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Monday, February 18, 2008

trail mix

im too lazy to think right now so i just went back and took snippets from past posts and put them here
hence the trail mix

My Prerogative.nuff said

In The Closet
Naomi was a bad bitch in this vid

is just
a word sometimes

yes only
a word

said in the heat of passion
to be forgotten in those still moments after bodies stop shaking

a phrase told to a nine year old girl by her father
whom she hasn't seen since her last birthday
heart, soul

used to soften the blow of a fist to the chest
thud not loud enough to mask the sound of her
spirit breaking

cuz love is just a word sometimes


I may be just a lil too old to be afraid of the dark
Maybe afraid is too strong. Just uh ummmm anxious???Like i'll look into the shadows and logically i know its a plant but that shit looks an awful lot like an alien and it wouldn't kill me to run past it real quick just in case it did turn out to be an alien. Yao Ming???
Speaking of aliens,
i think i was ready to believe my cousin when she said i had been kidnapped by aliens and experimented on because
1 I had that faint line running down my stomache thing
2 i'd get migraines often
3 they would sometimes be accompanied by ringing in my ears
4 i was a weird child
5 i always felt outta place

me being abducted by aliens really didn't sound that farfetched to me
I mean it was on Unsolved Mysteries sheesh
Why aren't there more anatomically correct dolls damnit???!!!

Ken is walking around without a wee wee

Ain't it bad enough that Barbie is a doctor/lawyer/astronaut/police officer/NASCAR driver/rapper, (yes i said rapper. This heifa has had more than 90 jobs) they couldn't give dude a dick. i mean he deserves at least that right? ain't even askin for no balls. The penis will do.

lookin like Mrs. Bobbit got ahold of him. It's sad really.

i want to adopt my first child
i love kids
they usually love me back (except for this one lil boy wit psychotic tendencies. Don't really care if the serial killers of tomorrow don't like me tho. On second thought...)
Although technically i can cook, i'd rather shoot myself in the foot first
or have you cook for me
Two years ago I was on the 2 train headed for class at BMCC when this homeless lady stepped on. I'm tellin you i never seen grown folk act so dumb. Okay she smells, are you surprised? Well apparently some people were. Now you ain't gotta stand there if the odor is too foul for you to stand. watever. just move and leave it at that. But no. Grown folk wanna act like thay reverted back to the third grade. Snickering, laughing, making snide comments. Now i wanted to straight up smack somebody up in that bitch. While all this is happening, she just stands there staring straight ahead as if she can't hear what they're saying. On the real. I felt so bad for her (like on a whole nother level type shit cuz i always feel sympathetic for the homeless). Anyway my stop is coming up soon and i'm thinking i gotta do something like i wanna redeem her faith in people type shit. I'm broke as hell and only have a twenty on me (mind you i didnt eat anything yet and i was gon be in classes all day) so i struggled with if i should give it to her or not (that may sound wrong, but fuck it i was hungry and tired and about to spend the better part of my day up in that school building stomache growling and shit). while im having this conversation with myself she sits down in an empty space near some folk and man their faces. smdh. So i looked at her one last time and thought " u dumb motherfucker here you sit thinkin bout a 20 and a few hours without food. bitch please. that ain't shit compared to what she's going thru". Stop is coming up so i stand up go to where she's seated lean over and ask her : "what's your name?"
Sherrie she whispers. Man that shit broke my heart. I say "God Bless Sherrie" and slip the twenty into her hand while i shake it. Man. She she started tearing up. That "Thank You" i got was the most meaningful thank you of my life. i didn't even think just hugged her and said take care and rushed my ass out that train before i broke down. Just barely made it through the doors before the tears fell. What really struck me was the air of dignity she had despite her circumstances. So i'm sending out a prayer that wherever Sherrie is, she's okay.
I don't need to hear bout lil junebug's first day of kindergarten. I'm just sittin here on the bus tryna get off in five stops so i can get home. You decided to sit ur old ass next to me (when the bus is practically empty) pull out ur wallet and tell me bout your grandson.Why? And i can't even catch an attitude wit ur old ass cuz ur ancient relic self might have a heart attack. See this fake smile that's not reaching my eyes?? That's me humoring you. Get the damn message and shut the hell up!!! Finally my stop is here. Oh hell naw. Why is this old lady bout to get off too??!!Please God, be a hip injury so i can make a hasty retreat.

Do you know all the words to the COPS themesong?
does anyone?
bad boys bad boys what u gonna do what u gonna do when they come for you
ricky nah ricky nah ricky
ricky nah ricky nah rick ron rick
those are the words cuz i say so

so i actually listened to the words
what the hell is: You chuck it on that one
You chuck it on this one
You chuck it on mother and You chuck it on you father
You chuck it on you brother and You chuck it on you sister
You chuck it on that one and you chuck it on me

What the hell they chuckin???!!!


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Mizrepresent said...

That homeless story was so touching and precious, i feel you gurl. Sometimes we are moved to do things, all of us are angels to someone.

Love the "Love" piece.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Priceless "just one word" get the book together hon

mp1 v.8.0 said...

you gettin lazy on us?? now what if I took past comments and just strung them together?? I might just do that one day

Ms Sula said...

I concur with mp1 v.8.0... Whatchu getting lazy for? Get back in here pronto! (said the blogger with like 3 posts a year... Loll!)

The homeless story struck a chord. Compassion is a very underrated quality.

Pajnstl said...

lol.. Only you!

lmao at your Bad Boy lyrics... mine are a little different :)

CTFU @ you thinking the aliens had you! lol

Anonymous said...

is just
a word sometimes

yes only
a word

....So True!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* you made me tear up and i hate people, i don't like people and i don't cry


Rashan Jamal said...

I got so many drafts, I should steal this idea... You like the homeless, but not the elderly? LOL

Desy said...

What's so funny is that in Europe, I saw my first doll(s) with genitalia and was a little embarrassed at first. Then I thought to myself 'what the f'ck is wrong with you?' and got over it just that quick

I guess Americans just don't understand that having dolls with vaginas and penises are ok and children will not be overwhelmed by the experience is just too much to explain- Thus we have castrated Ken that Billy holds up to mom asking 'where is his thing. is mine gonna look like that when i become a man?'

and yes, boys play with Ken

Still_Pocahontaz said...

wit ur old ass cuz ur ancient relic self might have a heart attack. ......LMAO

dejanae said...

yep sometimes u just gotta do aomething no matter how little u may think it is
thnx hon

will do
check for it in 2093

yep im bein lazy
sue me
go head man

glad u said it before i
yeah sometimes its so sad how desensitized to suffering we can be

wat r ur lyrics?
hey still aint ruled an alien abduction out

bmore bap:
i love new folk
hope to see u again

a lil antisocial?
a cry is good for the soul

man listen...
the old bag was annoying
what u want from me?

i want some anatomically correct dolls
where'd u see them at
a toy store?

i'm just sayin
i have some scruples

Anonymous said...
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