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Monday, December 17, 2007

love is just a word sometimes

is just
a word sometimes

just a word

said in the heat of passion
to be forgotten in those still moments after bodies stop shaking

a phrase told to a nine year old girl by her father whom she hasn't seen since her last birthday

used to soften the blow of a fist to the chest
thud not loud enough to mask the sound of her
spirit breaking

cuz love
is just
a word sometimes


I've loved folk never been in love tho. Hmm. wonder what that's like.
You know those crazy in love folk?
I just can't picture myself saying "if i can't have you noone will!!!!"
That's not a good look
why don't they just off their damn selves?
that or get a life

love is much more than words
if they're saying it but it does not translate into action, that shit doesn't count

I loved those Scholastic book order catalogue things
Nybody else remember that?

people use love too often
they got the meaning watered down
How u gon use the word to describe your feelings about those new pair of shoes then use the same word to profess devotion to someone?
Yeah i know i just did it

You know what i can't stand?
folk who confuse sex with love
folk who say "i love you" way too quickly
folk who spell luv like this
folk who go all out on Valentine's day
that Jamaican guy who stands on the corner in front of the betting place. Every time he sees me he's talkin bout how he loves me and is gon wife me up. Okay discounting the fact that he's short as hell and old enough to be my dad, what the hell is his no job having, stay living at the off-track betting shop, slurred speech having ass gon do for me? besides love and wife me up of course

like love, this word is used way too often
i do it too
i don't think i hate anyone tho
extremely dislike? yeah
despise even
but not hate
I don't understand how folk can hate someone who has little to no impact on their damn lives
Why hate celebrities. really tho
Who gives a fuck?

People who go on reality shows to find love, need to be shot!!!
I'm not advocating violence, but if one of them got a hit put out on them
i wouldnt be mad
i might even laugh
okay that might be too harsh
i'd just smile real quick

Not that any of you cared (well except for one person who was friggin paying attention)
The song that was on my mind from the last post was
George Michael's: Careless Whisper

how's the coolin out corner?
tunes too slow?
i might be getting ahead of myself by assuming you folk even pay attention to it

6 public opinion:

mp1 said...

love is a meaningless word, but a provocative action. Why say you love someone when it's so much better just to show them. I m with you...I could never get on that "If I can't have you, no one can" trip. I'll just show the person the deuce and be gone. There might be some sad feelings, but like all things it will pass

mp1 said...
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PAJNSTL said...

I'd much rather someone show me that they love me intstead of saying it. Saying it don't mean shit w/o the actions to back it up!

You took me back with the Scholastic book club!!! Remember the Book Program, where if you read so many books you got a Free Personal Pan from Pizza Hut? LOL

mp1 said...

And the coolin out corner sucks!!

Well, it prolly doesnt but since I cant see or hear it I'll say that. Curses to Firewalls!!!!

Sexy Patrice said...

I love this poem. I feel the meaning and thought you put into it.You give all young women the strength and opportunity to seek all that their hearts desire.It is without a doubt that God has blessed with the gift of words.Hopefully you use your new found gift for good and continually write from the heart because your work proves you do so.Again my dear keep doing what you do and always but God first.

Cody said...

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