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Monday, March 10, 2008

The not so hot spot

ima go head and apologize for my sporadic postin lately
but it aint really my fault tho
my computer is actin a damn mess
i was really considering computer rage yall
was bout to slam the friggin laptop against the floor
and i had a bootleg presentation to do for philosophy
Did it last minute of course
started researching it at 2
started writing it at 3
finished the crap at 5:30
class started at 6:00
i really gotta stop this procrastinating mess

So last Saturday
i stopped by that hip hop karaoke thing miss EB had posted about
I recieved the memo that it wasnt her event and that she couldnt come tru cuz apparently they were filled to capacity or some other mess
U reading?
I don't give a damn
i aint heard bout it from noone else but YOU
Rant over
next time you advertise an event, your ass betta be there
NOW the rant is officially over
but for real tho
The event was not even remotely in 'the bizness' territory
I was sorely disappointed.
There were no fuckin seats
so my black ass stood from bout 10 something to a lil before one waiting around for a bootleg familiar face
I figured there was a good number of people there and the only people i'd even be close to recognizing were EB and Karrie
losing two folk in a large crowd (especially short folk) didnt sound implausible
I lost all my friggin patience somewhere around 12 but stuck the fuck around
I'd be damned if i went there and aint catch nobody from the friggin blogosphere.ya dig?
Well salvation came in the form of none other than lil miss Karrie B.
We took some bootleg pics in the bathroom
don't hate
you know them bathroom pics are mandatory
only took bout three of them shits
NOT actual shitting
in 2 of the them, it appears my face is melting
in anotha my bootleg fro, which i patted into shape, looked more like a hightop fade than a 70's throwback fro
I said i wasnt friggin photogenic
im not even gonna post the pics
Fuckin had me lookin like Golden Brooks long lost fat twin sister who went natural bout a year ago
anyway me and Karrie got to talkin on the train ride back
and of course it was no surprise that she was mad cool peoples
Looked just like her pictures too(damn yall photogenic bastards)
we exchanged numbers so we gotta bootleg hangout sometime

Anyway back to the bootleg much hyped (well in my mind) and much overrated crap that was the hip hop event
Why was there no teleprompter or whatever the hell the crap's called(sp? im too lazy to look it up) or nothing?
folk reading off pieces of paper and shit
and how u gon have the paper in hand but still fuck up the lyrics?
lord be that speaker and fall atop this fool's head
some bootleg white dude complete with bootleg gansta hand motions and bootleg ghetto vernacular
and i'm not hating cuz he was white
shit just felt forced as hell
caricature type stuff
I'm sure if i was drunk or high or actin a fool onstage ida had more fun
but neither of those options held true
and some fool had the nerve to be tryna feel on my friend's ass
Do you know this heifa waited til after the fact to tell me?
Now yall already know
Ida had some choice words
but by the time she told me and i turned around, dude was nowhere to be found
and for real tho, i was itchin for a bootleg confrontation
woulda livened shit up
but alas
it was not to be

yall see i got an aversion to punctuation right?
hope yall are satisfied with this lil glimpse into my not so hot weekend

oh and my daddy's back from his mackin adventures in Haiti
i told the ole haitian immigrant to stick to females his own age
now yall know damn well his ass is too old to be messin with no 25 year old
half his damn age
smhv (shakin my head vigorously)
and he be tryna give me the rundown of his mack game
no thnx pops
we cool but i dont needa here all that
he got the nerve to be turning metrosexual on me
came back with his nails did
talkin bout she did it for him
leave my daddy be heifa

19 public opinion:

Rashan Jamal said...

LMAO @ you getting stood up by the host. I wouldn't even take that if I was you.

Post the bootleg pictures. I wanna see what a melting face looks like.

Gotta plan these blogger hookups in advance to make sure people have enough time to get their things together.

Desy said...

daaaaaaaaaaang-eb did you like that... thas cold.... cold as ice.
maybe next time you and kerri can coordinate it with the blogosphere... you know- do it righ...

i.can't.complain. said...

girl, NOT golden brooks' long lost sister.


your daddy done got all ryan seacrest on u, hunh?

that's not necessarily a bad thing.

but, i feel u on the young chick that's trying for his heart.


Ms Sula said...

Man, I so love your daddy!!! :)

And you FINALLY updated...

Well, we kinda noticed your nonlove for punctuation and I take in jest... just don't abuse it. Loll!

Good to read you (even if it's a bootleg post... Ha!)

soumynona said...

LOL at pops
Let him get his groove back!!

Demon Hunter said...

Your dad sounds too funny. :*) Let pops work his

Roddykat said...

Umm, you sure the rant was over? Couldn't tell. :) It's all love. Sounds like good times were had by...somebody.

Don said...

You and The karrie b getting together must have been really fun for the both of you. Both of you have unique personalities. No teleprompter @ the event? wow. That cant be karaoke. lol.

Your dad is getting his groove on I see. Good deal. lol @ leave my daddy be heifa.

dejanae said...

my melting face will not be put on display for your damn amusement
and who u tellin

yeah EB told me it wasnt her event
thas fine
but u know a bk chick was still mad
and better planning is definitely in order

i cant complain:
i looked a hot ass mess
i aint even gon front
i swear i looked better in

hey betta a bootleg post than no post at all

demon hunter:
he can work his damn magic on someone in his friggin age bracket

how bout no
i dont need to be callin no 25 year old chick mom

and the rant was over when i said it was

karrie is tres cool
and my dad is too old for that damn mess

Anonymous said...


Ya'll best put a power of attorney on his ass before heffa tries to dip on the lifetime savings STAT

and you already know what happened on My sordid ass weekend, i'm still glowy and shit

swag_ambassador said...

sounds bootleg.. LOL. i cant stand up all night like that.. annoyance would force me to punk somebody outta a set or somethin LOL

dejanae said...

glowy and shit?
wish that was me
im sex-starved

man was i glad i had on sneaks
i woulda died in heels

karrie b. said...

i woulda died in heels too, glad we met tho, i think ur super-duper cool! never again with eb the celeb. i was SOOO mad that night (and u know why)...lmaoooooo @ ur daddy on "mackin adventures"...ur the illest.

-karrie b.

dejanae said...

who u tellin
thnx hon
u aint so bad urself

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO!! I was at this event, waitin' on Eb, too; wish I'd had known y'all was there.

and dude who hit on you...yeah I had one of those, too. wack-ass losers...

I enjoyed it, though, because I like to watch ppl make asses of themselves. Isn't that what Karaoke is all about? But maybe if I'd been in heels I'd have been pissed, too!

Eb the Celeb said...

Daaaangg.... so you straight called me out...

So I'm just gonna quietly leave now..

But know that I aint no punk

And for the record... it was dollface who planned that not me... I was just relaying the message... you cant shoot the messenger!

dejanae said...

if i had caught ur blog earlier....
if there were seats i woulda enjoyed it more

yeah i know dollface planned it
but i aint know dollface
i only bootleg knew you
and thank god

Chanell said...

Has Fiona seen this? I talked to her last week and she actually mentioned it. Man this blog has brightened up my day. You're a trip Di!
And I didnt mean to be anonymous on the previous one.

dejanae said...

look @ u laffin @ Fiona's expense