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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

u asked, i answered

like a single drop that ripples outwards, presence felt for miles
i want my life to have meaning
i want my spirit to move you
i want my essence to make you want to
draw closer and
i want my soul to make moves
like beat cops patrolin
want to immerse you in me
like wells
want you to fall in
but no need for callin
unless it's cuz you wanna be deep in me forever

What is the major inspiration for your work?
There's no one thing. I find inspiration in a number of different things such as music, other poetry
dance, a moving documentary, a picture.

I know that you're saying that you might be that old lady shacked up with 50 cats without a special someone. Does that scare you?? What type of man would be ideal for you?
The old lady thing does scare me son. Some folk don't have a problem never getting married or being single at 75. That aint my black ass. That'd be a major component of having my life be 'complete' so to speak.
I see myself with them 10 kids and i kinda need a man for that. yao Ming? but yeah...spinster aint a good look for me
My ideal man is one is someone who i can talk about the most mundane shit with and then get all deep and philosophical.
HONESTLY, I place a high premium on good conversation. If you look like Will Smith. (and Lord knows i love me some Fresh Prince: life after bel air)but the convo is dead, ima have to chuck the deuces somewhere in the vicinity of your damn head. Next we got the funny. Humor is fuckin sexy and if you combine that with profanity and a large vocabulary? i'm done. Well sorta...To complete the recipe add 2 cups of sarcastic, 1 cup agressive, a shitload of respect and honesty. All that good stuff
Now we get to the physical. I'd prefer this man come in an atleast 6'3" package. Stocky build (i aint no small chick, what i'm 'posed to do with a skinny dude? offense to yall skinny men. GET UR WEIGHT UP.)
All colors of the rainbow can cut it from 'burple' (i got this from someone elses blog. cant remember who right now)to casper white, but i got a thing for dark chocolate in particular.
His feet have to be bigger than Ummm this aint as easy as it sounds
everything else is up in the air
tho a man with some dreadlocks...

How long have you been writing? Umm since about the 3rd grade. Swore i was gonna have a book out by now. Umm yeah. that aint goin down anytime within the next decade. Procrastination is the root of all evil. ok maybe just the root of all my problems. CAMP HORRORHILL was my first attempt at a novel (friggin goosebumps knockoff) after that, shit just fell off.

Do you ever think you'll bring that wall down? Probably not. Maybe gradually? ummmm me don't really know. Hopefully tho. It won't come tumbling down. More like a gradual displacement of brick and mortar

...and ooh what did you think of 2 girls/1 cup LMAO!!
GIRL. Them bitches musta been on some shit. pun intended. WTF?!?!?!!?
I shut it off the first time, but i had to finish it. Womanned up and went for the kill. Disgusting. Fuckin ridiculous. i was like " no bitch. what u doin? ooooooo put it back in!! put it back in!!!! oh no. the crazy bitches is eatin it.
After callin them all types of stupid, i prayed for their souls. ebola-carryin mother fuckers

Ray Charles was the man
dont fuckin laugh
i had a crush on him

i love this version

When he said GEORGIA, he really meant Diana

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Always.Funky.Fresh said...

When you said 10 kids, I thought of that scene in Idlewild where Big Boi had this look of depression......

Did I miss the ask you a question entry?!? WTF? Or did I forget? Damnit, I need my ginkoba.

By the way, me lubs your playlist.

dejanae said...

didnt catch idlewild but i can figure what he musta looked like

yeah but queries are still being accepted

u got good taste

mp1 v.8.0 said...

so, he had you on his mind???

I must be the only on who hasn't seen this two girls one cup vid. One day I'm gonna catch it

Old spinsters are hot. You betta recanize. Just leave the cats alone

dejanae said...

check the vid out and tell me what u think
ole spinsters could be the next hottest shit to Halle Berry, i aint tryna do that mess