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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


i am not enough for him
all 5 feet ten inches and a half of me
that 'just woke up in the morning spine aint yet compressed from the long day'
5 feet 10 and a half inches
all 180 pounds
185 on a bad week
sass and class
and brass.....balls
tho invisible they may be
i am not enough for him
that quick witted
sharp tongued
sarcastic woman that is me
that gutteral laugh from deep within
that sometimes masks insecurities
because i am not enough
no frilly dresses
no designer jeans
all i have to offer is me
sometimes it just takes a little to convince myself that maybe
he isn't enough for me

I really need to step my workout game up
start eating clean
put in 100%

It's sad but i can't do a proper pushup to save my damn life.
Thinking bout saving up so i can get a personal trainer for a few months. probably just 2 or three
I'll take it from there

I really eat like shit
Yall heard of the freshmen 15. I had to be special and put on the freshman 30
still working my way back

I'm making a concerted effort to be more friendly
even smile every once in a while
That shyness shit stopped being cute after the fifth grade so i count to 10 and just do it

I get to rambling sometimes. for sure will start shaking and sweating but atleast i womanned up and did it

Public speaking is not really my thing but i will get to dancing like im audition for Flashdance 2
I didn't go to the salsa class Saturday like i was supposed to. heard it was hot.

Speaking of hot, I get hot real easily
so while everybody is walking round with their gloves and scarf. I'm good wit my hoodie or t shirt and open jacket.
What folk need to do is stop lookin at me like i'm crazy or worse
I hate when they act like i done lost leave of my senses
You see me walkin with the hoodie
My jacket is tucked into the strap of my bag
My teeth aint shattering
How in the hell u gon ask me if i wanna borrow ur jacket. Do you think i'm so stupid i couldnt figure out
cold + jacket handy = I can dress my fuckin self
or people who tell me to zip up
Why in the hell are you worried?

You know what i'm really afraid of?
Not living up to my potential

That and drowning
burning to death
coming across a serial killer
the state of the world
getting to them pearly gates and God is like "sorry. ur name ain't on the list"
That'd be some messed up shit

You know what i can't stand?
females with no stretchmarks no damn where
u no stretchmark having motherfucker. get out my face.

5 public opinion:

Anonymous said...

*snaps* @ your poetry

lol@ freshman 30! - I can't blame mine on that... hmph

I hope my name is on the list too ;)

Salsa class sounds like fun!

mp1 said...

Ha! Dancing aint for me, but I'm a hell of a speaker. It's like second nature for me.

Lol @ Paj and the snapping fingers.

We gotta get you some help on the pushup game. I just started doing them a few months ago. I can knock fourty out at a time, but I'm trying to get up to sets of fifty.

I so feel you on that potential stuff. It can be motivating.

SongDynasty said...

i love this.. i really do lol

i relate to a lot of your stuff, girl


John "JP" Pickens said...

VENOM! I see you tawn bout the no marks havin dames.

MsKayotic said...

I love you're poetry. Nice!

I like the way your mind moves. Whether it's forward or backwards.

As for your isn't yours. It's theirs. You're too precious for them and one will realize just how much and want that more than anything.

LOL @ mp1 - tryin to give tips on pushup game. Messed up!