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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

random tandem

Nature Valley honey and oats granola bars are crack

I'm so friggin glad the semester's about to be done. School is getting on my damn nerves

Still not sure what route i'm takin

i think that cocoa butter crap is a myth. I been using it and the scars on my legs are still friggin there from when i busted my ass on that treadmill

Somehow he couldn't understand the words NOT INTERESTED or when i said I'D RATHER BE GAY

I actually like workin out now

i still can't eat right for shit tho
speaking of eating and shit

that two girls one cup shit had me dyin (what the fuck were they on?)

I watched CNN'S: CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute
that shit had me crying
good and bad tears
had me contemplating what i wanna do with my life too

I always said i wanna have atleast two careers
one being teaching

I didn't workout as hard as i shoulda today
i was being a lazy muhfuka

i really wish i could sing
i'm a mediocre alto
aint got the pipes
destined to be in the choir
no solo here

I Just Want To Be Close To You-Maxi Priest has been stuck in my head all week

still single
i'm fine with that but if i'm writing the same shit 30 years from now it's gon be a problem

i have a number of shoes in my friggin closet that have never seen the light o day
i keep buying them anyway
i walk around the house with them tho
no. i'm not crazy

People don't seem to get my obsession with sweats
what more do i have to say

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mp1 said...

nature valley...they aiiight, but you need to get down with the kashi bars (especially the almond crunch) they straight banging!

maybe ole dude wanted a girl that would rather be gay....more fun for him! that might not work that often. coming from a man, you might wanna change that line up.

I still havent watched that two girls one cup stuff, but I gotta catch it some time.

you're not crazy????? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.