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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


it was

her soul beckoning to him across the room
can you feel me ? it said
and just like that he turned his head
as if his spirit could sense her
as if .....
with one glance he could tempt her

that he did

cuz she felt the pull, the attraction
and tho she didn't believe in love at first sight she definitely could imagine
date one: poetry reading then drinks
where they would discuss their favorite authors,
reminisce on common memories
lost in
of a shared yet singular experience

year two:anniversary dinner
dim lights and daises
cuz he'd know she hated roses since.......

since she hated roses
never really knew why

10 years later
3 kids
Isaiah, Charisma
and Malachi cuz she's always loved that name

"excuse me,is this seat taken?"
and just like that
daydream broken
or maybe
it was just beginning

Or maybe i wake the hell up and realize i'm not the lead character in a romance novel. I think people may be a bit unrealistic in what they expect of others sometimes. In real life, i've never had an immediate connection with someone off of a look. I don't buy into that love at first sight crap. NOT FRIGGIN POSSIBLE. That aint love playa, that's lust, interest, what have you. but it aint love. Next: honestly, he probably wouldn't remember that i hate roses. He'd just step through with them and i'd give him the wtf face and he'd be all like "watd i do?". Dumb motherfucker i told you two years ago i hated roses. puahahahaha
That poetry reading and drinks thing sounds hella sexy to me. Now drinks for me literally means a beverage. I don.t 'drink'. well not really.
I do love those names: Charisma. Isaiah. Malachi
I know i say i want 10 kids (if finances allow) but i figure 3 of my own is enough plus throw in some foster and adoptive kids and i'm good to go.
Now lemme see what dude is gon try and tell me i can't have my 10 kids. Nuccah please i told you that on day 1 and now that we married you tryna renege on the deal. Get outta here. NO 4real. GET OUT.Oh u aint tryna hear me. OKAY THEN. Malachi, Charisma, Isaiah. grab ur bags. We takin a trip. Daddy's actin a damn fool today. puahahahaha

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mp1 said...

why can't life really work like that? and putting the dude out???? that's classic!