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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Refried Beans

It's valentines day and seeing as how a bk chick is inexplicably single
I don't give a damn about this bullshit holiday
no predictable v-day post
dont go catchin no v-day v.d. aight?(venereal disease for yall who don't know)
get yall some condoms and enjoy

This was my very first post
im serving it up again
hence the Refried Beans thing

Yeah im being lazy
u'll survive

Why don't you loosen up that grip? Listen bastard if you don't like my handshake don't shake my damn hand. that simple. I'm not breakin no bones. I just come with the firm handshake bcuz one, it lets u know i'm a serious person and two it means i actually see ur ass and it's not some bootleg piece of shit i give to evryone passing thru. The day i give you a weak handshake is the day i stop caring. To me it's like a kiss. no fucking kissing the air by your cheek type shit. Just do it.

You know that aggressiveness is why your ass is single right? maybe so dumbass, but if some guys have a problem with it then obviously they're not the one for me. What the hell ima look like playing a character, some caricature of what i think a man wants? So tell me this douchebag, what the fuck ima do afterwards? keep up the damn charade? You know all that frustration is gon let loose some way. Next thing you know i'm in jail cuz i killed the man and you know i'm blaming your ass for that mess.

Why do you dress like that?
So you wanna dress like a party's gon jump off in ur 9:30 am women's lit class and wear heels everyday. that's fine. i dress like this because sweats or shorts and a tee are comfortable . That simple. mattafact i've just gotten ova the wearing-your-pajama-pants-out the-house phase 2 years ago. When that shit comes back, ima be all ova it. Besides i don't see the need to dress up unless it's a special occasion or something. When that happens i do it up. people swear just cuz i dress laidback (ok maybe bummy is more appropriate) most of the time, that must mean i don't have a sense of style then bastards wanna act all shocked when i come thru lookin nice.

Why do you wear high heels? Why the fuck is your 4 foot two inch ass wearing them? yeah continue to ask dumb questions. Maybe cuz my ass wanna be a few inches taller also. Oh, im already tall? so wat maybe i like looking down at your ass and the further up i rise, the further i get away from ur bullshit. Shoot they're cute and if i'm gonna dress up only once in a while, i betta give you a show

Are you gay? No and i'm not confused neither. I'm strictly dickly baby. However the simple fact that i aint tryna talk to you doesn't mean i'm not interested in men as a whole. oh and the clothes and 'aggressiveness'....refer to above

Really? I don't look Haitian huh? so tell me wat's a Haitian supposed to look like and try to explain without coming off sounding like a dumbass. You can't huh? yeah next time just shut up

Why do you laugh like that? niccah, why do you fart like that? yeah i know i sound like i'm chokin on a grown man. It's just the way shit comes out. so now u want me to come with a fake laugh too.

Why don't you go out with him? Now your girl doesn't really have a type per se but we all have our standards, some lower than others but we got them. So you want me to get ova the fact that he's 3 and 3/4 " shorter than me (god forbid i say 4), is dumber than shit, can't hold a decent conversation to save his life and on top of that i got a good 30 pounds on him. I don't care that he has a cute face. oh really you think he's all that. why u foisting his skinny ass off on me then?

8 public opinion:

Don said...

Funny post, Dejanae. lol. Snap mode.

Happy Valentines Day. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I am dead and dying at these stupid ass questions, when I first got here from Venezuela motherfuckers ASKED me dead serious if we had elephants and giraffes in there... the ESOL teacher verbally slapped the shit out the folk that asked

eclectik said...

Didn't know what to expect.
Pleasantly surprised.

Pretty entertaining.

Said I would come and you did not disappoint

...this post good.
Some things are such a shame.


Rashan Jamal said...

So basically... dont ask you no stupid questions. LOL @ refried beans.

Anonymous said...

This Keep It Real moment has been brought to you by A Cool Glass of Dejanade.

Good shit!

Caesar Cannon said...

I admit that I ask dumb questions like this, only when the conversation is lame and I want to try to start a new topic... mostly try to avoid it though, especially when ppl ask ME stuff like that

marky said...

I love the art and layout of your blog. You have beautiful lips. Sade 'Lovers Live' dvd is what Ilike.

dejanae said...

i aint really enjoy it but thats neither here nor there

i'm sayin tho...
why folk so stupid?

look who dropped by
even tho i had to strongarm u

is that too much to ask?
refried beans. what u no like?

dont know no ther way man

stop doin that dumb mess immediately

gracias, thnx and i see u got good taste