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Monday, February 25, 2008

weaves and tangled webs

I took out my weave yesterday
My real hair,lol, is natural
Went natural bout a year and half ago and havent looked back since
I know some people hate it but i love shrinkage
mattafact i cut bout two inches off cuz it was lookin a lil funny after i washed it
stretched out my hair is a lil past shoulder length in the back, lil short of shoulder length on the sides and chin length in the front
u can kinda see the kinks in these pics

I could make up some shit about how im always posting my profile becuz of safety issues or whatever but a bk chick is gon be dead honest
my profile just looks betta
im not a photegenic chick
and noone quite believes you when you say "I look betta in person"lol

I love me some Law and Order
allofthem but especially SVU so you know i had to catch the marathon today on TNT
So if you ever caught it, youd know that they often pull stories from the headlines.
maaaaan The bootleg Abner Louima case came on today.
They switched out quite a few stuff of course but it was recognizable
It brought back so many memories.
I can remember so clearly the outrage in my father's voice and face when we were talkin bout the case
man.on the real everytime i closed my eyes and pictured that shit i saw my dad's face.
I think everybody and their momma knows about the horrific details of the precint incident
Sad thing is these cops probably did that before just never been caught
They made threats to his person
Hospital was told his injuries were sustained as a result of rough homosexual sex
thank God for the nurse who made a call to the Internal Affairs Department of the NYPD
It's scary how little control you have over ur life situations sometimes
or should i say it's crazy how other folk can rip choices from you
I know too much bout the corruption in the police department and the justice system to even pretend to think that the "truth will set me free"
Im especially afraid for the black men in my life bcuz they're the ones most likely to end up in some situation not of their making
You know what really fucked with my head??
The fact that the main suspect had a black girlfriend who he was planning on marrying
I cant even imagine finding out that the man im planning my life with could do that sick shit

They say we all have the capacity to commit evil deeds
Average folk, apparently, when given power over others are quick to demonstrate that supposed superiority
History has proven this to be true time and time again
I would hope that my moral compass wouldnt allow me to turn in to someone that could torture somebody
Im reminded of this quote i first heard on law and order (i told yall thats my show)
"Those who fight monsters should take care that they never become one. For when you stand and look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you." ~ Frederich Nietsche

by the way
i got mad love for the popo
just cant stand the power hungry bastards who wanna use a badge as a front for their criminal activity

21 public opinion:

Canon Adonis said...

fuck the police... rotten bastards. when you talking about power hungry bastards, you talking about a good 80-85% of them motherfuckers!

You know they was doing that Abner Louima shit to niggas way before Abner Louima. I view cops as cowards with authority... fuck it, I might even post about this shit. But forreal, 911 is a practical joke. You can't protect and serve when you do the most damage

The Cannon formerly known as Caesar

Pajnstl said...

you have MAJOR shrinkage! do you ever wear it pressed out?

karrie b. said...

i tried to go natural last year and couldn't take it. i reached the 9 month mark (when i usually perm every 6) and ran right to the dominicans. bahhh. i love your hair.
yea, that louima case was somethin else...that was when the news was the news and not a britney spears parade. you know what? u and i should rent a car and ride past the 71st precint blasting "fuck the police". i think it'd be great!
and yes law and order SVU is the most POPPIN one. mad i missed it...wasted 3 hrs watching that HACK named jon stewart host the oscars : /

-karrie b.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Every body has the potential to commit evil....true indeed. Look at the Stanford Prison experiment for proof.

NYPD is reason enough to stay away from that city. I'm scared of police everywhere, but I'd be gorrified on them jokers.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

go on the u, looks lovely

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

I remember that Abner Louima case. The club was like 3 blocks from where I lived and I just remembered people screaming at every cop they saw after that.

Demon Hunter said...

The crazy thing is you always hear bad things about the south, which is where I live.

All of the cops I've come into contact with have been cool, except one. And he gave tickets to more White men than anyone. I am just glad we don't have an epidemic here.

The natural look is cool. :*)

Eb the Celeb said...

Girl rock it whatever way you want... profile or not... do you know celebs actually have red carpet training to let them know what sides of them are best and how to angle themselves in front of cameras.. and they pay people for that... you learned yours for free... so biggups to you...

Do it... and I like your eyes in the first pic... you know Tyra always says... its all in the eyes anyway!

Desy said...

i respect the fro- for obvious I have shrinkage as well, but I usually blow it out and it's fine (low heat- reduces damage)

yeah- i've heard some incredible stories of police brutality; the most recent one with some friends of mine with a black cop (the only one amongst his white counterparts).. it was sad because he was completely abusive and my friends filled a complaint- but whose gonna believe a couple of college kids... :sigh:

swag_ambassador said...

my sister is an officer of the law. I mean me personally ive never had "THAT" experience with the rollers(police), but I still have a weary approach to most officers. Now that my sister is one though, it makes you re evaluate, cause we have convos each day about her situations that she goes thru and how she approaches them.


wow u have some thick hair, deja!! why were u wearing weave, with all of that hair??

also, you've been tagged!
come to Bria's Own Words for details :)

James Tubman said...

the police aren't that good to black people in the hood

they need a lesson in how to treat people who are not criminals

love your pics

very attractive

Pajnstl said...

oh ok! I love the versatility of not having a relaxer. Lately i've been going 2 weeks wash n go, 2 weeks pressed out. It works for me :)

dejanae said...

u gon feel how u feel
but i cant in good conscience agree with that 80-85%
but i see where ur coming from

i aint gon front like it was easy
took some getting used to especially when i did the big chop
but im really luvin it now

anotha reason i heart u man
go head and drop that knowledge
yo stop hatin on my city man
iont heart u nomore

thnx u very kindly

thats hella close man
i understand their anger but a know quite a few cops
who were just as outraged bout the situation as the civilians

demon hunter:
yeah the good ones are out there

now ima go lose 60 lbs and try out for ANTM

i blow it out every once in a while too
just like the ultra kinky look more
yep. them complaints are really a joke bcuz more times than not
nothing gets done

i say be weary of all folk. Officers of the law or not
they're still subject to fault and malice like all of us

thnx hon
my bootleg winter protective styling crap
its bout to go back under in 2 weeks
but in the summer its out 24/7

ima say true to that last statement
thnx man

girl who u tellin
the versatility is exactly why i aint goin back

Qucifer said...

I love me some Law and Order
allofthem but especially SVU so you know i had to catch the marathon today on TNT

Me too so baaadddd!!

I love the hair, I Do!
by the way
i got mad love for the popo
just cant stand the power hungry bastards who wanna use a badge as a front for their criminal activity

I'm Cosigning Hard on This!

dejanae said...

thnx hon
lovin the new avi pic by the way

Ms Sula said...

Your hair looks incredible! And I tend to be one of those people who actually enjoys shrinkage...

And your skin is serious! (the middle pic looks like a young woman in the 70's... Cuuuute!)

It's a sad state of affairs when we come to fear the very institution that is here to protect us.

And we need more vocal blogs. :)

dejanae said...


ill try to hook u up with them utterz then

lov said...

Love the naptural!

dejanae said...

hey lov
when u gon start blogging?

Keli said...

I hate shrinkage!

I did not realize you had a weave, I thought that was a chi job, lol.

I need to do something with my wig, thinking about cutting it off.