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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rhymes Revisited-Ridin Dirty

As much as folk have to say about Wright's 'racist, unAmerican' tirade
They need to acknowledge the truth in his statements
He is not pulling all this shit out his ass
Although i do acknowledge that some of what he said was extreme


i stopped and played that 'ridin dirty' part like 5 billion times
but i digress

As a nation, we've done some fucked up stuff
the issues of racism
Foreign policy
You know ima conspiracy theorist, so im not even batting an eye at the idea that the AIDS virus was somehow government created
can someone say "Tuskegee experiment"?

educate yourself

Declaration of Helsinki anyone
don't know what it is?
hit the link

Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: A Tragedy of Race and Medicine by Jim Jones
pick it up

Obviously the American experience for different folk can vary radically

I don't see the issue with saying Hillary will never know what it's like to be called a nigger
the same way i dont see the issue with someone saying Barack will never know what it's like to be called a feminazi

Why the hell would it be unpatriotic to expound on the crap your country has done?
doesnt mean you dont love your country
doesn't mean you tryna head back to Africa (or wherever the hell your people are from)

I'm probably gon be added to somebody's watchlist in a
If you dont see a post from me tomorrow
know they got to me

call detective Munch aight
he'll know what to do

bootleg poetry time

ingesting remnants of carcasses
swallowed pride
force fed excrement they tried to pass off as a five star meal
as the lies make their way down your throat
their testicles in your mouth
as digested lies give birth
to expelled truths
Guantanimo Bay
Abu Ghraib
cover ups exposed
like her
garments ripped from her body
14 years old
acts committed too horrible for the merciful to comprehend
as others who have borne this pain and legacy
look down from heaven
heads shaking and arms spread
to accept another into their fold
11-year-old girl from Kosovo
12-year-old Okinawa girl
when the keepers of peace
cant be trusted not to shatter it
violated under cover of fire
blasts like fireworks on that fourth setting of the moon
on that 7th month
smoke clears
bodies strewn
count them
each one an attempt at sin hidden
torture chambers become life
and life seems the lesser choice
when the question is posed: life or death?
chambers of semi automatic guns, like dragons, spitting steel-tipped fire
memories of
steel-tipped boots
grounding your face into the dirt
as the cries of the inhumane plague your sanity
grains of rock dig into
sun-kissed flesh
marring the beauty that God did create
threat of death looming low overhead like a noose
ring of rope
destroyer of hope
or so they think
reaching for you like a lasso
determined to snare souls
round them up like cattle
their own special branding
bodies dragged behind beds of pick-up trucks
badges and ink-black sky offer all the cover needed
disfigured, marred beauty
head, neck
found miles from mangled torso
can't quite make out how handsome he used to be
my boy James
Deeds of the souless
celebrated at tables where Lucifer dines with men
fields where the spirits of the deceased
do battle with forces of evil
no rest for souls of the dead
who perished in fits of rage over injustice
apparitions of the long gone and long forgotten
yearning for the Lord's vengeance
masters of evil
axis of evil
a turn of phrase
subjugate a people
strange bedfellows they make:
justice and torture
clandestine affairs
secrets released, like whispers
into the ears of harlots

20 public opinion:

12kyle said...

Preach Sista! LOL

Seriously, you are correct. This is merely a smear campaign. They can't get Barack so they'll get the people who are closest to him.

Chanell said...

Who said you wasnt on the watchlist already?
Girl I'll send you that toilet paper when you go in!
And I dont think that dude's rant was far off either.

lea78 said...

bootleg poetry my ass!!! U know u r the truth, had me wanting to throw my fist in the air. I dig I dig

Ms. Behaving said...

If you really think your poetry is bootleg...I can only imagine what you'd think of mines.

Girl that was more on point than a lil' bit!!

Anonymous said...

Preach! preach girl!!!!!!

Desy said...

wow~ and we need to upgrade your choice of adjective when you are referring to your writing. I know bootleg is your fav, but it does not apply to your

Nicole said...

You are a good way. That was a soul toucher.

And I'm putting Munch on speed dial cause you're definitely on some watchlist after all that.

The Jaded NYer said...

That preacher didn't tell me nothing I wasn't already thinking.

I've heard it said that what we hate in someone else is what we hate about ourselves... that mirror is a BI-OTCH, huh America???

you can't shit on everybody else for almost your whole existance and not expect retribution...

Welcome to the watchlist; you're in good company :)

karrie b. said...

yes ma'am. was created as a genocide. good post babe. school em.

-karrie b.

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm saying whether you agree or not, if he is that close to Barack, he should think about what he's saying. Not saying he's wrong, but he's mad irresponsible.

dejanae said...

12 kyle:

only toilet paper tho
can i get a bootleg care package at least?

thas wassup
'black panther' it out

ms behaving:
i'm sure you be bringin it

"And the Lord did say....."

come on
bootleg is my all purpose word

hole up
u got Munch's number?
lemme get it

jaded nyer:
i'm sayin.......
they're just Mcarthyin it up nowadays
got a sistah blacklisted and everything

karrie b:
every once in a million years i throw down somea that edumacation

if these statements were made more recently, then ida said for appearances sake he shoulda toned it down. But these statements were actually uttered by Wright in '03.
This whole fishing expedition is crazy to me. The fact that someone actually reviewed the man's sermons to find some hateful words and use them as part of political agenda is stupid as all hell.
So besides the friggin campaign issues. I'm tired of hearing this mess.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...


Don said...

Why the hell would it be unpatriotic to expound on the crap your country has done?

Exactly. It's funny how America acts like he made the ish up. I aint trippin' on his words. It needs to be said. If people don't like what he says then clean the ish up. The drug czar once made a statement about "the need to kill black babies" if you wanted to stop crime.

Pac said it best, "F*ck the world."

mp1 v.8.0 said...

You still there?? They ain't got you, have they??

I thought you knew that saying anything negative about our fair land is unpatriotic! How dare you speak negatively about the land of Lincoln...the land slavery...the land of patritic war....the land of Japanese internment camps....

You better watch ya tone!

I did a term paper about Tuskegee back in my sophomore year. That "Bad Blood" book is engrained in my head. And microfiles, and so much other information from that experiment.

Based on the experiment, I'm convinced that our government is capable of just about anything. And i guess that makes me less patriotic because I feel that way. Oh well...who cares?

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I always thought AIDS was some governmental experiment that went wrong. How did it spring up out of no where like that?

Tuskeege Experiment? I think they made a movie about it with Lawrence Fishburne I believe. Either way alot of people died when all they needed was a shot of pencillin..smh

Um your poetry is hardly bootleg matter fact its great! no seriously it is:-)

Demon Hunter said...

I've always believed in conspiracy theories, and being a writer with a huge imagination, just makes my thoughts on it more complex. Imagination or no, there are factual events that would lead anyone to truly believe in these conspiracy theories. Great post. :*)

An Unsung Hero said...

hey...i just finished my 2nd midterm..they were both a breeze..thank you for asking

and i am lovin your haiku!

Ms Sula said...

They need to get a grip! Being objective and critical is nowhere near being unpatriotic... but then again I'm preaching to the choir...

And when did it become that if they are my friends then we must share the EXACT same point of views? Where did this amalgam come from? People now share a brain...because Wright's is Obama's pastor then Obama must feel like this too? Fallacious argument at best...

Let me not make a post in the comment section...

You young lady need to find a publisher... fast.

The book can be called BootlegTry


dessex said...

great post.By the way I'm diggin yo music playlist. Oakland So many great things come out of Oakland

dejanae said...

all mi-t:
thnx bruh

im sayin....
fuck the world indeed

im not putting anything past our government
no sir
not me

yep. some sad shit right there
thnx hon

demon hunter:
us folk with imaginations always seein something
mosta the times, we aint too far off

an unsung hero:
thas wassup
and thnx bruh


And when did it become that if they are my friends then we must share the EXACT same point of views? Where did this amalgam come from? People now share a brain...because Wright's is Obama's pastor then Obama must feel like this too? Fallacious argument at best...
LOL@ the book title
that might work

ima go head and assume u got great taste in music