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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I do Hi Coo

big girls dont cry so
she kept the secret close and
let it consume her

her eyebrows are gone
shaved them in a fit of rage
filled them in later

wheat thins are like crack
they wont let go of my soul
i wont drop the bag


the hold: tenuous
i'm not sure how much longer
i can hang on for


take what you must but
leave me intact so that i
live to breathe again


im still waiting for
your loincloth to fly up and
reveal your blue balls

i'm not a poet
yet my soul speaks melodies,
a friend once told me

i remember when
i knew not what hate was, Then.....
reality struck

fingers linger.sigh
hands trace form and i shudder
never felt this way

unfettered passion
eyes that dare me to bare all
i do.uncertain

i see you when i
look into the mirror and
it frightens me

you never knew love
never showed me any and
maybe you just can't

there aint no way i'm
dancing a jig for nobody
i won't play the fool

you listen when they
tell you that you're of no worth
then believe their lies

i got you sucka
thought you could escape my wrath
ha.well think again

line one: 5 syllables
line two: 7 syllables
line three: 5 syllables

16 public opinion:

Anu boy said...

uhmm,.... i will be back

Pajnstl said...

dej Piece is my fav

DollFace said...

You are very talented. I love Piece as well and the one about hate.

living life for others
has taken its toll. Now I'm
living life for me

mp1 v.8.0 said...

You had me confused for a minute. I thought it all went together and then it hit me like a ton of bricks! A series of haiku(s).

Now excuse me while I go flog myself for my incompetence.

Desy said...

I don't have one- but I heard the best haiku EVA!!! on def poetry jam by Kent Foreman (start at 2:55)

Desy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms.Lady said...

I have to agree Piece is my fav' as well...hmmm...I wanna participate..but Im blocked for some reason.

Still loved it though.

Don said...

Good stuff, dejanae. Damn good stuff.

i remember when
i knew not what hate was, Then.....
reality struck


I have to sit and gather my thoughts on poetry, but I easily can come with a little freestyle real life prose.

stressed out, test out
never put the sess out
blame it on my childhood
didnt always take the best route
life is like a deathbout
battle on the edge
took it straight to the head
and i remember what they said

its just a shame
many brothers stuck with the pain
no future, no hopes, no dreams
just a part of a game
so who to blame...the white man?
im tired of that frame

i will be your strength
when you are weak
your eyes when you seek
but dont creep
these snake and fakes
they try to infiltrate, blind you
so if you get lost
i wont find you

Sha Boogie said...

I am totally not competing with yours! was fabulous by the way :)

karrie b. said...

you need a cold shower!!!

-karrie b.

Mizrepresent said...

Deep! I love how you capture your emotions in so little words. This was something special!

dejanae said...

ima be here

preciate it

aww shucks
thank you for actually haikuin it unlike all these other bastards

i know ur kinda slow on the uptake
you into S&M?
id be happy to oblige

i caught that one too
he spoke the truth

ms lady:
blocked huh?
u get a pass cuz u provided a compliment

u just gon flip the rules for urself huh?
good stuff nonetheless

sha boog:
aint no bootleg competition
hit me wit a lil something

that i do
what's the female equivalent of blue balls?
watever that is
i got it

gracias hon

Ms Sula said...

This cold ass office
Has my brain all deep frozen
now my wit is lost

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok... i'm too hungover to do my own but I wanted to say that i love love love yours...

oh and that pic by merrill that you have after reality struck... I have that in my bathroom... does that make me a freak?

dejanae said...

poor chile
ur excused


just mean you got good taste
and are in touch with your sensuality

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

nice, need some twine or rope