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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ramblings of a Lunatic

I know yall probably had enough of the period talk last time but...
am i the only one who threatens to throw bloody pads at folk?
for real tho. Why the fuck i gotta be pmsing if i'm mad??? Im just fucking mad.
Man if you reference PMS one more time ima wait til i'm on the rag (do folk say this besides me?) and throw a bloody one right in your face
Yeah i'm crass
sue me. I'm broke tho, so u aint gettin much.

You know what else i can't stand? Folk who be like " Smile ma. Why you look so mad?"
What the fuck they think this is? Wisteria Lane?
Who walks around friggin smiling beside crazy folk?
This is brooklyn bitch. I be mean muggin for a reason. It filters out somea the less brave souls from actin a fool but....ugh. Unfortunately, the dumber or braver souls still wanna come at me with dumb shit.
Why'd this dude ask me if i smoke weed outta the blue?
Is that his idea of a friggin pickup line?
no1 what the fuck?
no2 Do i look like a weed head? ( no offense to any of you that may indulge. do u. i mean it aint no worse than them cancer sticks)
no3 You'd think the look of disgust i gave him woulda made him shut the hell up but no
the dumb fuck proceeded to tell me he could get me the hook up

Sad thing is, even if a nice dude did approach me, i'm so sick of getting the bullshit, i aint even gon be giving him the time of day

Facebook friends
I got quite a few of them
You know what i mean. You don't talk on the phone. Mighta never even met in person. Have no regular correspondence. They just added you cuz u looked familiar and u did the same shit cuz u was nosey.(well that's what i do)Exchanged maybe two messages.
Well i saw a bootleg Facebook friend on the street the other day.
This is some chick i knew from junior high. We weren't even really friends but i digress. So anyway, I saw her and i wasn't sure what to do. To say hi or not to say hi. Well watever. I didn't. The moment passed. But i felt stupid. How u gon have someone in ur friend's list but can't say hi when you see them on the friggin street?

Random: remember when we used to refer to dick and pussy as pencils and sharpeners?
Man. Thought the shit was all oooh you let him put his pencil inside your
aaaah the good old days

fuck it. i don't even know why i wrote random there. This whole post is random. NEXT

My ass is sore
get yall minds out the gutter
I did the stairmaster yesterday and the sports conditioning class today and my ass is on fire

Ima pretty average lookin chick. Nothing that'll make you do a double take or be like " damn son. how'd you land her?" (This is where yall cry out in protest and start thinking: What the hell she talkin bout? chick is fyah.lmao)
If i had to rate myself, I'd say im bout a five. right smack in the middle. You won't go running if you see me coming down the street or nothing but if i was the bootleg love interest in a video you'd be like: "What this chick doing on my screen?" I don't think i'm the shit (but honestly, i'm so cool, i won't discount the possibility)
So when i hear folk commenting on celebrities or other folk talking bout " She looks ugly." or "She justa 'around the way chick' (insert schreeching halt here)
I will never call someone ugly who i know looks a helluva lot betta than me. Some other folk tho, aint got the sense i do. First off you just come across as a hater. Second. What you gon say when someone tells you to look in the damn mirror?
Yeah she coulda chose a betta outfit and she shouldn't have let Shanequalashae do her hair but atleast she don't look like a cross between Gollum and Quasimodo
I'm just sayin...

You know how some folk got that one moment they wanna do over?
Go back and alter the course of things.
Well i wanna go back to third grade.
I know. ur thinking: Whatnahell coulda happened in the third grade to effect me so?
A spelling bee son
I got up there all ready to kill it
They asked me to spell climbed
I just knew i had it.
"Climbed. C-L-I-M-E-D. Climbed"
oh man i was mad at myself after that
I'm convinced that that incident is the source of my stage fright issues.
i mean i lost on round one!!!!!! The first friggin word they gave me!!!!
I had been spelling much bigger words than that but i wanna go and fuck up the moment of truth
and No
I don't let shit go

Don:I guess what I want to ask is what is your greatest fear?

Man i think my greatest fear is settling for mediocrity
Being afraid to do me and not living up to my potential
Kinda vague i know cuz a lotta things can fall under this

second greatest fear u ask? (actually u didn't but ima volunteer anyway)
getting kidnapped by some old white dude. Fuck that shit
That happens and i know it's a wrap.

im mad i only got 2 comments on the 'u asked, i answered' post
get to commenting bastards

13 public opinion:

mp1 v.8.0 said...

so you aint got a problem with an old black dude kidnapping ya?? he'd prolly be all nasty and shyt saying stuff like "watch out now!"

Damn, you messed up on climbed? I would clown you but I know I'm probably gonna jack some word up here and you gone get at me.

You only give yaself a 5? That's humility. I'd give you higher.

Pencils and sharpeners?? maybe I'm out the loop on that one.

KI said...

Fuckin' spellin' bees...

I feel you there, homie.

Don said...

"Yeah I seen 'em coming down your eyes..."

Love this song. I'm sure we have all been there @ some point in time.

Man i think my greatest fear is settling for mediocrity
Being afraid to do me and not living up to my potential
Kinda vague i know cuz a lotta things can fall under this

No, I understand the framework of where you are coming from when you say this. I used to feel this way, then didn't by doing me for years, only to now feel this away again.

I think deep down inside everyone feels or has felt this way. I believe anyone will...settle...for what is not in their heart. Not a fighter, anyways.

Some old white dude wouldn't have a chance with you. You appear to be a fighter.

lol @ how you spelled climbed in the third grade

How u gon have someone in ur friend's list but can't say hi when you see them on the friggin street?

:: dead ::

Don said...

I DO NOT believe anyone will...settle...for what is not in their heart. Not a fighter, anyways.

soumynona said...

(reviewing your spot and I like)
...I have a homey from the BK that says "suckers" a lot too.
...The cooling out corner is tight but what you know bout Nita Baker and Sade??
(current blog entry)
You are highlarious! Real as hell too. I haven't heard "let me sharpen your pencil" since middle school. Makes me think about my first time (sigh)

Anonymous said...


I wanna kick your ass 3 sorts of bad!!


Yeah when my boss wants to be a bitch and act impertinent and ask about rags and shit after i'm in a mood I try to give him a full on informational guided story of my inside lady parts their vile workings and where he can go put that sassy attitude

Anonymous said...

and white on black kidnapping could be a delicious thing, shit, ask me about it

You might end up smiling like the demented people!!

dejanae said...

u friggin know better
the 5 is just the looks department
i gotta be atleast a 9.5
i mean come on. im cool as shit

fuckin spellin bees is right

"Some old white dude wouldn't have a chance with you. You appear to be a fighter.
Them ole white dudes don't be fighting fair tho
and on the friends list thing. you know that aint a good look
i'm just sayin....
i should probably erase her ass

the question is what YOU know bout Anita and Sade?
oh lord. is that the line you used on ole girl?

girl i was kickin my own ass after that
don't u see how it's affected me? lol
threaten to throw a bloody pad at him
that should shut him up

karrie b. said...

yes D, i hear the kill bill theme song play in my head when someone implies that i must be on my red cuz i didn't say good morning. how bout i shove a tampon down your throat, and then you can ask me questions?

i deleted everyone from facebook i didn't know. bout 2 add u and be nosy tho...

sorry abt the spelling bee loss : /

i dont think ur a 5. ok lol that wasn't a come on, just a friendly boost.

-karrie b.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

LOL why u mean muggin'? and u know i cant spell either. Thanks for the laughs and for the prayers, nice to be thought of u know

Dagny said...

I'm always surly in the morning because I'm just not a morning person. The guys at work (I'm the only woman in our office.) have come to accept that. I am just as likely to say "Kiss my ass" as I am to say "Good morning." A good morning to me is one when I don't have to get out of bed to go to work but still have money to pay the bills.

I completely understand the mean muggin. It's a survival tool in some neighborhoods.

And I'd probably say that my greatest fear is to make a fool of myself in public. But that would be kind of a lie because I go out and do it anyway. So someone laughed at me? They obviously don't have much else going on in their lives. Because we all make mistakes sometimes. Just as long as we learn from them.

dejanae said...

go head and add a
i got folk on there i don't know know
but we talk occasionally. that's cool

hey. speak for yourself i can spell. i just had a brain fart that day or something
nice to know i could be of service in some bootleg way

i feel u on the public humiliation
I just k.i.m.
or laugh at myself first

karrie b. said...

urmmmmmm whats ur full name on FB?

-karrie b.