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Friday, December 21, 2007

Touch it. bring it, babe

touch me


touch me in the morning

a prayer she'd say each night as her eyes would close
and her soul would hope
that those who took comfort in her parted thighs
silk mahogany that drove men to ecstasy under cover of night
might just once
take the time to realize that she just
to be held

just wanted to know what it would be like
what it would....
feel like
to know someone had stayed
cared enough to hold her thru the night
and be there to

touch her in the morning

to know the feel of flesh against her own
awakening to the sun clear on the horizon and have someone beside her
and not drift out of her life like

every man she's ever known


if you could just
touch her in the morning
cuz she's grown sick and tired of

being alone


the randomness:

I'm mad that noone commented on my last post

i want to adopt my first child

i am the first of 3 kids

i love kids
they usually love me back (except for this one lil boy wit psychotic tendencies. Don't really care if the serial killers of tomorrow don't like me tho. On second thought...)

i have a way with animals. Stop just short of being a beastmaster. Yall can call me Dar if u want.

Although technically i can cook, i'd rather shoot myself in the foot first
or have you cook for me

Candyman is the only good black horror villain i can think of

My brother sleep walks. the bastard be lookin all possessed and shit comin into my room at 2 in the morning talkin bout "I don't know where the gargoyles are. Think they went to the gas station." No lie. That's what he just said

speaking of Gargoyles, I had the illest crush on Goliath
tall: check
dark: check
handsome: check
the fact that he wasn't human didn't phase me one bit
i was just waitin for that loincloth to go flyin up
still waitin

why are folk still committing crimes? Don't they watch CSI?

Who else has seen the Puzzle Place?

XENA was fifteen million times better than HERCULES!!!!! That nuccah was too soft

Aries could get it!!!!!!over and over and.....

I think i'm the hotness after 9 PM
be feelin all sexy and

Is sex really all that ?
I mean come on
folk be losin they mind over it
I aint had it and i'm good
well before 9PM that is

4 public opinion:

mp1 said...

u like Aries, huh?? well, that's my zodiac ;)lol

The cat from the Gargoyles could get it? woooooooow. that's sounding kind of dugongish to me imo.

and to the last's cool, but i aint losing my mind over it. but that's just me. what do i know?

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Who knew Gargoyles flock to gas stations? He probably doesn't believe he sleepwalks. Record that ish one day.

Is Sexy really all that? I'm sure Eric Benet would have a good answer for that one.

First timer here but I'll be back.

PAJNSTL said...

you took it waaaay back with Gargoyles... That was one of my Favorite shows.

I'm the oldest of 3...lately it seems like the only sane one out the bunch! LOL

SongDynasty said...