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Saturday, December 29, 2007

random tandem

stupid people
cant fuckin standem
They gon have a bk chick making wind catch her caution
get it?
throw caution to the wind

I learned half my fight moves from Power Rangers son
yall know yall tried to reenact them fight scenes too. don't front

Ballys versus Golds gym
who wins?
ballys all day evryday

I got a few doppelgangers strollin the street
people swear they see me places i know i haven't been
or they try to act like they know me from somewhere. I have an excellent memory. I don't know your ass. How the hell u gon ask me if i'm sure i'm not so and so? How the fuck i'm not supposed to know who i am??!!!!!

I used to watch America's Most Wanted hoping i'd catch someone familiar on there.
Was looking to see if any of the folk i couldnt stand were fugitives. Kill three birds with one stone
get rid of someone i cant stand
perform a public service
maybe get a reward
hey. im just sayin.......

Do you know all the words to the COPS themesong
bad boys bad boys what u gonna do what u gonna do when they come for you
ricky nah ricky nah ricky
ricky nah ricky nah rick ron rick
those are the words cuz i say so

so i actually listened to the words
what the hell is: You chuck it on that one
You chuck it on this one
You chuck it on mother and You chuck it on you father
You chuck it on you brother and You chuck it on you sister
You chuck it on that one and you chuck it on me

What the hell they chuckin???!!!

I have two playlists
why? u ask.Because i can do that. I'm Diana
nah.4 real tho
1 is 4 when i wanna mellow out
other is 4 when i wanna go hard

im thinkin bout adding a 3rd playlist
music i might not otherwise admit to listening to like:
cher, patrick swayze, spice
singin: 'do you believe in life after love? i can feel something inside me say i really dont think you're strong enough. '
or how bout:'Can't break my heart. My achy breaky heart. Yall know yall was jammin to that one.
ima call the playlist 'I Don't Give A Fuck'
i'll probably add that tomorrow

half the blog views are me checkin out myself

ever made the devil sell u his soul?
ever dance with the devil in a pale moonlight?
ever danced on a car roof?
had sex on a car roof?

the dancin on the roof of car thing i gotta do. Now if only i can find the idiot willing to let me do it.
Do a bootleg music video to 'dancing in the street' and post that shit to youtube

Apparently i'm real late on the Prince tip
I used to just think of him as a poor man's Michael Jackson
never gave lil man a chance

but Darling Nikki is my jam
I knew a girl named nikki
I guess u could say she was a sex fiend
I met her in a hotel lobby
Masturbating with a magazine
She said howd u like 2 waste some time
And I could not resist when I saw little nikki grind

Who masturbates with a magazine tho?

10 public opinion:

Tenacious said...

Lemme just gone head and add you to my blog roll because I really should be laughing this hard so early in the day!!!!!

mp1 said...

Purple rain....that's another one that I havent seen through to the conclusion. I really have no interest in it.

And as far as the blog counter, 10 percent of those views are prolly from me. I'm scraight stalking the spot.

And I was really looking hard into that "throwing caution to the wind" statement. I guess I was reading too deep

Don said...


You have me cracking up with your America Most Wanted comments. Get rid of someone I don't like. Too funny.

And I cannot lie -- I wondered why you had two playlist. Yeah, I see now that you can definitely do that.

The old Prince was a master. After all these years and I finally came across my own personal Darling Nikki.

Don said...

@ mp1: Love Jones and now Purple Rain. You have to check him out, dawg. Good flicks.

Ms. Lee said...

*waving* Hey Dejanae. Saw you @ Tenacious's spot and I'm glad I popped in!

Who masturbates with a magazine tho?
LMAO. Probably most dudes did b4 internet and keyboard strokes became the rage. LOL

I'll be around!

dejanae said...

hey ten. took u long enuff 2 get ur ass back 2 postin

mad-dad good look on the 10%

don-like i said man
im diana
that means im special
found urself a chic that masturbates in hotel lobbies?
good luck wit that

hey Ms. Lee
thnx 4 stoppin by
dont b a stranger

PAJNSTL said...


Minerva Exertion said...

Checking the site out. Loved "random tandem" especially the America's Most Wanted statement. I thought about the same thing when I see surveillance videos on the news. LOL

I think you should add the playlist and dance like Tom Willis from the Jeffersons.

Skoolboi Krush said...

"How the fuck i'm not supposed to know who i am??!!!!!"

Classic! LMAO

dejanae said...

hey paj.glad to amuse u

minerva. hon. how bout a raincheck on that dancin like tom willis. that aint a good look.i aint tryna lose no cool points.

krush. i mean 4 real tho. who asks a dumbass question like that?