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Monday, April 14, 2008

What's the last thing you've seen on television that had u shook? checkin shadows? surveying alleys?

Ok it was years ago
show was Beyond Belief : fact or fiction
Show Summary: Within the course of one hour 5 stories are shown. None of these stories have any logical explanation, and some of them actually occurred. You are left to decide which of these stories, if any are fact, and which are fiction.

There was an episode from this TV series that originally aired back in
1997. This episode is one where this little boy believes there is a monster in
his closet. His older brother, like older brothers are apt to do, teases him about it and One day after school, the older brother and somea his friends threaten to lock lil bro in the closet. Lil bro pulls the ole reverse psychology tip and older brother goes into the closet himself to prove that there were no friggin monsters hidin up in that bitch. Well. Older brother starts screamin bloody murder and the other kids are thinking he's actin a fool just for show
Well they open the closet and lo and behold
Noone's in it
ole boy's clothes were on the floor
They said the cops found scratch marks all over the inside of the closet. They labeled that shit FACT
i said hell to the naw and then i couldn't go to sleep.

I don't think u understand
That crap fucked with my mind

That night i made sure i got up and closed all the closets
for sure did sleep with my face towards the wall
I wanted to be surprised if some demonic shit was gon grap me

A vivid imagination is only good in the friggin daytime
That shit has u messed up when it's the dead of night and there are fifteen million shadows around

I love to be scared tho

and i love the paranormal and science fiction
so of course

The Outer Limits


there was a show too
i definitely caught that

Tales From the Crypt Keeper

Have any phobias?
What's the scariest movie you ever saw?
Do you like to be scared?

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The Flyyest said...


What's the scariest movie you ever saw?I WOULD HAVE TO SAY...IT

Do you like to be scared?I LOVE IT...AS LONG AS ITS FICTION

Brittany said...

I remember that fact or fiction show. Classic. I even remember the one you are talking about. That mess was so scary. And goosebumps the movies. I used to be scared of those and I think I was like in middle school or something. Can't remember.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

Have any phobias? I am sooo scared of spiders. Big or small I hate them all! lol

What's the scariest movie you ever saw? The scariest movie I saw was silent hill. Like you I also have an active imagination. It just didnt end right like that lil girl was still roaming the world *shuddering* lol

Do you like to be scared? Yea actually I do. I like the feeling of my adreline rushing! lol

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

i love watching scary movies,.i dont like to get scared in real life though, im a really shook person.

its prolly not the scariest movie ive seen but its one i remember clearly. when i went to watch white noise.

there were like ten of us in the big cinema watching white noise, it was scary

Nicole said...

Phobias? Anything that's not human or a dog...I can't stand roaches, spiders, lizards, even cats...sneaky lil b*stards!

Scariest movie? I'm seconding the person above...White Noise freaked me out, so did Poltergeist (I must have been 9 when I saw it). Now I can't stand for the TV to go all static-y (is that a word?). And as cheesy as the "creatures" were, I Am Legend had me sleepin with the lights on.

Do I like to be scared? Heck no.

CapCity said...

Dejanae - April 26th - u avail for blogmeet? check my spot...

and NO i don't like to be scared anymore! LOL! nitemares got the best of me & i've learned my lesson.

Park Avenue said...

My phobias are: mermaids, anesthesia, & spiders.

The 2 movies that really scared me were: The House on Haunted Hill & The Evil Dead.

I like to be scared...until it's time to go to bed!!!! I'm the biggest chicken.

**@ Dejanae: Thank you for the kind words.**

MsRoxy said...

Lol, I remember that show. What kept me sleeping at night was that it was based on fact but they admitted they twisted it around to make the original story more freaky than it was.

My biggest fears are shi* just pops up out of NOWHERE.

like that clip that was going around the internet..."What's wrong with this room" and your staring at the screen all intense trying to find out what's wrong(nothing btw) and all of a sudden you hear "aaaaah!" and this face pops up with no eyes.

Don't like that.

I hate Unsolved Mysteries. The music and the host...

I love scary movies though...ones that can actually scare me.

Room 1408 was pretty decent.

The Jaded NYer said...

GIRL- I love to be scared!! Movies, books, TV shows- I live for that stuff! Only now it's not so much fun because my ex ain't around to protect me (or rather, sacrifice to the monsters while me and the babies get away)!

Once, when I was reading The Exorcist (TEN TIMES scarier than the movie, btw) I had to make sure someone was always in the room with me. I actually followed my ex around the apartment I was so freakin scared. But I read that whole ish, yessiree BOB!

And don't even get me started on how I thought there was a velociraptor in my pantry after seeing Jurassic Park, or how I refused to answer the phone after I saw Scream... I have issues...

12kyle said...

Why you tryna scare me b4 I go to bed? LOL!!!

Good one!

Rashan Jamal said...

The last thing I saw on TV that scared me was George Bush's Inaugaration...

Phobias - midgets, conjoined twins, being buried alive.

Scariest movie - Nightmare on Elm Street b/c I was 10 and shook to go to sleep.

I do not like to be scared, but movies and tv can't scare me anymore. My brain knows its fake.

soumynona said...

I love Sci-fi and "the paranormal" Xfiles is the ish for real and every now and then your boy has to have the lights on after watching too many Xfile marathons. Movies arent scary anymore but back in the day ish like The Shining and Halloween would have the house trembling

James Tubman said...

the dollar being worth $.46 to the pound

scarry as hell

Freaky Deaky said...

I haven't seen anything on TV that put fear in me. I want to say nothing on TV has ever scared me like that.

I love scary movies. They used to terrify me as a child but now they don't. I see horror movies in the hope that I'll find one that actually scares me like it did when I was a kid.

Stuff that could actually happen or movies "based on a true story" come the closest. The last movie that came close to scaring me was the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Not really because of the movie but because demonic possession has many symptoms of mental illness and many people who claim to be possessed are actually stark raving mad.

karrie b. said...

CANT fuck wit the supernatural.

phobias are insects of any kind and heishts...

scariest movie? the shining by far.


Queen of My Castle said...

OMG! To this very day I do NOT do horror flicks because you are dead right about an active imagination being alright in the day light. I always make sure to close ALL doors before I go to bed. My ex-hubby used to make fun of me but I was dead serious. LOL. I get freaked out when I see a light shining underneath a door that I THOUGHT I remembered turning the light off to.

Snakes...I hate snakes. *Shuddering*

Demon Hunter said...

Ah, Dejanae. I love this post! :*) Those were some of my favorite shows. Too cool.

The Exorcist was the scariest for me. I saw it as a kid and it has stuck with me because it's based on a true story.

The Exorism of Emily Rose was creepy too. This too was a true story.

"Scary movies" aren't really scary anymore. People confuse gore and blood with horror.

dejanae said...

the flyyest:
ok im sorry. i shouldnt laugh at u

I remember the Goosebumps tv series
dont think i ever caught any movies

get over it
ur bigger than

I've never seen White Noise
guess i should check for it

what the heck did cats ever do to you?

ooh meet up time
i think ill be able to make it
nightmares are the best part tho

mermaids?ummm wow
no prob hon

i loved Unsolved Mysteries

smh@velocirator in ur pantry
clearly u need some help

did u close the closet doors?lol

midgets? come on man
logic goes out the window when you're scared

The Shining. i love that movie

james tubman:
for sure

or maybe all the stark raving mad are really

karri b:
The Shining is a good one

come on
you have to watch the horror flicks
the fear is the

demon hunter:
they havent come out with a real scary movie in what feels like forever

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

The Werewolf of Woodstock was the last thing that had me quaking in my boots. I used to hate that show. I would probably find it cheesy as hell now. Oh yeah and Halloween. Because at the time I had a closet just like the one she tried to hide in. The doors stayed open a LONG time at night after that...

Roddykat said...

Man, back in my day, we had good horror flicks. The Omen, Poltergeist, Amittyville Horror, etc. And we appreciated them, too. They scared and ain't even really show anything sometimes. Oh, and the first Alien moving when the thing popped out dude chest. hell, you could even go older school with The Birds or the OG Psycho. Now dem movies! And speaking of Halloween II, I can't go down a certain hall in the basement of my job because of that damn movies(I can, just don't like to). I mean, I don't like needles, but i wouldn't call it a phobia or anything. Wait, what was the questions?

uphill, both ways, in the snow, and we liked it too!

dejanae said...

me and closets have a love/hate relationship
we're cool in the daytime

The Omen
stop lyin. u know u cant go down that hallway

smh@ uphill both ways in the snow
who came up with that shit in the first place?

Still_Pocahontaz said...

The last thing I watched that had me shook was Vacancy and 1408. I have a phobia of open water

dejanae said...

open water?
u expectin something to jump out atya?

The Flyyest said...

hey..IT was super scary when i was a kid...i still hate clowns to this day!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Di, you're crazy you know that. I remember that show-some of it was funny and some had me freaked out. How you going to claim some crazy ish happened without furtherinfo?, terrifying folk. What about Unsolved Mysteries? The theme music alone had me shivering under the covers and thinking I can either disappear any given moment or be murdered brutally....
You want to know something freaky as hell-read about the case studies of Spontaneous Combustion! There have been over 200 cases since 1600 without any explicable reason! People just burn the hell up leaving a skull and everything else around them just singed. That shit actually happens! ok, Im getting riled up, on to next blog entry.-Chanell

Maria said...

"They labeled that shit FACT
i said hell to the naw and then i couldn't go to sleep."


I used to be so good with the scary movies and ish... I dunno what happened. maybe I smoke too much ganja or somethin or 'nother, cuz I've gotten paranoid as all hell in my quarterlife crisis age! LOL every bootleg scary movie scares the bejesus outta me!