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Sunday, December 16, 2007

i've always maintained that ive been insane from the moment i descended upon this terrestrial plane
barreling head first from that celestial plane
sinister grin on my face as i made my way to life's rugged terrain cuz i was a thrillseeker before I even knew my name
never heard of someone growing more sane so everyday i know i'm growing more deranged
my condition rapidly deterioratiating like a case of alzheimers to the brain
'don't know my own name' be my constant refrain like im in limbo
and tho im nimble,
tired of bending over backwards under that friggin stick, then under the knife
cuz anyway u slice it folk say i just aint right and that must be the reason i'm always left behind or maybe
i'm just evolutionary theory come to life.
unsuspend you from that Matrix, bring u forth into the light
inverse then reverse it so it's
night of the living dead turned to life dying of the day from day of the dying life
they say true genius is insanity so i say fuck normality
take my art to bed, make love to the the lune in me
embrace the demented, get off to the moon in me
flash the maniac and
dance to the tune in me

I've always felt off. Different. I'm sure that's probably common to many folk but i'd like to think my brand of insanity is special.

My alter-negro is the outspoken, sarcastic, funny, confident side of me
If they could seperate my Stephan and Steve Urkel
I'd revert to some snivelling, quiet, shy, insecure, mass of something
X the snivelling
I don't do that shit
the rest still holds true

you know what song has been in my head all day?

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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

no what song, tell me pls