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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

random tandem

I never believed in Santa Clause
I figured no grown fat ass white man can be climbing all up and down friggin chimneys and riding off into the moonlight with no friggin reindeer damnit
yet i somehow believed my cousin when she told me the line i had running down my stomache was the result of an alien abduction and subsequent experimentation
might have had something to do with all those Unsolved Mysteries episodes i was watching

Did anyone else watch the Untouchables?

What you know bout Duncan McLeod?
(That's Highlander for you uninformed)

Tell me why my 20 year old cousin did not know that Egypt was in the continent of Africa. I stared at him like: Motherfucker no u did not!!!!!!!!wonder how many other folk don't know that

I can't recall the last time i went to sleep without having my slowjams playing,
Cool Out Corner type stuff


this shit is no holds barred
so ima use the death grip to start
one hand grippin life's balls
the other seizing his heart

2008 is gon be my year. cover of People here i come

John Walsh is that man and he got the sexy voice.

speaking of John Walsh, i used to straight live off America's Most Wanted

be staring at the faces talkin bout: yo Christ don't that look like Mr. Thompson if he dyed his hair blonde and lost 20 pounds. I think your teacher is a serial-killer-fugitive, son.

if you get caught up with a kidnapper or some other crazy, imbalanced, sick individual, NEVER, I repeat NEVER let yourself be taken from crime scene 1 to crime scene 2. Chances of survival reduce drastically when this happens.

I figure if ima get got, your punk ass betta off me right here at the first crime scene. Fuck. I ain't makin shit easy for you. I'm kickin, puchin, bitin, jabs to the jugular, i'm crushin toes, I'm yellin fire,i'm kickin balls, leavin behind a mess of your blood, and hair. fuck that I'm pullin out my own strands so they catch your ass CSI style.

Am i the only one who's never been to the circus?

Near-death-looking old men in red pimp suits complete with cane have no business tryna talk to me. Apparently they haven't figured this out yet. What the hell ima do with your old dried up ass?

speakin of old dried up ass
I AM NEVER DOIN CRACK. Not that it was in my plans or anything but after seeing what these crackheads be doin for a hit....WTF???!!!!
that shit has grown men sneaking into back alleys to give blowjobs for an ounce of powder. That'd scare me straight (no pun intended)FUCK that shit.

4 public opinion:

mp1 said...

Santa Clause might've been black.

Highlander??? Never cared to watch it. What chu know about the Wire?

Carpe scrotum, huh? i'm staying farrrrr away from you!

Good luck with 08. Ur on the way.

ur not missing much with the circus. the last time i went, my whole fam slept through it.

Crack, it's also a helluva drug!

PAJNSTL said...

lmao @ you and john walsh! not sure if thats a good look for you!

Yea crack is WACK!

Thanks for stopping by my spot :) 'preciate ya!

Miss B said...

John Walsh?? sexy voice?? Really?? LOL!!!

I used to claim I saw people off America's Most Wanted too!! LOL

You never been to the circus?? Oh my!! I love the circus...I haven't been in years though. Maybe this year.

Thanks for checking me out!! Oh and the company thing may have been a little mean...he knows he's still my dawg tho!! lol

Leo said...

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