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Friday, March 14, 2008

rhymes revisited-rep ur set

I'm from that
place of clear beaches,
mountainous land
treacherous history,
pain, independence, government coups,
third world poverty,
coconuts, greatgrandma's mango tree,
the land of bloodlines and bloody streets,
street markets, and rum.
Where dogs run free and dirt roads are where you tread your feet.
I'm from that
"sak passe. nap boule. piti piti" meet and greet.
was never scared to rep my flag
even though i knew some folk would hate me
they tried to use and berate me
Now it aint so bad if you say you from

i remember back in the day
Shell Bank junior highschool
Sheepshead bay brooklyn
there i was
tall, skinny, NEVER matched, quiet, smart
oh man
great fodder for kids who have no damn soul

how the fuck you gon rep the ghetto but wanna tear folk down who got less?
you's ghetto rich if you can afford to get new jordans every month

i aint never had no jordans til 8th grade
now that may not seem like nothing
but have them kids tell it
it meant i was not worth living

aight so
my mom stopped doing my hair in 5th grade
didnt give me no instructions how to continue...
by the beginning of junior high
i basically had no damn hair on my head
(hence why onea them soul-less kids had the nerve to say
"I got more hair on my pussy than you got on ur head"
that's nice?
what the fuck did she want me to say?)
Now here's the thing
My dad was all bout that 'let what folk say slide off you'
If you know it ain't true
go bout ur bizness

wasnt nothing sliding off
what had happened was...
i figured the numbers and wasnt tryna play the odds
lil old me?
versus alladem?
ok more like big ole me
i wasnt tyrna die
so i let shit go
(real deep shit here. i died a lil bit everyday tho son. Kids. man. no fuckin mercy)

then in seventh grade I got me some fashionable accessories

That's what my dumbass got for suckin my damn finger

Honestly i didnt get it
yes i was awkward and gangly and and quiet and Haitian (yall know i love me some Haiti but them kids wasn't tryna let me educatem. I honestly was tryna hookem up with a history lesson, talkin bout Haiti was the first independent black nati-
and i didnt get to finish 'fore folk was like "Haitian booty scratcher"
scratch your ass once and folk won't let it go
im just bein
but all that hate
so friggin unnecessary

I remember this one incident
There was this girl named Marie
short, dark, had even less hair than me
waiting on the special bus to leave from infronta the school
(no folk not that 'special'
This was a bootleg regular city bus that would stop at the junior high first then continue along the regular bus route)
so they start in on her
was dissin her and any typa kin to her they could think of
her momma, her uncle, her great grandaddy
then they started in on the Haitian thing

Now my heart was hurtin for her
i figured the numbers
it woulda been me and her against the whole bus
them odds
still tryna survive to see highschool atleast
so aint say shit

Chick got fed up
She got up like she aint give a fuck at all
son i was gettin ready for her to tellem off
then she said
"I'm not Haitian. I'm African"

all they said bout your ass
called your momma out her name
was talkin bout ur great grandaddy
and thats the only thing you wanna correct?


We folk in the African diaspora
We really need to get our shit together
you got pride in where you from
why you gotta knock the next man?
You Jamaican?
but why you wanna bring up voodoo everytime you wanna say something bout my fam
apparently you aint that scared
you still messin with me

This post is so not turning out how i had originally planned it
but that's aiight
ill hook that up tomorrow
I took some bootleg pics of the ole Haitian immigrant
ima put them up tomorrow
I aint gon front
I make fun of Haitian folk too
(Tell me why i saw this lady walkin down flatbush with a big ass suitcase balanced on her head and onea them plastic travel bags in each hand? I love my Haitian folk. I do. Lookin like she was headed to the marche to sell some goods)

i'm entitled
I know it's in jest
but dont just roll up on me talkin all out the side of your face
nah playah
we aint cool like that

I give you
Haitian vs Hooker

I know i posted this before
it still amuses me

Emeline Michel


Where yall folk from?
and if you from the mainland, tell me where your folk were from before they landed on Plymouth rock
or plymouth rock landed on them
Ever been there? (the land of your peoples that is)

23 public opinion:

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I can't even tell you where my folk from. I'm gonna find out one day. Gotta get my own personal African American Lives on. I know my fam's from Deatsville, AL.

I'm jealous of yer Haitian ass! lol You knwo where the folk from. I don't have a clue.

I guess I can write a rhyme about Bama or Cleveland....On second thought I'll save myself the embarassment

Brittany_83 said...

"it meant i was not worth living"

that is so so funny. I have never owned a pair of jordans. I'm just not a jordan type of girl. Kids can be so cruel.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ya are relentles...and cruel. i lived thru many a bad day...barely

and i am officially *dead* at that video of the haitian vs. hooker. he was so upset...poor man

Lovebabz said...

You write beautifully.

Ms Sula said...

I hail from the Dark Continent... Cote d'Ivoire to be exact...still very rooted there, I mean it's home to me...

And what you went through is the reason why I am so scared of staying here and have kids go through the same thing... It doesn't matter what I'll tell them at home...

The Diaspora NEEDS to do way better... I absolutely agree. You'll be surprised how much "diss" goes even between people of subsaharan African countries...

*shaking my damn head*

The Jaded NYer said...

that video- hands down- just MADE my weekend! how you gonna attack a dude just 'cause he doesn't want to pay you for sex? LOL!

I'm from Brooklyn, but the folks are your folks' neighbors/cousins/fam; we're Dominican.

The fam only got here in the '60s and instead of settling in da Heightz like everyone else, they came to Bed-Stuy all by themselves! No ONE knew about Dominicans in my 'hood. To them, I was just a dark-skinned

Desy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Desy said...

kon sa pou'l fet! WORD!

damn- my step mom did the same thing to me... 10 yrs old- she was done. i had to figure out da locks myself... hence, never

ummmm- regardless of how short your hair was- i dont think i would brag that i have more hair on my pussy; don't want no one callin me

'ahhhhh'- the sights and smells of ayiti... i'm goin back pretty soon with my papy

Emel!! sa se chant'em!

and we all know how i feel about haitian vs hooker...lmao

Ms. Behaving said...

Me: I was born and raised right here in the NOT so good ole U.S. of A.

My folks though are from Belize. Unfortunately, I've never been there though.

LMAO @ that video "Haitian Vs. Hooker"
He tried his beeeeeeeeeeest to beat her @ss!!!

I love your randomness. You got me over here CTFU and on a day like today, I needed something to lift me up!!!! :-)

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

You Flowed and Glowed on this one, I'm drinking tha Dejanade.

MsRoxy said...

One of my students who I love. Who is Hatian. Raises her hand with tears in her eyes.
"Ms. S., Cassie said all Hatian people are ugly."
I said.
"My good friend(Desy, lol), she's beautiful, and smart, and Hatian. And so are you. And anyone who would say probably quite opposite."
Cassie: Silent.

Growing up in South Fla being Hatian was a Cool thing....but it's a little different in Orlando I guess. People are still teaching their kids this. Strange.

Roddykat said...

Don't know where the original Roddy Clan hails from. I'm trying to find that out now. It's been slow going. Sad too that it's buried more than passed down.

Anyway, stay cool, Deja!

Canon Adonis said...

Native American and African descents... I hate how everybody that has straight hair and light brown skin talks about how they got that "indian blood" in them... No... that silky-smoothness is most likely from your white genes, light-skin shorty... fall way back...

"We folk in the African diaspora
We really need to get our shit together
you got pride in where you from
why you gotta knock the next man?"

So, So agree with you... hating like that between ppl of color needs to stop! But them cming to America Africans be the ones who hate the most! so what do that tell you?

dejanae said...

that's sad man
write the poem. forreal
i wanna see

it wasnt even that serious
but when you're young, the dumbest shit is a big deal
i only ever owned one pair

u gotta share the stories one day

thanx hon

"You'll be surprised how much "diss" goes even between people of subsaharan African countries..."
saddly, i can imagine

jaded nyer:
she needed a fix
u know crackheads have no self control

yall just a hop, skip, and jump away
hey cuz

what part of haiti you headed to?
What you know bout Emeline?lol

ms. behaving:
havent met but 3 folk from there
glad i could be of service

just make sure to get a refill evry now and then

it breaks my heart when lil kikds spout hate that most likely they got from home

you and mad-dad need to get on a journey of discovery
ill try to

coming to America Africans?

guerreiranigeriana said...

i loved this post and the way it flowed...made me remember those days in school...somehow managed to escape more of the brutal disses (was kind of popular) but they gave me hell!!!...noe guy and his friend used to call me a mongoose...go figure...

...i think you know my story already, but just in case...born and raised in cali, parents are naija and yes, i have been back...

guerreiranigeriana said...

i love friend had a haitian friend named ted in atlanta...and my oh my when he danced!!!!!! was hard to look anywhere else in the!!!...i'm happy just thinking of him...

i.can't.complain. said...

im yet another Black girl X from the mainland.

dunno where my folks are from

might not never (yep. not never) know.

and i gotta tell u kids are jerks no matter what your heritage.

i had it rough 2

skinny legs w/mosquito bites and pants that hit right at the ankle before capri's were cool...

*flashback ends*

yeah. childhood.


1/3 of what I used to be said...

I really like how your words flow in this post. That girl was dead wrong for saying that about your hair. My mom stopped doing my hair too and I had to deal with kids making fun of me about any and everything. I'm soo scared for my kids when they get to school(especially middle school lol).

I wish I knew where I was from. My parents are both from Maryland. My ancestry typical:Native American, Black, white mixed in there.

dejanae said...

i need to meet this Ted
sounds like my kinda guy

i cant complain:
dont even mention mmosquito bites
them mosquitos TOREup my flesh one summer when i went to haiti
man thats blog material there
*puts aside for later date*

1/3 of what i used to b:
i tend to write as if i'm havin a bootleg convo
i think family history is very important
especially being first generation american
im tryna pass that culture down

Anonymous said...

Venezuelan Dominican parents, will make fun of both folk LIBERALLY, like daily, no compunction

I also get a freebie on black folk cause we right there eye to eye.... and any other spick group that I've neighbored/slept/gone to school other words: Free for ALL

Chanell said...

Wow Di, that was maaaad deep. I didnt want to come off as blase about it but it really captured how you were feeling and included some humor along with it. You're very gifted my friend.
Making me go back to the pain of.....oh wait, that was yesterday.
And you know I wouldve had your back if I was in the same junior high.
My fav lines-booty scratcher, the girl on the bus, the lady with a suitcase on her head, alladem....accolades!

karrie b. said...

smh. i remember all the "haitian's dont match" and "african booty scratcher" jokes in elementary, so now i feel like shit. mom bajan, pops guyanese, some trini and italian mixed up in there too. that's all i know.

-karrie b.

dejanae said...

ur a mess

i know uda ahad my back
remember that bootleg fashion police incident?

karrie b.:

u know quite a bit more than other people got access to