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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Rashan ur an ass
ive been bootleg confessing all week

here goes some other crap
ill expound lata
(thats sunday night or monday morning)
im just tryna get some crap in before the bootleg Saturday deadline is over

I almost killed Christmarlon

I avoid my fake god-daughter like a Flavor of Love casting call

I pick at my scabs (sexy huh?)
been doin it forever

I don't like my mother in the least(i do love her tho) *grimace*

I wore a thong for the first time last year (im always late with shit. But i just figured: who the hell wants to walk around with a constant wedgie?)

encouraged my lil brother to prance around in my mom's bras

hit him in the nuts with a belt

i've been suicidal

I am not too old to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog or Arthur

Everyonce in a while i'll try to do a bootleg cartwheel to the left
i can only achieve a cartwheel going to the right
dont ask me how that works
i dont friggin get it

I planned to run away from home at the age of 12. Got as far as the building door. Can't do much when u aint got no shoes on. That's what happens when you tell ur mother u gon run away. She said fine. go then. She took the shoes (smh. she said cuz she boughtem she'd be damned if i'd be running about in them shits) and i stood outside the door, barefoot and lookin a damn fool

I like PAX tv
(don't hate)

I have intimacy issues

I stuffed my bra in the 5th grade

I used to pull out my eyelashes

I am slightly addicted to trashy romance novels

I'm not discounting the possibility of cosmetic surgery in the future

I use humor to deflect from people getting to know the real me because i honestly think i'll disappoint if i'm "off"

I did the macarena last night

I don't think i even know who the real me is

The most expensive pair of shoes i've ever bought was 60 something dollars

That Beyond Belief: fact or fiction show had me fucked up

I love this song

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Rashan Jamal said...

I was about to say... She aint exempt from getting cut from Making The Blog, no matter how funny she thinks she is.

As for your confessions, I hope your brother beat yo ass when he got older for trying to punk him out.

Picking scabs, not so sexy

Humor is good, but some people are not disappointed by off. Otherwise, nobody would ever like me.

Am I supposed to know who Christmarlon is? And why did you almost kill him/her?

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha I knew there was a reason why we are all aeye to eye on shit

me and my sister DRESSED my brother up, the whole shebang, dress,,, bracelets, that child got WHOOPED my parents thought he just came up with that himself

I too love to pick

And I most certainly have a shitty as fuck relationship with my mom, like: I admire her and respect her but i don't like cool she don't like me as a person either, and makes no attempt to hide it we're even

12kyle said...

Great runaway story! I told my mom that I was gonna run away and she'd never find Stevie's house. Haaaaaa

Brittany_83 said...

We have a lot in common. I LOVE to pick

I use humor to distract people from "me"

I don't know who I am

I used to stuff my bra..lmao

Jackie Edwards said...

i can only do a cartwheel to the left but i've never actually thought about the fact that i can't do it the other way...hmmm!!!

dejanae said...

u know u werent gon cut me
even if i aint post shit
dont u know they never cut the drama in reality tv
us characters make the show

yall took it too damn far

we say the dumbest shit

hey there kindred spirit

i've been trying it for a while now
i cant get it so im about to give up

The Jaded NYer said...

don't worry, you know yourself more than you think. One day you'll wake up and be like "OH!" and realize you knew all along.

And I'm mad you be rockin' out to Eddie and Rick! That song makes the Dave Chappelle skit even funnier...HA!!

Roddykat said...

thong? Could've been worse, could have been a THOING.

hit him in the nuts with a belt
-umm, oww!

I am slightly addicted to trashy romance novels
-my slum, um, landlord left a bunch in the garage, you want 'em?

I'm not discounting the possibility of cosmetic surgery in the future
- Youown needit

I don't think i even know who the real me is
- Sure you do, she's cool. You remember her name?

The rotation's on hit, hon. Thumb's up.

Don said...

I have intimacy issues

Shit, I think I do too.

I don't think i even know who the real me is You are what you love. Not what you like, but what you love. That's how I see it.

Chanell said...

I'll have to get an avator or something to be a regular.
Di, you dont need cosmetic surgery whatsoever and I love your confessions. lol @ running away, dressing up the bro, stuffing bras, why you avoid your God-daughter though?
Call me!

1/3 of what I used to be said...

hey I like author and cliford too lol PBS was the greatest when I was younger lol

I have intimacy issues too but I never been shown how to do cause my parents are not in the least bit affectionate lol

I think we all stuffed our bra once or twice

Thongs..thats still a hell no for me. Not my style at all lol

Girl I dont think anyone completely knows themselves. i know I've changed alot within this last year so I think its an ongoing process.

dejanae said...

i mean u never know
i might wake up and want some triple d's

what u mean when u was younger?
im still watchin it

Pajnstl said...

Arthur is my fav

I have a very distant relationship with my mom. I love her though.

lol @ you running away.

I bet you are still Cool as shit when you are "off"

dejanae said...

thas wassup
"everyday when ur walking down the street..."lol

thnx hon