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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

get me bodied

"I ain’t worried doin me tonight
A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody"

I did the sports conditioning crap today and i'm all tapped out
went into the locker room to change and couldn't even lift up my arms they felt so heavy.
i just said fuck it and slowly pulled on my jacket and walked outta there.
the soreness is a good thng tho
i know im doin shit right.

Friday is endurance training
Truth is i actually like working out once i get to the gym
but it takes all the energy in the world for me to actually head out the damn house

I don't know what the hell i was thinking when i said i was gon do the ING marathon this year
I musta been on somea that good shit
but ima get my number in 2009 for sure

it's 1 something in the morning
im too braindead to write a long ass post or be my witty self so ima say peace for now

I'll add to this crap lata today

I'm baaaaaaaaack


Ima homebody for the most part. Won't catch me at the club every other weekend. I do me. u do u. (I've been to the club exactly 4 times)

Last time was two Saturdays ago for my homegirl Alyssa's b-day.
I had fun. Friends, Music, dancing. It was all good for the most part. Maybe i haven't been on the clubscene often enough to know club etiquette but

1) atleast ask a bitch to dance. DON'T JUST BE GRABBIN ON MY ARM MOTHERFUCKER. Liable to get your black ass killed.
(I aint gon lie tho. There was this one dude actin a damn fool, but he was cute and funny with his so i let it go. What you want me to say??He was good-lookin dammit. I'm allowed to make exceptions)

2) If i bless you with the opportunity to dance with yours truly, follow my lead. Read my friggin body language. I'll let you know how far ima go. Don't fuckin pull that shit on me you was doin to that heifa over there. No you tryna bend me over and shit.
(I was dancing with this dude and all was good until some reggae come on. I mean i got bootleg hype too cuz dj had kinda killed the mood playing some slow ass American Gansta joint for too long so when the reggae beat came on I was ready to do my thing. This motherfucker however, thought it was the perfect time to assault me with his hips. Fuck man. Where the finesse at? I got my heels on and shit. Calm the hell down. Jack rabbit ass. (How much you wanna bet that's how he is in the bedroom the no signal-reading, flo jo hip-movin, premature ejaculatin-sucka)
So i just had to flip it on him and give him somea that shit back on some "yeah nigga. what u want?" type mess. I think he kinda got scared.Didn't know what the hell to do. Serves his ass right.

3) If you can't dance, what bizness you have askin me? You aint gotta be no Fred Astaire or nothing. But PLEASE. Stop stompin all over my feet. Sure they a size 10.5Don't mean they don't feel pain idiot

4) As evidenced above if you're cute and funny or not so cute and funny, you can get away with more shit. Not if you think your funny. Only if you actually make me laugh. Otherwise proceed with caution.

5) You just look a fool standing all the way over there glancing at me every five seconds. You wanna dance? ask. Don't be doin that stalker shit. It aint a good look. What you want me to do? Go over there and ask you? uh huh. So you really aint gon ask a sistah to dance but wanna stare all night? Whatever do you. Just don't try no mess when i'm tryna take my ass home. I got a tazer in my purse. Well maybe i do, maybe i don't. Do you really wanna take that chance?

6) Just cuz we was dancing does not mean i am now your girlfriend, fuck buddy, or wifey. Needy ass, attachment-disorder motherfucker
The song is over. You can leave me alone now. Why the hell you mean-muggin cuz i'm dancin with this dude?

ps:Fresh, ima answer ur question tomorrow.

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Caesar Cannon said...

awwww... so tired. I wish I were training right now... unfortunately, family issues takes all of the wind out of me to the point where I can't even make it to a gym anymore... shame... but keep doing you. get ya bodybuilder on.


mp1 v.8.0 said...
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mp1 v.8.0 said...

oh, dude trying to boo you up?? haha.

Sports conditioning is the biz. I've been slipping on my workouts lately. I gotta step it up. That's a good look.

I won't ask for the "blessing" and I think you know why. I aint about to be your source of comic relief. I'll just be that guy staring at you up in there. lol

Ms Sula said...

You're hilarious Dej!

The club aka *ahem* meat-market can be so much fun sometimes just off of the sheer insanity that goes on...

And I see your body, sis. It's looking RIGHHHHHT! Sports Conditioning, uh? I'll make note of that.

Good luck on the Marathon!

YAZMAR said...

dejanade huh....first time comiin' thru like the lil spot...commentary is cool and the music is REAL HIP HOP

M. Raye Turner (aka L-Boogie) said...

gurl - you don' inspired me - i talk aboutit ever'dey and have yet to glissin or bust a sweat!
It's on now!

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

A'ight. No rush. You can use the question on one of those I don't have shit to blog about days....

Qucifer said...

How much you wanna bet that's how he is in the bedroom the no signal-reading, flo jo hip-movin, premature ejaculatin-sucka)

How about all the money I have in the bank???!!

The club and it's trifery are perfect to write about, or point and laugh at the drunk whorey chicks but it's not fun Per se (not to me, not unless its poppin some Latin music)

James Tubman said...

please don't mess with stalkers lol

but for real don't

i think it's great that you are running in the marathon

you'll do great

you definitely got the body for it lol

karrie b. said...

u work out?!?! eff. i need 2 join the club...lmaooooo @ the shallowness we share. i only dance with cute guys if he comes up behind me, i'll turn around to see what he looks like. if he's fat, ugly, or shorter than me, i suddenly get too tired to dance...lmaaoooooo!

-karrie b.

Eb the Celeb said...

i totally agree with all ya dancing rules... what the heck is wrong with men

Mizrepresent said...

That was funny as hale...really! Thanks for that "great laugh"...okay, good luck on your training...i've been so off the health/exercise, but you got me motivated again...back to the treadmill and weights gurl. I'll keep reading for motivation.