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Saturday, April 5, 2008

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Anonymous said...

So you prayed on it. Asked God to help you. Now she's presenting an opportunity and you don't wanna follow through?

Isn't it funny how we ask God for stuff and then when He gives it to us we start doubting and questioning and ...

I understand though. Will be prayering with and for you.

Can't imagine not being close with my mom. It's been shaky at times, though.

Desy said...

it looks like both of you are trying, which is wonderful...

*getting down on knees*...Dear Lord.....

Mental Vagabond said...

All's not lost--you are both trying ya know?

Trust me there are "parents" who would not even try to mend relationships with their children. My father is this way.

Rashan Jamal said...

Good luck, Deja! Glad you are making an effort. I hope it pays off.

Desy said...

Hopefully church with mom is going well *smiles optimistically*

Anonymous said...

Hoping these sleepover and church is a beginning to a new beginning.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I hope church and the sleepover with ya mom is going well:-). I think at this age relationships with parents are challenging. We test them and they test us right on back lol. I pray things get better for you:-)

The Fitness Diva said...

I hope you had a great Sunday with your Mom. The mother/daughter relationship is not an easy one.
I don't get along with my mother either. It's been a lifelong struggle from the moment I began to walk and talk, and has had its ups and downs throughout my entire life. I feel you on this, %100.

The fact that you still want to try is great. I'm at a stage where I don't even care anymore. Perhaps that will change, perhaps not.

In any case, life goes on.

Good luck to you on this.

dejanae said...

i said i was a mess
its funny. i cant imagine being close to her.

thnx for the prayer hon
we need it

mental vagabond:
yeah.i feel u
ima try to make the most of this

no smart comment?
u disappointed me man
thnx well-wisher

from ur mouth to God's ears

appreciate that hon

i hope u and ur moms can get on the path to getting it 'together' also

Roddykat said...

Hugs and prayers are with you, Deja. The best thing is that you are trying. Sometimes things aren't meant to be, but you wouldn't know if you hadn't tried. You need anything else, holla out. The fam's got you.

dejanae said...

thnx roddster
now dont go getting mad when ur phone is ringin at 3 in the a.m.