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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ramblings of a Lunatic

i want to
i need to
touch you
extra sensory perception
as the thought of you overwhelms my senses
leaves me overwhelmed at the magnitude of your
your very presence
left quivering
rendered mute
unable to speak
as i play over in my mind like my favorite movie scene
the things i can imagine you doing to me
and i could
i could explain to you in great detail how
the very sound of your feet
has me holding my breath
quickens my pulse and sends blood racing through my veins at light speed
how a look from you has me imagining silk sweat drenched sheets
bodies writhing to instinctive primal beats
How a glance at your lips calls to mind passionate kisses
of lovers through time
walks along shores under moonlight
engaged in conversation
where we relay life's hopes, ambitions,
fears, uncertainties
worries, dreams
your way with words so sweet
i can taste them
must be ambrosia from the heavens
like blessings sent from God to the tip of your tongue
and i swear he sent you just so i can hear them
when you open your mouth to speak
I linger in anticipation
of orgasmic elation brought to fruition by your
skill and your diction
elliciting out of body experiences
where you take me on flights of fancy
make me want to paint an image with words of how
i would love for your very essence
to run through me like the Nile
love forging on its banks like civilizations
how if only i could delve into you like the depths of an ocean under dark skies
scour the shelves of your mind
seeking to find all things that will bind us in space
and time


the random

i did not know aunt viv had moves like that. did yall catch that episode where she was turning 40? she kilt that dance audition!!

I was always the lil smart kid who'd ruin the cartoon viewing experience. I know bout gravity niccah.

why the fuck are they up in the air until they look down. Then whynahell after the first 500 times they run off a cliff, dont they just k.i.m. ?? Stop fuckin lookin down idiot!!!!

geek to chic?? all they did was let a bitch's hair down, throw a new dress on her, then remove her glasses
go get a really ugly person and do that shit

speaking of glasses. That superman shit is dumb as hell. Dude don't got a mask on or nothin. He just
change clothes
then go

dumb ass disguises/ alter ego scenarios get on my nerves. Superman.Hanah Montana. I know that's u friggin idiots!!!!

Going into the witness protection program kinda sounds fun to me. Get a new name, new birthday (ima celebrate the real and fake one), move the hell away and have a perfectly good reason not to contact idiot family members
not a bad deal
not bad at all
i bet u that one broke ass family member we all got is gon find me tho. Gon show up on my front step askin 4 money. Niggah the mafia couldnt find me but ur 33 year old 3rd grade reading level ass fount(yes i said fount) me in two days. Go help the friggin gov't find Osama. leave my ass alone. Oh hell naw!!! How u gon threaten to out me if i dont lend you 3,ooo dollars???I got u tho. good thing i carry round this firearm huh? *gun shot* you was only a 5th cousin nyway.

stop snitchin?

fuck u
ima be that bitch that snitch
lead them right to ur door
no shame in my game
ima air u out on national tv. let ur dumbass try to kill me. you gon be supecto numero uno playah.

embarassing playlist to be posted on monday

who's the boss?

Tony Danza?? get outta here. You know it's me
Tony can be my white chocolate sidekick
singin" Hold me closer Tony Danza"
Tell me why i honestly thought that's what Elton John was singin?
Then imagine my utter dismay when i found out it was actually 'hold me closer tiny dancer'.
like the tony danza better.

better luck wit the next chic
yes i know u think i should be flattered. You pssssssed me from across the street. I mean why couldnt i realize the privilege u bestowed upon me? Then you saw it fit to cross the street and try to talk to me. OH. the other 3 girls u just tried to get at? oh they weren't special like me huh?Why should i get offended that you commented on my ass before u could even see my damn face? oh so now ima bitch cuz i'm ignoring u huh? hold up aint no need to go callin me names playa. I never said i was alladat. Your dumbass invaded my three feet of personal space. Ain't nobody call u over.Rather be an ugly bitch than a dumb bitch tho and i'd definitely be the dumbest thing walkin if i even considered your ignorant ass.

ever had a stalker?

til death do us part niggah
wanna smell my fart niggah
stalkin, poppin out the bushes
restraining order ass nigga
future serial killer
night stalker
richard ramirez ass niggah

'yeah big daddy
push ur seed in my bush 4 life'
for real tho
how would that sound?

you know somebody's gon go and name their child 'rock and roll' off that joint

7 public opinion:

mp1 said...

snitchin....not a good look....but if you got beef, by all means go right ahead.

how does this gravity stuff work in real life? please do explain. If I run off a cliff, but don't look down, the law is suspended, right??

If I put glasses on you wouldnt be able to tell the difference, either. Trust. That's the bestest disguise ever. Superman was a genius. I'm gonna go commit some crimes with some glasses on. Watch how I get away with it.

So I'm gonna call you Mrs Tont Danza from now on. puhahahahaha

Mimi Jackson said...

"Aunt Viv" was a professional dancer before she was an actress -- and a great one, apparently.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Forget MP1, I like what you said about snitchin'. Imma rat a sucker out. Hell, I might save a life or two. And don't let them put a bounty your head, because you know it's over then.

Aunt Viv did tear up that dance routine. I hated when they took her off the show. The other aunt was never quite right.

You went random, for real, on this post. Of course this is my first trip to your site and I didn't read the other postings yet.

Anyway, I enjoyed my stay. Hope you have a Blessed and safe New Year.

Oh, and don't be hating on Superman, damn it!

Tenacious said...

OK first....HOTTT poem. Sista had to fan herself right quick

*dead* @ Cousin finding you in witness protection. Trust the crackhead of the fam will find you...and steal your dvd while you're @ it

*sigh* @ stop snitching. I'm so tired of that ish...esp. when people don't even know the proper def. of "snitching"

Superman was lame...I think my 6 year cousin would know the diff. b/w clark kent/superman.

girl you are hilarous!!!

dejanae said...

"I'm gonna go commit some crimes with some glasses on. Watch how I get away with it."
Your dumbass probably would. Go 'head. Let me know how that works out 4ya
x the Mrs Tony Danza
im the friggin headliner of this show
call Tony Danza Mr. Dejanae

mimi thnx 4 the trivia
tell me why i tried to do that dance tho?
i just looked stupid as all hell

one man's opinion: Who you tellin? that otha aunt was not the bizness.

i'm always random. It's the schizo release

this here is my house playa. i can hate on who i want, including your precious idiot superhero

ten: thnx 4 the poetry love

*sigh* @ stop snitching. I'm so tired of that ish...esp. when people don't even know the proper def. of "snitching"


Keli said...

LOL! I was just talking about Aunt Viv and the dance audtion episode...she killed the audition, then she felt it afterwards...kinda like me and all that dang Hammer Dancing. lol

You don't want to just walk to the end of the block topless? ha!

dejanae said...

how bout u take it easy wit the hammer moves
then try the topless thing
Tell me how it works out forya