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Monday, March 31, 2008

random tandem-Invisibility Cloak


he could get it


the harry potter craze

i dont get it??
if u cant get me in the first few pages, i aint readin it

Some folk don't do the weekend post thing
I assume it's cuz they have a life
If yall noticed
this chick be bloggin on the weekends
well i cant speak for anybody else who does
but i aint got no life bastards

relic hunter

that was my show son

i cant deal with stupid dudes
dumb as shit negroes
now if i was into fuck buddies or one night stands...
not even then
but for real
my pussy's allergic to stupidity
dries up real quick at any sign that ur iq is in the double digits

anal sex
nah not for me
let somebody talk bout stickin some shit up my ass

You already know
ima be like

"u first motherfucker"

unless its Will Smith

i might have to make an exception
im just sayin...
i see yall
dont judge me bastards

damn it you Australian aboriginees
with your dark skin and blonde hair

cant hate on Faquisha-shanae-nessa with the blonde weave
cuz God musta thought it was aiight

I been slackin on my workouts
aint been to the gym in a minute
damn near forgot what the shit looks like
ima go back Tue tho
gladiator status son

gladiator status

you know what i hate?
well im bout to tell you
when folk do this to themselves

come the hell on
your face being 15 shades lighter than your body aint a good look
ima be nice and not even speak on the other shit

Call me a hater all you want but Halle Berry aint all that

now calm the fuck down fellas
i can hear yall callin me all typsa ugly bitch already
for real tho
she's a cute chick
but in the grander scheme of things
she aight

and Denzel

Who the fuck made him the end all be all?
I dont get the hype
someone explain it to me please
The only thing i can figure is chicks must be in love with his charisma
cuz i for sure dont see it

I want twins
just dont wanna carryem

How much does a surrogate cost?
Fuck that.i'll just have the bastards and use that surrogate money for some reconstructive

Vivica Fox

she's been lookin like her former self lately
im proud of the ole heifa

"I am too cute to be talkin to u"
No thats not conceit talking
ill be the first to admit i'm an average lookin chick
but even the ugliest chick ive ever seen deserves more than some wack line from some cane wielding seventy year old mack in a sean john sweat suit
whatnafuck u take me for?

dance face
that scrunched 'ima fuck u up face'
its ugly for real
but when im on the dance floor and killin it
It just appears
i cant do nothin bout that

ive fallen off the top bunk of a bunk bed
and kept on sleepin
true story (doesnt that automatically make it sound like i'm lying?)
dad said he came into the room after he heard the noise and guess who was just
layin there on the floor like aint nothing happened
i guess i thought i was dreamin or something


Say whatever u want
freaky shit
call me a dumb bitch
well nah dont do that
unless u really think that
pose any questions u wanted to but were afraid to ask
just say random off the wall shit
Tell me what u REALLY think of me
tell me u visit 50 times a day just to see my face.lmao
i crack myself up
Say i write like my breath stink
it's all good
i wont even erase any
try to make it interesting folk
u can concoct murder plots
volunteer fantasies
Confess sins
relay secrets
u sleepin wit ur boss?
gon head and tell me
confess a blog crush
lukers: perfect opportunity for yall to come out the
start some blog beef
talk bout anotha blogger's mama
(disclaimer: dont get mad at me if somebody talks about u. i aint did shit)
post the comments with a bootleg alias tho so i know how to refer to the commenter


I like to suck my toes

thats nice r2d2
how do they taste?

37 public opinion:

Jewells said...

LOL @ dance face. Yeah, we do we scrunch up the face??? Either that or looking behind us like "take that...I'm putting it on ya."

I don't think chick in the pic is carrying twins. I think that's an alieum or something. Don't look real. On the real though, I wanna be a surrogate. Gonna blog about that.

Two snaps for the weekend posters!

12kyle said...

lmao @ u!!!

I know you have a life. You just like to blog, right.

btw...will smith might be a lil more into anal sex than you are. he and jada are swingers. real talk.

you aren't hating on halle. she's fine...but she's crazy, too. her craziness takes away from her beauty

good one!

t.r.b said...

you got to know that your posts remind me of like a comic's set; it may be a whole bunch of shit that you wouldn't link together in a convo, but it all flows.....

i co-sign your twin statement, but that picture is so crazy looking, that is one of the main reasons why my mind flips from yes to no
so often!

ugh, will smith is so white fest is the hottest;)

sorry no anonymous comments.....

Desy said...

LMAO@ you first!

you are ridiculous wit it

yeah... i be up in that blog world througout the weekend. most people do their blogging at work... but i don't have time to blog at work... it's usually when i'm home

Anonymous commenters day?!?! woooow... can't wait for the responses

where da hell u find that pic of that preg lady... you know that is some exaggerated mess... unless she's carryin dem twins fully supplied with all necessary baby accessories

it's his charm (and walk) that make denzel appealing... very confident and smooth

eww@ the brick body.. no thanks

Pink-satin said...

lol lol lol!this chic you are tew funny!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

too much free time on your hands

and anal, not for me, even if it is will smith LOL folk dont get donw like that...BTW afro pics are killer at top

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm lol @ "you first" but if you know like I know, then you'd know that Will would be totally open to that! lol

Halle...I don't really care for her and never did. I think she's pretty, but not to the point where men are desperate to drink her bath water.

Denzel too...he's tall, dark and handsome, but he looks like he has false teeth. They just look off.

I'll be back later with a crazy anonymous comment. Maybe...hehehe

Qucifer said...

you Are a solid mess

But i feel you on the working out... let's get back on it k???

Im gonna run tonight to make up and then do my weights at home

Don't Knock Anal sex until you've tried it with a man that KNOWS what he doing back there, I'm Imploring you that, and with me Is a damned given that they mess with my butt, I'm messing with theirs... I'm NOT playing, Vibrating butt plug is what's up

DiamondsR4eva said...

Aries Woot Woot!

I wish I put in enough time and effort to organize my posts and include pictures and stuff

I just got back to the gym yesterday I'm loving the slight tingle from my distressed muscles I gotta get it right & tight for the Taste of Chicago on the 4th :p

and um you almost got me in trouble with that nice picture of that little girls toy LOL

ollie15 said...


The Jaded NYer said...

GIRL- FINALLY a black woman who will admit that Denzel ain't all that! I always get the Gas Face whenever I say so.

I feel so much better now... I'll even give you a non-anonymous confession: I "borrowed" some secret documents from work once because I worked for a famous person's ex-husband and I wanted to "browse" through their bitter, bitter divorce papers... which included an audio tape with much harshness on it! Whew...

swag_ambassador said...

Iont blog on the weekend cause at this point in time I dont have a comp at tha house. Sometimes Ill hit it up from the sidekick.. sometimes..
Halle must have somethn wrong with her if she keep losin men. LOL

"my pussy's allergic to stupidity
dries up real quick at any sign that ur iq is in the double digits"

LOL.. so true.

Eve said...

imagine me
i was reading ur profile think it was a post and i was thinking of commenting that the first sentences have some ryhming jibe to it.

Pan/Thanatos said...

Oh man, that was too freakin' funny!
I can't even make a specific comment... wow.

i.can't.complain. said...

add me to the no-life-having-weekend-poster-club

halle and denzel bothcould get it.

chick w/the twins has ALL the belly.

will smith...

hmm. ima leave that one alone.

but lets just say i don't think u'd have 2 do much persuading to get him ready for some anal.


B_More BAP Life said...

OMG @ The twins pic & Halle Berry...she's pretty, but in a girl next door kind of way...I've seen plenty of women just as beautiful.....& my opinion is most men give light skin/long hair a little to much credit then is deserved...

Ms. Behaving said...

LMAO @ this post... sentiments E-X-A-C-T-L-Y on that "you first" comment.

Throwing shade on Halle Berry??? LOLOLOLOL
I'm sure you've got hate mail!!

Ditto on your thoughts about Denzel...I mean he's aiight but he ain't a great big ball of foine!!!!

That pregnancy pic??? CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAZY!!!
Shiiiid it's hard enough carrying one so two CAN-NOT be the business.

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok dammit... you have to much ish in one post and i be wanting to comment on all of them... damn you...


So first... I never got that whole harry potter thing either... never picked up a book and never saw not one of the damn movies..

where exactly can you purchase these BAM things... i have been so over the breezies lately...

Denzel does nothing for me either and I have always said that. He's an average looking black man... nothing about him is gorgeous or extemely sexy. Now he can act... and has some luscious lips but besides that... I aint feeling it.

I too want twins but dont want to carry them. identical twin boys that are so identical that I cant even tell them apart...

Vivica does look nice... I guess she finally realized her lips were big enough and she doesnt need to be injecting them with anything

Ok... thats all I can remember at the moment...

Have a good week girly

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Eclectic to the max. But I’m here witchu.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

PS: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). I am PASSIONATE about this issue and I’m determined to do my part to help educate as many people as possible. Please join me in spreading the word. Sexual violence must stop

Post a comment.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Damn, Dejanae, what the hell is going on in your head. Dildoes? C'mon now.

Your pussy is allegic to stupidity...That was just funny. Caught me completely off guard. You know you need Jesus, right? No more randomness for you, young lady.

T.R.E.N.T. said...

wow at the randomness... but i bet you didnt know that green frogs love lima beans... LOL. scream at me

MsRoxy said...

"u first motherfucker"
laughing my a** off.

Jinta said...

ok, that was totally random, but i hear you on halle, dont see her as so hot.

for denzel, could it be bocos he's one of the few half-decent blacks in movies apart from wesley? just my opinion.

went thru your album. makes a man want to commit, however, are you ever without your camera?

Brittany_83 said...

I blog on the weekends. Shit I blog everyday. I guess that means I def don't have a life.

dejanae said...

jewells: A surrogate?
thats interesting
u betta than me
i aint goin thru all that just to have give the tyke to other folk
i think id become to emotionally invested

i really have no damn life
for real
stop talkin bout my man bastard

im indecisive about it too
i mean one.i think i can handle
two parasites feeding off me?
dont know bout that one

and yet again
folk prove that they cant/wont follow directions
im sad

his charm n walk huh?
if u say so
I left the body alone.She putin a lot of hard work to look like that *cringe*
im more mad at the bootleg spray tan that couldnt reach her feet or her damn face

im just

yall really need to stop this mess
If i aint seen it, i aint believin it
we are seein eye to eye on the other stuff

i need some extra motivation
ummm hon
ima just take ur word on the anal

went back into the gym and im feelin it
but hey .....gotta get it right and

oops.sorry bout that

What it do ollster?

who's the famous person?
u cant just spring that on me then leave me hangin

im just sayin...
i aint got time to be dealin with that mess
what im'posed to do with someone i can't hold a decent conversation with?

maybe i should move it off to the side then

thnx man

i see u's gotta lil freak inya

i thought u said u was gon leave it alone tho.*grimace*

too true

i mean..if he thinks its so fun, why dont he try it out?
think i might just get that surrogate after all

hey. thats how the randomness flows
gotta learn to
u have a good week too

hey man
nice to see folk takin up a cause

what u talkin bout?
Jesus is my homie

what if i told u that not only did i know that green frogs love lima beans, i also know that they love to drink beer while doin the souljah boy dance?

dejanae said...

sorry ollie
forgot to bold ur name
aint nothin personal :p

wat'd i do?lol

ill take that as a compliment
but u coulda meant commit into a mental institution
maybe@ ur denzel theory
im mostly sans camera, hence the bootleg ghetto bathroom pics that comprise most of my album

welcome to the
we still hot tho

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

girl!!!u are a random hot azz mess..but i love it

halle was hottt when she was preganat,dayum

"my pussy's allergic to stupidity"-i aint mad, some people are just dumb.

u aint sad, whenevr you feel the need to blog, u blog.


!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

girl!!!u are a random hot azz mess..but i love it

halle was hottt when she was preganat,dayum

"my pussy's allergic to stupidity"-i aint mad, some people are just dumb.

u aint sad, whenevr you feel the need to blog, u blog.


DollFace said...

You know damn well that chick's not carring twins...more like a house!

That line about blonde hair...hil-fcuking-larious!!!

Who is dude in the first pic?

Jackie Edwards said...

Dejanae you are too funny!! Damn the Aboriginees with the blonde hair; you fell off the top bunk and didn't wake up??? LOL!!; that bodybuilding chick looked HORRIBLE so for all the people who have told me that I should get into bodybuilding, NO WAY IN HELL!!!; and just for the record there's nothing wrong with blogging on the weekends:) Like the music on here too....

Freaky Deaky said...

The Halle Berry from the movie Swordfish could definitely get seven different ways. She does have a crazy, princess vibe though.

I wonder when more people will realize that Denzel pretty much plays the same role in 90% of his movies?

I definitely plan to ruin a chick's figure with pregnancy one day. If it's not the weight gain then she better pray the kid(s) doesn't have my pussy ripping head. LOL

lea78 said...

What are we going to do with you? I swear you are one funny chick. I loves this spot. I don't have any off the wall questions, but how in the heck do you come up with this stuff

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

you have me DYING!!!! where do you come up with this stuff? the aborigene crack was too funny!! i almost spit out my beverage at the fake wanger pic (WHOA!) will is sexy, but denzel has a sophisticated, grown @$$ distinguished thing happening. i think halle has a natural beauty that is appealing...whereas a lot of chicks only look good all made up full of weaves and fake stuff. now her acting??? i won't speak on that....

dejanae said...

random hot azz mess?
i'll take
look at u tryna make me feel better about my pathetic social

thats Aries (Kevin Smith) from the show Xena Warrior Princess

that bodybuilding chick
she went hella overboard
not all bodybuilding folk come out lookin like that tho
atleast one person's listening to the playlist

freaky deaky:

mindless rambling is my

hey the dildo visual was meant to accentuate the
i will give halle that
she looks just as good dressed down as she does all glammed up

1/3 of what I used to be said...

It feels like I havent been over here in forever!

LMAO at you first. Ya damn right! I think these guys need to know how it really feels lol

I think Halle Berry is pretty but like you said she aint all that lol. She looks kinda disturbed sometimes lol

I echo your sentiments about Denzel. He has an incrediable acting swag but thats about it.

BELIEVE dont want twins. Cute thought..but imagine two screaming babies at once. Not a good look lol

I feel off a top bunk once. I wish I could of slept through that pain lol

LOL @ anonynmous comment day. look at you trying to start trouble lol

karrie b. said...

damn im late.

quite possibly the most convoluted post i've ever read.

do u have a vibrator? just wondering.

smh @ viv's nose job...a mess.

i like denzel. i'd take dick in the booty from him anyday.



dejanae said...

i was tryna start some drama
but aint noone took me up on my offer

i aint got no toys mattafact
lol@that denzel comment