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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am legend

Yeah i know i said today was gon b part II of yahoo messenger edition


sue me if u wanna
just letting you know right now
i'm broke as all hell


I came in late last night
i know
I went to go see I AM LEGEND
Another armageddon, end of the world, zombie, last man standing film
(There really are like 15 million of those types of films out there)
I will say that i enjoyed the movie altho since I love Will Smith, I may be biased.
Who moved Fred??lmao

I am a sucker when it comes to emotional shit
I will be that one person crying in the movie theatre
I will be that heifa in the corner crying at the feed the children commercials
(hey atleast i ain't Tenacious. She cries at Finding Nemo. Actually maybe i should take that back. I haven't seen it yet. I might just cry)
I will be reading a book
put it down when i get to a good scene
stand up infront of my damn mirror
and act that shit out

I had quite the imagination when i was younger
ummm don't tell anyone but i had about 10 imaginery friends
well more like alter negros
like i could talk to them or become them
sort of like Sybil meets the exorcist

I am however, a tad eccentric

I talk to myself far more often then i should
(I could play doctor Phil for a second and go into how my troubled youth caused me to develop these imaginery friends in leu of the real thing)
but that's a story for another day

I was once addicted to reading
not to say I don't still love to read, but honestly when i went two days without reading a new book, i would exhibit withdrawal symptoms
I'd get irritable
I'd curse the old books i had talkin bout: why couldn't you be that book i saw at Barnes and Nobles the other day DAMN YOU!!!!
I'd get frustrated when the library wasn't open
Construction my ass. Yall couldn't wait til i got ahold of some new books first

I love PBS
It brought me such all time faves as:
ShiningTime Station
Sesame Street
Antiques Roadshow
Masterpiece Theatre
Don't front like yall aint watch the Puzzle Place
the list goes on

Goonies never say die!!!!!!!
wat yall know bout dat??lol

Teen Witch
Madame Serena
i used to try to do that voice
again. i am sane
speaking of that short old lady
I loved her in Poltergeist
man i gotta watch that again

Since i'm on movies
The Shining was that shit
did yall see the Simpson's episode of that ?lol
man i love the Simpsons


I may be just a lil too old to be afraid of the dark
Maybe afraid is too strong. Just uh ummmm anxious???Like i'll look into the shadows and logically i know its a plant but that shit looks an awful lot like an alien and it wouldn't kill me to run past it real quick just in case it did turn out to be an alien. Yao Ming???

Speaking of aliens,
i think i was ready to believe my cousin when she said i had been kidnapped by aliens and experimented on because
1 I had that faint line running down my stomache thing
2 i'd get migraines often
3 they would sometimes be accompanied by ringing in my ears
4 i was a weird child
5 i always felt outta place

me being abducted by aliens really didn't sound that farfetched to me
I mean it was on Unsolved Mysteries sheesh

hasta manana

3 public opinion:

mp1 said...

I got the day to myself with no internet access @ home (Curses to AT&T). I think I might go do the matinee thing and catch that.

Oh and all of htem alter negro friends...well damn....I guess you are just a bit eccentric. That's cool with me though. There's a lot of stuff about me that would make people go hmmmmm. Thanks for feeling the need to let us know that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.

I'm addicted to books now. People go and spend all this money on clothes and other items. I just go and cop hella books.

Seriously, dont really know about the puzzle place. when the computer's back up, i'll youtube it.

Them aliens just might've got a hold of you....

PAJNSTL said...

I'm one of those emotional chics too... will tear up in a hot minute.

~~ That's why I got the B+ LOL~~

Invisible Woman said...

sweet :-)