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Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's one something in the morning
i just came from the church concert in Connecticut
Im tired as all he----uh all get out
this post is gon be short
Just know i had a blessed day
We kilt our first song son
woot woot
my feet are (not gon curse in this one.had to stop myself)killin me
them black peep toe maryjanes
*mumbling unintelligible mess*
Them some oprah shoes
you know how you got shoes with different levels of comfortability?
the heels you can rock all day
the ones that you can wear for only a few hours
the one hour time limit heels
well Oprah shoes are ones you aint tryna walk in at all
them some sitting shoes

ill make an effort to add something later today folks
And onea these days i'll actually write a post with
real punctuation
probably on some deep stuff

im feelin all light and airy and sanctified and stuff
so God bless and stay safe

8 public opinion:

Desy said...

there is something about His word and praisin him in song that just uplifts any soul...

lmao @ dem oprah shoes...i don't think i own any of those- but i do have some 3 hour joints...

Nicole said...

And why is the Oprah shoes always cost the most? I actually pay to be in pain.

Glad your spirit's lifted.

Pink-satin said...

men me i didnt go to church today and i just realised it was palm sunday

Pink-satin said...

men me i didnt go to church today and i just realised it was palm sunday

MsRoxy said...

I wear comfortable flats to church so I can do my little church step. I will be in heels Easter Sunday, gotta represent.

Powerful, powerful video..."It's already been done at the cross." Amen.

Qucifer said...

Oprah can sit on them shoes.. I know WE would walk.... but only a block.... they are too bad not to be seen in public

Don said...

dead @ oprah shoes

"Did you take her to the beach? That's what we planned. But she stood me up, Roxanne Roxanne..."

*bopping head*

Thic Flair said...

that video left me crying