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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ramblings of a Lunatic

now apparently i aint got no blog clout
cuz when i ask folk to do a task,aint nobody tryna listen
case in point
Now whynahell did noone participate?
u tryna be special?
u wanna be different thats fine
this aint the place to be exercisin ur individuality tho
ya dig?
my spot

my friggin rules


ever been on a diet?
how'd that workout forya?
i started my bootleg healthy eating plan yesterday
I mean when the chinese place knows ur voice and the folk at Mickey d's act like ur family, there's aproblem

Ever saw Candyman?

that movie scared the shit outta me when i first caught it
The year was 1992
The pops,the older-lil bro and i headed to el cine to catch a flick
We hadnt decided on what we wanted to see before we got there
looked up at the movie listings
Dr Giggles
sounds innocent enough right?
family friendly even


all i know is the second they showed that boy cutting his way out his mother's belly,My dad told us to grab our shit and bounce.
We got the hell outta there
My dad wasnt tryna cough up cash for some more tickets so we snuck into a different movie
This time we were sure the movie had to be kosher
How bad could it be?

yeah well
somebody was playin a joke on us that day
We resigned ourselves and stayed and watched it

That night i went home scared of my own damn shadow
but i aint no punk ya hear?
I went to go take a shower before goin to bed
Started talking to myself
"It's just a movie stupid.
do it
you'll see
nothing's gonna happen
on the count of three"

I turned off the bathroom lights

::deep breath::
*rethinks this foolishness*
(i for sure did hesitate before i said it the fifth time. If you ever caught the movie you'll know

(two second pause as i waited for some bootleg Captain hook lookin motherfucker to jump out at me)

I'm here to tell u the story so yall figure out how that went

(yeah the one i left to die on the bathroom
tell me why i was thinkin " motherfucker please
get ur ass ready for school
i aint handin out no oscars"
as he closed his eyes and his head slid further down the length of the side of the tub)

the bastard has this problem with talkin in his sleep
Used to bug the hell outta me
flashbackin it
All four of us
(moms,pops,chris and Starsky)
in a one room apartment
sooooo not the bizness

so yeah
i had to share a bed wit the little bugger
u might be askin: Why wasnt Starsky and Chris sharing

well sleeping next to Chris?
a nightmare

he not only talks in his sleep
he flings his legs on folk
throws his arm across people
rolls OVER folk
grabs all the friggin covers
(So Starsky and Chris would start fighting in the middle of the night. Then my parents got the smart idea to make me endure the torture instead)
did i mention he SLEEPWALKS!?!?!?!?

this freak of nature

Any of you sleepwalk?
talk in your sleep?

The sleep walkin started after he watched the Leprechaun for the first time

The leprechaun?come on now

That ish wasn't even scary
wit his punk ass

Why was this Midgety Mexican dude tryna talk to me?

(yeah i know he's not Mexican
i don't care)

I mean lil man came up to my friggin tittie
what the hell he thought he was gon do?

ever date a female considerably taller than you?
considerably larger than you?
with more muscle tone than you?
ever date someone with bigger feet than you?
ever date someone with less hair than you?

ever date someone considerably shorter than you?
ever date someone considerably smaller than you?
ever date someone who you had more muscle than?
ever date someone with smaller feet than you?
ever date someone with more hair than you?


All The Good Women Are In Jail, Gay, Or taken,
doesnt quite have the same ring does it?
What would be the male equivalent to "all the good men are in jail, taken, or gay "
for you fellas that haven't found the one, Why do you think that is or where do you think you'll find her?

Ever been in an interracial relationship?

How'd that work out?

Tiger Woods said he wasn't actually "black" at all -- he was "Cablinasian."

Woods made his remarks on "Oprah," when he was asked if it bothered him to be called an African-American. "It does," he said. "Growing up, I came up with this name: I'm a 'Cablinasian.'" As in Caucasian-black-Indian-Asian. Woods has a black father (or to be precise, if I am interpreting Woods' reported ancestry correctly, a half-black, one-quarter American Indian, one-quarter white father) and a Thai mother (or, with the same caveat, a half-Thai, half-Chinese mother). "I'm just who I am," Woods told Oprah Winfrey, "whoever you see in front of you."

I hear people saying that Tiger Woods is ashamed of being black
Now I haven't personally examined his psyche or anything, but him calling himself cablinasian shouldn't be that big of a deal if one at all. Why should folk have to, in essence, pick sides ?
What's the issue if he (or anyone else of mixed heritage) acknowledges their lineage? especially if that cultural mix isn't far removed but only one or two generations away?
Why suscribe to the 'if you look black you are black' mentality if it excludes or does not acknowledge your heritage as you see it?
I know a few people who are mixed and look a lot more like one 'racial' group then the other. I don't see that as a reason to raise an eyebrow if they go out of their way to acknowledge the other half of their heritage.

27 public opinion:

Don said...

I don't think I will find "HER." Cause the woman I want definitely wouldn't want me. But I'll be str8 up with the one who wants to do this relationship thing. Ya know.

"Nigga just trying to live like a nigga 'pose to live..."

You feel me? Sure you do.

Thanks for putting The Art of StoryTellin' back up. Never get tired of that song. Or Ex-Factor. Or Ready For Love.

Qucifer said...

HMM I STAY on interracial/ weird ass cultural disparity relationships

It works out just mothereffing peachy!

ever date someone considerably shorter than you? Ughh Once I just couldn't take it i've dated about my same height and honestly I can't even take it very far that way either. I'm a height snob but i'm 5'8 and stay wearing heels

ever date someone considerably smaller than you? Hell no, maybe once.. but I wouldn't take it too far either skinny ass guys are just not happening in my world

ever date someone who you had more muscle than?Ughh NOOOO

ever date someone with smaller feet than you? Nope

ever date someone with more hair than you? yes, I had shaved my whole head #1 (i tend to do that when I'm fed up of it) and almost immediately I met this dread... hair to his ass

Demon Hunter said...

I agree with you on the multi-race issue, but, unfortunately this country still aspires to the one drop rule. Great post! ;*)

Opinionated Diva said...

I've never dated anyone shorter. I'm five three, so if he's shorter...that's practically midget status - can't do it!

Candyman...I don't think I have EVER seen that movie, but of course I know what it's about. When I was a kid, the game was "Bloody Mary". Now of course I know the shyt isn't real, but still...I was not interested in playing it! lol

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm pretty shallow lately (read: always) so all dudes have to be at least 6' tall and bulkier than me... I ain't trying to snap no one's bones lol

And I've yet to meet a dude with more hair than me... have you SEEN my hair? lol But like I said, Slash, baby, CALL ME! HA HA HA!!!

I guess all my relationships are technically interracial 'cause I don't date Dominicans...

12kyle said...

Midget Mexican! LMAO!!!

I've never dated outside of my race. Just never had a reason to do it. I love my sistas. Always have...always will.

I'm a huge fan of Tiger's. But he needs to buy a fuggin clue. He can talk all that bs but at the end of the day...he's black. And some of the same people who cheer him on...will remind him of that shyt. What's he gonna do then? Remember when the "friend" said on tv that they should "lynch" him? How many of the races that he claims have been lynched?

lmao @ opinionated diva!!!!

Qucifer said...

The Jaded NYer said...

I guess all my relationships are technically interracial 'cause I don't date Dominicans...


YOU don't either??!! My mami damned near has forbidden we bring slick azzz Dominican men home... and she married one for 15 years (HOWEVER my own aunts will pipe in that he was the Best Dominican man they ever knew, not a cheater or anything)


Desy said...

hahaha- does this mean i can't comment if i don't follow your req... i mean damn... that's like volunteering for homework... (and i already have too much of that ish)

I'm 5'5", 120lbs... if you are shorter or smaller than that then I'm gonna have to ask you to keep it movin...unless your a guy male and need a best

I dated one guy that had dreads down his back... I LOVED IT... we'll see if i get that chance again

Eb the Celeb said...

First... where can I get one of them head bitch in charge t-shirts?

On to your questions:

ever date someone considerably shorter than you? nope... you know I have a complex

ever date someone considerably smaller than you? nope

ever date someone who you had more muscle than? nope, i cant do the lightweights

ever date someone with smaller feet than you? hells no... i used to think that was a cardinal rule... but it failed me a couple times so now I look at hands

ever date someone with more hair than you? yes... I was rocking the short cut and he had braids

What would be the male equivalent to "all the good men are in jail, taken, or gay "
All The Good Women Are overweight, have crazy baby daddies, or dont give head.

And no.. have never done the interracial thing!

Ms Sula said...

1)ever date someone considerably shorter than you?
-->Well, I am not tall at all... so to be considerably shorter than me is kind of weird... But I dated a guy who was my Which means whenever I had shoes on... I was taller.
2)ever date someone considerably smaller than you?
-->Yeah... I tend to date skinny guys. :)
3)ever date someone who you had more muscle than?
--> No, even the skinny ones were somewhat built...
4)ever date someone with smaller feet than you?
I am a 7.5... A guy with smaller feet than that would be strange. Lol!
5)ever date someone with more hair than you?
-->Often... I like to rock short hair and guys with (well groomed) locks make me weak in the knees. I like hair on my men.
6)Ever been in an interracial relationship?
Yup... Twice. One was Pakistani and the other one Colombian.

1)ever been on a diet?
-->Unfortunately yes... Now I just try to restrain my processed foods intake and eat healthier...
2)how'd that workout forya?
Diet is a 4-letter word... I rather pay attention and enjoy my food in moderation.

karrie b. said...

i'm on my 3rd white boy. he's russian, and he's awesome. he made me breakfast yesterday...*sigh*


Brittany said...

I have never dated a guy shorter than me and don't think I would. I am 5'0 so

That was so funny that you said you came home afraid of your own shadow.

Canon Adonis said...

ever date a female considerably taller than you? like a inch taller... I be damn if my chick is 6'5"

considerably larger than you? no...

with more muscle tone than you? once, I though about it, but I opted not to

ever date someone with bigger feet than you? thank God, no! I'm a size 13, so wtf would that shit look like?

ever date someone with less hair than you? I couldn't... that low cut shit be fuckin my head up

Oddly enough, I went to school with a girl that embodied all of the aforementioned traits, minus the low-cut. she was 6'5", looked 225+, feet longer than mines, and had a nice definition in her arms... they called her big tiff... weird...

Still_Pocahontaz said...

ever date someone considerably shorter than you? Yeap…hated it
ever date someone considerably smaller than you? Nope..I like them big and meatty
ever date someone who you had more muscle than? Of course
ever date someone with smaller feet than you? Same size..which still sucked
ever date someone with more hair than you? ..LMAO, NO!!!

I can never date another race..Brothas skin is too beautiful

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

interacial? Yep did that with a woman 20 years older than me. Thanks for the visit.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

PS: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). I am PASSIONATE about this issue and I’m determined to do my part to help educate as many people as possible. Please join me in spreading the word. Sexual violence must stop!

The Jaded NYer said...

@qucifer- the only good Dominican man I know is my grandfather... all the rest can't keep their you-know-what's in their pants and STILL expect you to keep dinner warm for you.

Seeing how my male cousins got treated- like freakin royalty- and dating two Dominican's early on, I just knew their machismo was too much for me.

*waves back*

Ms. Behaving said...

I dated ONE guy [yeeeeeeeeears ago] who was shorter than me...

He was short and muscular and I was taller/skinny.

He was the love of my life til' people started comparing us to Popeye and Olive Oil *SIGH*

After that...I never looked @ him the same!! [LOL]

jameil1922 said...

i don't do diets. i may change how i eat, but i usually plan for it to be long term not i won't eat this for a few days. (arby's knows my voice) i've never dated outside my race but am open to it if he's HAWT! i'm 5'1 so a dude shorter than me is beyond not sexy. i don't like small feet either. they just creep me out on a dude. it was a bit weird dating a dude who had 3 feet of hair, too (locks). i like locks but after a certain point they're too long. almost to your butt is not for me. the sleepwalking etc is why my parents didn't let us watch horror movies!! lol.

dejanae said...

@don:what makes u think she wont want u?
sure man. Thats my song too

the shaved look? i wanna see some pics
i might go with a low cut for the summer

@demon hunter:
yeah we gotta get it together
thnx hon

check Candyman out

6 feet and swole sounds good to me
smh@ Slash

i mean he was practically on little person status
you can have love for ur sistas but fall for someone who aint a sistah tho. it happens

Yeah. unfortunately thats all folk gon see. They aint tryna hear bout the thai,chinese, or dutch

i like men with hair too"

"Unfortunately yes... Now I just try to restrain my processed foods intake and eat healthier
yep.thats the plan

lol. soundslike he's doin the damn thing

girl i was freaked the hell out

why'd u opt not to?u scurred?lol
wat about the low cut got u f-ed up?

did u still wear heels when yall went out?
hey.i like guys with long hair
never say never.lolll

u like the cougars?lol
no prob

whatever happened to 'fuck the hatas?'

girl if he's hot, i aint caring
3 feet of locks.hmmmm.that might be a bit long
but again. if he's hot, i dont give a

dejanae said...

@desy:ur stupid with that gay friend

i dont know
i should goggle it. i want one too

All The Good Women Are overweight, have crazy baby daddies, or dont give head.
ha.that works

Jewells said...

I dated a white dude for like 2 days back in high school. We kissed and I saw slaves hanging from trees.

Yeah, I had issues.

Don't really wanna date anybody eye-level or shorter than man. Can't do it.

Freaky Deaky said...

I'm a horror movie freak and I can't stand Candyman. I've seen the series and it seems like each movie got more convoluted and boring then the last. You have a hook for a hand you don't rip anyone's spine out or gut them? C'mon!

I don't mess with women who have less hair than me. Not a good look.

I've done the interracial thing casually. Most of the ones I dated didn't like males of their own race at all and black guys were kind of like a fetish to them. It was a turn off.

Have a good weekend.

dejanae said...

issues is right

the short look can be sexy man
u have a good weekend too

Pan/Thanatos said...

In an interracial relationship now, I'm Ukrainian, she's Guyanese. 4 years and goin strong =)

About the Tiger Woods piece,
People are just conditioned to always need to classify things. The unknown is scary (thus, so many people rely on faith in the absence of knowledge). It does have a funny way of showing itself, people of other cultures telling you what you are and are not. LoL. Douche-bags.

dejanae said...



The Fitness Diva said...

I like 'em tall. Never dated shorter than me, but eye level, yes!

Someone with more muscle. Of course!
I like a man that's in shape. Between us, I'd prefer that my man have the better set of guns...

Interracial dating is cool. Interracial marriage is great.
Have done, and will continue to do both.

Tiger does have a complex about his blackness, but I think it was passed down to him from his dad, who wasn't trying too hard to identify as black himself.

Sometimes you are black even if you don't look it. But you can't tell some people that. They'll deny it to the end.

Roddykat said...

Had to comment on this one:

I mean lil man came up to my friggin tittie
what the hell he thought he was gon do?

My guess is, suck it.
That's all, for now.