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Thursday, December 27, 2007


so i got this buddy and we were having an im convo
and he's like TMI girl just logged in. Apparently this chick likes to volunteer when she's in various stages of undress outta nowhere
He's like: if she's not volunteering any pics, why bother?
She just sounds extra to me
talkin bout it's hot she gotta take some shit off.SMH

so here's the TMI randomness:
u probly wont give a damn but oh well

one of my eyelids is larger than the other

i have freckles on the right side of my face

one of my legs is about a quarter inch longer than the other

i have the dumbest eyebrows. Them shits are sparse as hell

the first time i drank hot chocolate i threw up. never touched that shit again

i dont shave my legs. so what? u got a problem? fuck you then

i stepped on the scale today. it read 187

i rarely smile. i either laugh or look my regular bored self

ima size ten in shoes if you wanna get me a late christmas present

i used to pull out my eyelashes. dont ask why. i dont friggin know

I bootleg run cuz im tryna get ready for a marathon
chafing is a mother. my inner thighs from mid thigh level up is a shade darker than the rest
now i rock bike shorts under my sweats. shoulda been got them.
I don't get it. Folk bigger than me don't have this damn problem
I'm gon step up my training game for 08
said i was gon do the ING new york in 08. Ive ammended it to 09
i aint tryna mess around and die
Don't care if i'm last just gotta finsh that shit. Actually. I Lied. i would be mad if i was last. folk starin and shit. talkin bout hurry the hell up.OR WORSE: the pity applause.i' d b like shut the fuck up condescending bastards!!!

Aliens are among us and one of them goes to my gym

so im in the locker room getting changed to get the hell outta there and this new chick is in there getting ready to start her workout. She's hella toned,no stetchmarks in sight, makeupless but her skin is clear as all hell. The pretty motherfucker had me hating. Then the bitch had the nerve to smile at me and say hey like i know her from somewhere. Take your hey somewhere else!!!I aint tryna be your damn friend.Fuckin Alien drone. Next thing you know she gon wanna be workout partners. Fastforward and we chillin and shit. Im bout to sound real shallow, but i'm not tryna be the proverbial ugly friend. Yall know wat i'm talkin bout.

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All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

only an alien would know their eye lids are different sizes LOL u had me rolling hon

mp1 said...

Ole girl needs a webcam or sumthin....jus saying.

And why you gotta be spewing venom at the hot gym chick? That's not a good look!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and LMAO @ the scale reading 187.

Maria said...

lmao @ "fuckin alien drone" and not wanting to be the "proverbial ugly friend."

I know exactly what you mean! you ain't hatin; you're just keepin it real.

John "JP" Pickens said...

I heart you and your blog