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Monday, December 31, 2007

rhymes revisited

Mesmerized by his eyes
the way they follow me when i walk by
When he tells me that I
am the future that he envisioned
When he sees in me the beauty of long forgotten African queens
When he says i took away the sighs
and exclaims at how the span of my thighs
makes him sigh
in relief
that somehow, he gets to come home to me
His support system when he was going thru that grief
When he states that I, in my offering of comfort and solace
offered him the opportunity
Fell in love with his tongue
and no
not the way u may think
I fell in love with his wordplay before his foreplay
entranced by the spells he'd cast
with the words he'd say
things like
"your image is indelibly burned into my mind" as he smiles
seeing me naked for the very first time
held me close as i cried
whispers of "i love u. it'll be alright", when my grandfather died
In his eyes i find the fountain of youth
in his charming way says i get better with each day
"like a bottle of chardonnay?" i ask
no he laughs as he takes me to task
and clasps my hands in his
as his eyes find mine
"more like
every day i can imagine
spending one more eternity
multiplied eternally
in your embrace"
"like every moment past is one less moment we have to share
so i wanna make them last"
as he proceeds to
cherishing every curve
every line
as i stare into his eyes



come thru kickin lines extra potent
shit i'm invincible
competition can't see me like that 'blue magic'
100 percent pure got them foamin at the mouth like a crack addict waiting outside Betty Ford tryna beat that drug habit
flooding the streets like the second coming of God
episode two switched it up so it's...
Diana's Ark
and guess i'd be remiss if i aint warnem before i scornem
so my tablets
they prophecied my wrath before i even stepped onto this metaphysical plane
before my molecules could rearrange from ashes of greats and musings of the slain
it was written
She will descend upon this earth, a prophetess
upon her left shoulder bearing the mark of the phoenix
beware for her wrath descends upon the heads of her foe like swarms of locusts
it shall be done
so it is written


bought new shoes the other day
i really do need to stop buyin shoes. i dont go no damn where. Them shits are just sitting in the closet.

i have a keyboard, saxaphone, and bass guitar in my room. They've all been here for years. I have yet to master any of them.
Yet anotha resolution to add for 08

i just looked it up and it's saxophone. I always mispell it then forget which is the correct spelling

Sarcasm is sexy

dreds: sexy as all hell
old people: cool as shit
dark skinned brothers: my weakness
humor: gotta have it

an old, dark skinned dred-head tryna spit game is not fuckin sexy in the least!!!

you know what song is dumb as all hell?
that I Got it From My Mama shit!!!

what's the big deal?

It's legal for women to walk around topless in NYC

not my thing but im givin them chicks props
but i'm just thinking
maybe a construction site aint the best place to be chillin wit ur girls hangin out tho

ever walked outside barefoot?

running thru my head:

I always pick x in tic tac toe

i jumped double dutch yesterday
i am however, double handed at times

red light, green light 1,2,3 son

im beginning to think the 10 kids might be a bit too much of an undertaking
7 sounds like a good number

I think the Justice League could use 1 more
superhero name: Mclaren 4MULA1
Super powers: strength, speed, agility, bullshit detecting, morphing, telekinesis

Bret 'the Hitman' Hart
Hulk Hogan

those were the days
me and dad chillin in fronta the tube

9 public opinion:

Ali's Zay said...

I came here from Tenacious' blog. I like your writing. All the best in 2008.

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (

mp1 said...

ever walked around barefoot?
Hell, just this summer I raced my little sister in the middle of the street barefoot. That's those ghetto tendencies coming out of me.

Ultimate Warrior----that was my boy

you must've been reading my mind about the old, dark skinned, dread head. I was straight about to come with it

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

me like the first on a lot, dont stau out too late see u next year

dejanae said...

Happy New Year folk!!!!

ali's zay:
thnx for the blog hit
'preciate the compliment

wasnt nobody talkin bout no ultimate warrior tho.smh
and the barefoot racing is not a good look

the bad english and typos suggest that u wrote ur comment under the influence. I'll take that to mean
ur new years celebration got off to a good start
thnx 4 the compliment

guerreiranigeriana said...

...happy new years and thanks for checking me out...back in the states, safe and sound:) your page already!!...always a good sign when the playlist includes sade, maxwell and anita baker!!...what!!!...immediate interest...going to make my rounds and play a little catch up...then i am coming to check you out for real...

Ms Sula said...

You are so talented Missy!

Oh My!

Don said...

Tight poems. You were won over by the wordplay before the foreplay. I feel you.

I'm cracking up over your putting the old head with dreds together and pushing him away.

Good stuff.

SongDynasty said...

Man. That poetry is just.. man!

On a side note (!!!!) I wanted to see if youd be interested in submitting a "pussy talk" thing for the college.. a monologue from the perspective of the lady bits, for their rendition of the vagina monologues. I think their information would be easy to find on campus, but if youre lazy you could just hit me up.

Man! Dont ever stop writing.

dejanae said...

Glad ur back safe. Happy NEW YEAR!!!
thanx 4 hittin me up

Ms Sula
awww thnx

gracias on the compliment

yeah ima be a lazy
can u just email a sistah the info?
really 'preciate the kudos