. She was definitely on rotation

good lookin out

bitch's brew.miles davis.classic
more artists to check for

u like what u like
come on

how long u been playin?

swag_ambassador said...

i love jazz.. thats my hw music.. anything by coltrane I have always loved. I got on jazz in high school. and thelonius monk.

these new age jazz cats? i memba listening to najee when i was younger with my dad a lot..

Ms Sula said...

Do you listen to jazz? A lot... I enjoy it. The trombone is my favorite instrument, so plaintive and so heartfelt.

What's one of your fave songs? I am a huge Coltrane fan (found him at age 16 through one of my favorite African authors Emmanuel Dongala in the book Jazz and Palm Wine). Naima just brings smiles to my soul. I also like Miles Davis. Billie Holliday and Etta James are up there as well. I don't know if Bossa Nova is considered Jazz... But I just love it... just do. My favorite compil is Stan Getz, The best of both worlds. Just screams lazy sunday brunches with my big family...

Which songs remind you of your childhood? Bossa Nova and Salsa music make up the soundtracks of my youth. Also, there some jazz-influenced African singers like Manu Dibango, Myriam Makeba, Franco, Zaiko Langa Langa...etc..

Do you play any instruments? Nope. And it saddens me greatly.

What's the last concert you went to? Can't even's been that long.

Skoolboi Krush said...

Do you listen to jazz? I Love jazz but I don't listen as much as I used to.

What's one of your fave songs? Anything with Dizzy Gillespie

Which songs remind you of your childhood? My pops had a bunch of Miles Davis albums so anytime I hear Miles it takes me back

Do you play any instruments? I used to play saxophone. Haven't picked it up in years.

What's the last concert you went to? Winton Marsallis & Orchestra

dejanae said...
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dejanae said...

coltrane and Monk
always a good look
dont think im up on Najee

the trombone is a wonderful instrument
i only picked it up for like 2 days
i havent been to a concert in forever either

which sax?
i played alto sax for a hot minute
Wynton Marsalis is a beast
represents for the modern era

Skoolboi Krush said...

I played alto sax for three years and then I started messing with the tenor sax for a minute.

Roddykat said...

@ Deja: I admit, that's pretty smooth how you slid that out there. And actually, it seems to fit you. :) As for the voice, combo of being sick and still trying to hit notes I should have been trying to. Didn't hav ethat high a range to begin with. Tried to be Al B. Luther fo sure. :)
Check the board, if you hadn't already. I just put a couple of joints up. If looking at Najee, I suggest "Morning Tenderness" and work backwards. It would also depend on what type jazz you're trying to get into (Classic, smooth, etc), btw. Oh, and JC's Naima is that Song!

dejanae said...

a mess
aight im bout to check for them

guerreiranigeriana said...

Do you listen to jazz? yes...have always loved it, just didn't listen to it as much until i dated this cat who loved jazz something serious...i tooo loved bossa nova!!...

What's one of your fave songs? ...jazz songs? a sentimental that song...really love miles davis' kind of blue...the whole cd puts me in a creative space...

Which songs remind you of your childhood? ...jodeci!!!...i used to play those bad boys out!!...any and every where i went, i had my walkman, blasting some edition, abc...anita baker...soukous, of mom used to play that all the time...and there was this one ekombi song she would always play...i can still hear the words, beat and dance movements for it...haha...

Do you play any instruments? ...i used to play the flute in elementary school...what a fascinating instrument too...anytime i hear it, i always wish i hadn't put it has such an interesting sound and just accentuates any song featuring it...

What's the last concert you went to? ...uh...manu chao in new orleans...sometime in road trip and show...

guerreiranigeriana said...

on second thought, in regards to childhood music, i'd also have to add efik/ibibio and other hilife music...can't believe i forgot those...combandrazor made me remember...