Music: vernacular of the soul


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


ingesting remnants of carcasses
swallowed pride
force fed excrement they tried to pass off as a five star meal
as the lies make their way down your throat
their testicles in your mouth
purificationas digested lies give birth
to expelled truths
Guantanimo Bay
Abu Ghraib
cover ups exposed
like her
garments ripped from her body
14 years old
acts committed too horrible for the merciful to comprehend
as others who have borne this pain and legacy
look down from heaven
heads shaking and arms spread
to accept another into their fold
11-year-old girl from Kosovo
12-year-old Okinawa girl
when the keepers of peace
cant be trusted not to shatter it
violated under cover of fire
blasts like fireworks on that fourth setting of the moon
on that 7th month
smoke clears
bodies strewn
count them
each one an attempt at sin hidden
torture chambers become life
and life seems the lesser choicewhen the question is posed:
life or death?
chambers of semi automatic guns, like dragons,
spitting steel-tipped fire
memories of steel-tipped boots
grounding your face into the dirt as the cries of the inhumane plague your sanity
grains of rock dig into sun-kissed flesh
son kissed flesh
marring the beauty that God did create
threat of death looming low overhead like a noose
ring of rope
destroyer of hope
or so they think
reaching for you like a lasso
determined to snare souls
round them up like cattle
their own special branding
bodies dragged behind beds of pick-up trucks
badges and ink-black sky offer all the cover needed
disfigured, marred beauty
head, neckfound miles from mangled torso
can't quite make out how handsome he used to be
my boy James
Deeds of the souless
celebrated at tables where Lucifer dines with men
fields where the spirits of the deceased do battle with forces of evil
no rest for souls of the dead who perished in fits of rage over injustice
apparitions of the long gone and long forgotten
yearning for the Lord's vengeance against
masters of evil
axis of evil
a turn of phrase
subjugate a people
strange bedfellows they make:justice and torture
clandestine affairs
secrets released,
like whispers
into the ears of harlots

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mp1 said...

It's official. The Department of Homeland Security will be standing at the door of your flat in a few moments...

But I'm speechless at the way you can string that poetry together. That's hot.

Check out Lupe Fiasco's American Terrorist. I think you'd like it