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Friday, December 28, 2007

rhymes revisited

you hear that beep son ?
it aint no motherfuckin test
thats his heart goin into cardiac arrest
swore he was invincible so could always....
beat the best, walked the streets at night but said in death he'd get his rest
and now here he rests
or should i say his body
cuz his soul is still troubled left behind his brother Robby, middle name be 'rob me', always the life of the party and
til day light hours little man be partyin
track lines on his arm covered by his cardigan, seen Juvy four times don't know when he'll see his dad again
and when he'll meet the man again
cuz the last time he set his eyes on him, they was cartin dad away
coulda sworn blue demons took him or at four thats wat he'd say
screamin 'leave my daddy be' 'why yall takin him away?'
seems we've come full circle ,prophecy fulfilled
they say the sins of the father be on his son's head
curse revisited so .....
three generations dead

she's the stuff of fables
her feats
they spawn legends
round one got u fell out on the floor knock out punch deckin
words headed towards you construction ball wreckin
metaphors like creatine ugrade my muscle flexin
then sprout feet poundin pavement my words hit the street
shizophrenic tendencies got you
back checkin,paranoia sets in and
i deprive u of ur lifeline leech blood letting
let the shit settle and watch ur face as it sets in
silk beset by sangria sweat shop reminiscin
life of the forgotten, the needle as it slips in
London 57 nights.
Nazi's blitzin
got folk runnin for cover as shrapnel hitsem
life be fucked up but truth is... when u did some
fucked up shit, karma's gon be that bitch that kills some
and for mils some niggas will do just about any shit
including selling out they fam like crackheads lookin for a hit
i figure ima be kovorkian
hand them death cooled over quick

rock my basketballshorts, tees, tennis shoes
hard to find the cute shit when ur a
ten in shoes but
dont be fooled
i aint always on my leisure
flashing lights shine bright and trigger epileptic seizures
got medics on the sidelines tryna come and relieve ya
first name jane. last: doe. middle: DOA believe ya ...
aint noone payin their respects,nobodies tryna come and see u
sent u on a voyage to india via
my girl arie
where u lived as an untouchable so i put you out ur misery
hit you wit the hardlines between the eyes ...deadly marksman
sniper shot from 30 stories high cuz ur a marked man
100 witnesses tryna figure how u got deceased
rolled away on a gurney black bag zipped over white sheet
got ur spirit tryna walk backwards and hit that backspace/delete
rewind to that second just before ur body hit the street
inevitable demise,
kamikaze pilot sweaty palms with vise tight clenched eyes,
figured things too late like bush administration lies and
government coups staged by CIA spies
enemies of yesterday turned tomorrow's allies. only trust half of wat u see.the rest?
assume are lies
but instead u saw what u wanted Like your name was rorshacke and before the ink could even dry was clear you'd never be comin back
Louie G flying over the bermuda triangle man fell off the radar track
like Casey Sheehan never returning from his deployment in iraq

notice nything different?
hows the new playlist?

I have to get my poetry game back up
have 15 million unfinished craps
i need inspiration

i think ima go bald next summer
said i was gon do it this summer but that didnt pan out
i was waitin on gettin the body right first

Kenya Moore is who i wanna be when i grow up
her body is bangin

speaking of bangin
why are folk still gangbangin?
some guys will bang anything
i rock bangs often

know wat song is in my head?
Passin Me By

goal 4 next semester is a 4.0

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mp1 said...

some ppl will bang anything! tsk tsk tsk. holla @ greg about that. lol.

and you're a fool for the bang comment(s)

when you gonna pass some of that poetic talent. Ur just selfish, I tell ya.