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Thursday, February 28, 2008

mic check . mic check.1,2, 1, 2

im feelin blah
gotta draft goin
ima finish that up- lata tonight

my phone is actin a damn fool
I tried to do an utterz crap to atleast post something
but alas
twas not to be

bootleg tag
post an UTTERZ of u singing a Michael Jackson song
ask atleast 2 other folk to do the same
in honor of that Thriller 25th anniversary crap

answered questions and my karaoke crap is goin up lata tonight
after i get back from a bootleg play
peace folk

5 public opinion:

Big O said...

thanks for the comment awhile back on my Brownee....she's cute...but bad as hell!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

I'm waiting on your top of the dome at my spot... mic check one two

karrie b. said...

what kinda phinee u got?
i like how everythinsis bootlef
sorry about the dring rypin g@ like 7 in the motnign...i juyst gt in..


dejanae said...

big o:
hey man
dont b a stranger

ima go head and assume im the one who inspired the mic check session
even if i
its done

i got a damn house phone.thats what
yeah u know bootleg is my word
and the typing?
thats a real good look

Roddykat said...

Many Styles, many Styles!