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Friday, February 22, 2008

so yall get to actually hear my voice today
i know yall are geeked(dont pay the bootleg lisp any mind)
Rashan i know i said ur name wrong
get over it
u aint say dejanae right eitha but i forgave u
honestly tho
it just doesnt role off the tongue like ruh-shawn does
i will try to say it right

im apparently too stupid to figure out utterz correctly cuz i made a profile and everything but it wasnt workin so i said fuck it and just posted as a regular ole josephine
(ok so the bootleg voice post is at the end of this one.enjoy or cringe.watev)
ima go eat and return with a bootleg post

did you get punished for breaking curfew?
i got the stern talk

do you remember where you were when you got your first kiss?
bootleg kiss in the courtyard in third grade
can you remember the name of your first girlfriend/boyfriend?
Where were you the last time you got drunk?
never happened
what's the most embarassing thing that happened to you in public?
falling off the stage during a dance performance
for those of you who are married (or have been, engaged, watev) where were you when you proposed or got proposed to?
what's different in your life from this time last year?
Ima year older tho not necessarily wiser
Where'd you find your keys the last time you lost them?
the pockets of the sweats i wore the day before
Do you ask for directions when you think you're lost?
where were you when you heard about the world trade centers being hit?
sitting in my AP biology class praying for something interesting to happen. that is definitley not what i had in mind
are you more into voyeurism or exhibitionism?
voyeurism it is. Can i watch?
do you share your bedroom with someone?
nope. unless you count the ghosts of former residents
what about the bathroom?
uh. gotta share with the fam
ever gone to a restaurant or public place with unisex bathrooms?
uh huh
what names do you find attractive?
names with hard sounds like k's and g's
did/do you make fun of very ugly people?
only if the ugly reaches past the physical
what was the last big change in your life?
moving in with pops
how many times a week do you wash your hair?
What would be your long-term survival plan for a lengthy prison sentence?
ima shank the biggest bitch in there on day one.just out the blue.folk gon think im too crazy to try to fuck with me
ever have a gigapet?(im showin my age here)
yep.junior high
What genre(s) of music do you believe are totally without redeeming value?
whatever genre of music this shit falls under (and dont say hip/hop)

what the fuck is Yahhh trick Yahhh?
Why is that shit getting airtime?

too smart for BET? just maybe

12 public opinion:

karrie b. said...

u dont think u've gotten wiser? why not?
names with k's are the best!
giga pets were the illest...

-karrie b.

Desy said...

Cause I'm a speech therapist- I told Rah-shan the same thing... tongue placement and the desire to produce speech quickly causes his name to be... wow- i need to stop working when i'm done

I'M SO TIRED OF SOLJA BOY (and yes i know that's not how you spell his name but i'm tired)

Haitians- always ready to lecture... can't we just go to sleep and address this tomorrow when you are rested and i'm sober??? (not that i drink)

guerreiranigeriana said...

sadly, that yah bitch yah song, i uh, actually, tickles me...haha...can you imagine trying to talk to someone and they respond like that YAAAAAHHHHH BITCH YAHHHHHH!!!...LMAO...

Invisible Woman said...

You seem pretty wise to me...

dejanae said...

im still procrastinatin like a mother and havent let go of as many bad habits as i shouldve

im sayin.....
and u know my brooklyn self aint got time to be slowin down and thinking bout pronunciation before i say it

id imagine theyd wanna catch a beat down real quick

invisible woman:
dont know bout that but
so do u:)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

get over it alng with "whatever"

rhe lines of the new school and not taking persoal resbonsibility

One Man’s Opinion said...

I'm just gonna comment on the Soulja Boy video. Yeah, what the F, indeed. I don't understand Soulya boy anyway. Yahhh, Trick! Yahha!...LOL

MsPuddin said...

girls got a little floetry to it...i see you! ill be back for more...


Don said...

ima shank the biggest bitch in there on day one.just out the blue.folk gon think im too crazy to try to fuck with me

Sounds like a top notch plan to me. lol.

Watching that Soulja Boy video made me have more respect for Soulja Boy Tell 'Em.

Qucifer said...

UGHH That little Soulja boy just shut down my reproductive system

Rashan Jamal said...

First you get props for me for the LB video!!!

You don't sound like I thought you would... I expected a more NY accent. Its there, but not as much as I thought. BTW, I was totally messing with you about the gay stuff.

I didnt know how your name was pronounced... mine is RAH-shan. LOL

dejanae said...

all-mi-t: convinced u didnt read the post

omo: sayin...

hey thnx
good look on the drop by

i mean did u expect any less of me

lolll.aint never heard that one before

rah-shan (since i cant say it, ima atleast write it):
thats interesting. i thought brooklyn was all up and thru my voice.