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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

rhymes revisited-mama said knock you out

to me words are fundamental
integral part of my life
necessary like breathing

Slims love is his music
poetry be my wife
and every night we be freakin

offspring be my flow
the things that i write
Conceived in my mind
gave birth to by night
enter into a world of
happiness, plight
got my
pen and paper seething

cuz they tired i won't put them down
but aint yet found a reason
like a scribe, scrolls filled with words
millions for every season
lines that have souls bleeding
words that call hearts into beating
like drums in subsaharan Africa
ancestors and descendants meeting

like damn it just feels right
like fuck, this is so good
like shit feels virgin tight
like damn that girl's so hood

She headed from the hood to the highrise tho
won't forget her people
cuz it dont make sense to forget the past to get where u tryna go
cuz you and them are equals

cuz like the saying goes
you'll be doomed to repeat it
and ur words will be like shit
soon you'll be forced to eat it
ima leave you with that thought
let it sit in your mind then reread it
cuz your girl
she on her throne
and even with your best
wont be de-seated

see the
only things i pimp are the lines that i pen
like posthumous musings of greats come back to write again
and like headless horsemen come back to ride again got folk afraid to step out of
words that defy laws of science take u back in time to when
scribes wrote on papyrus and linen skirts were rocked by men
before the Rosetta stone unlocked secrets of the dead
steal my words
curse of Tutankhamun upon your head
so i'll
do like Hatshepsut sport the beard, take to the throne
pharoah headress like its the last set and i'm takin shit home
unsolved mystery
don't know
maybe built by alien drones
or maybe she conjured the pyramids
while rockin the microphone

you hear that beep son ?
it aint no motherfuckin test
thats his heart goin into cardiac arrest swore he was invincible so could aways
....beat the best,
walked the streets at night but said in death he'd get his rest
now here he rests
or should i say his body
cuz his soul is still troubled left behind his brother Robby, middle name be 'rob me', always the life of the party and
til day light hours little man be partyin
track lines on his arm covered by his cardigan, seen Juvy four times don't know when he'll see his dad again
and when he'll meet the man again
cuz the last time he set his eyes on him, they was cartin dad away
coulda sworn blue demons took him or at four thats wat he'd say
screamin 'leave my daddy be' 'why yall takin him away?'
seems we've come full circle ,prophecy fulfilled
they say the sins of the father be on his son's head
curse revisited so .....
three generations dead

i aint want no drama
tried to keep things copacetic
but u stay spoutin shit like u poppin diuretics
and ina bout in minute they gon need to call a medic
cuz i deliver verbal death
do it multiple times over
like pushin out them septuplets
on the
fifth of October
and when i step in the spot
aint no need to think it ova
cuz i come with it, take a line and run with it
bodies laid out like used condoms
so you know i'm done with it and for sure i'm done with you
take it back to elementary school, i'm rubber, man ur glue
stay with dry lines like burnt toast
rhyme book u need to toss it
i come with the best so i
...a1 steak sauce it

i transform your believers into heretics
convert them to my disciples cuz i sit
wisdom falling like blessings, tsunami sort wrecking
so they can't seem to get enough of what they know as me
sent down to givem free
and release them from deceit. they talk of
ties that bind
urs be the
lies that bind
smoke and mirrors, desert mirages, your fallacies akin to crime
and you know Hammarabi's code demands an .....eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth
so i guess you'll walk out this ring blind, most of your teeth knocked loose
best be careful
Kadhimiya, head inside that noose
Hussein on Eid ul-Adha
demise up to you
so choose

OH son them's fighting words right there!!!!!
what are some things you have fought over?
When's the last time you got into a fight (physical altercation)?
What was it over?

What's the worst beating you ever got?
what for?
what with? (lol)
for how long?

i might kill someone if: they raped my daughter
if i could i'd: fastforward to the good parts
i've never: died
i'd never: hate someone because of their race
if i was younger i'd: take more advantage of the opportunities i had
in 10 years i'll: have accumulated 10 more years of life experience
i'll look back and: say 'not bad'
i hate: when people say 'literally' in the wrong context. literally means actually so if it aint actually happened why the hell u using literally 4?
i wish: money was a nonissue so i could just take watever classes i wanted just because
i need: to succeed in college
i want: to work in a field i love

i might kill someone if:
if i could i'd:
i've never:
i'd never:
if i was younger i'd:
in 10 years i'll:
i'll look back and:
i hate:
i wish:
i need:
i want:

21 public opinion:

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

The rebirty of LL Cool deJanade no doubt

Ms Sula said...

It's the interactive dejanae blogspot I see... :)

karrie b. said...

i might kill someone if: they effed with a loved one

if i could i'd: have a little chat with God

i've never: been a wallflower

i'd never: go home with you and expect u to respect me in the morning

if i was younger i'd: wear those curdoroys i once loved

in 10 years i'll: win best screenplay

i'll look back and: laugh @ the suckers kissing my ass

i hate: roaches

i wish: upon stars sometimes (corny, right?)

i need: money

i want: more then what life is showing me

-karrie b.

Nicole said...

i might kill someone if: they hurt my mama

if i could i'd: quit my job and write full time

i've never: been in love

i'd never: marry for money

if i was younger i'd: quit my job and head abroad with a backpack and good book

in 10 years i'll: be published

i'll look back and: understand the struggle

i hate: feeling lost

i wish: I could redo the last 10 years

i need: Godly peace

i want: lots of money

Pajnstl said...

i might kill someone if: they were trying to kill me

if i could i'd: be independently wealthy

i've never: learned to whistle

i'd never: eat black eye peas

if i was younger i'd: be younger lol

in 10 years i'll: 37

i'll look back and: know I've lived a good life.

i hate: fake people/insincerity

i wish: I had start-up money so I could quit my job

i need: new shoes!!!!

i want: a pizza, Domino's ham and black olives

Miss B said...

i might kill someone if: my life was in danger
if i could i'd: be chillin on somebody's beach
i've never: smoked
i'd never: smoke
if i was younger i'd: focus more on my dancing
in 10 years i'll: be almost 40...dang
i'll look back and: think I didn't do so bad
i hate: ignorance
i wish: he knew
i need: to be debt free
i want: this weekend's step show to be over...OH and some money!! LOL

Demon Hunter said...

1.) In 10 years I'll: be well-off financially.

2.) I hate: Child Molesters

3.) I wish: We lived in Utopia

4.) A book and movie deal.

Anonymous said...

Hola Babe! *waves*

i might kill someone if: They fucked around with my family

if i could i'd: Tavel non-stop

i've never: been in an open relationship

i'd never: Take my clothes off/sleep with someone for money

if i was younger i'd: Die! I hated anything having to do with my childhood/pre-teens/teenage years

in 10 years i'll: probably still act like a glorified teenager

i'll look back and: Be happy where I'm at

i hate: Stupid people, people users, drunks, molesters, entitled people, cats, irresponsible people

i wish:I could go visit my homeland often

i need: to sleep and to have some me time

i want:HMM I rather not say

Don said...

i might kill someone if:
it came down to it

if i could i'd:
fly away

i've never:
understood human nature

i'd never:
smoke crack

if i was younger i'd:
go back to college and graduate this time

in 10 years i'll:
look back and appreciate the turning point in my adult life

i'll look back and:
wish that it never had to come to this(that)

i hate:
fake people

i wish:
i had a million dollars

i need:
to work on alot of things i dont

i want:
what my heart says

Don said...

oh, i like the so i aint want no drama piece.

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, you are the truth, defined...that's all i gotta say. Enjoyed this, lived thru this...loved this.

Mizrepresent said...

Oooh, part II

I might kill someone if: they still my heart, one more time.

if i could i'd: show up at his door and make him mine.

i've never: stopped loving myself

if i was younger i'd: invest in shit that would make lots of money.

in 10 year's i'll: be older and wiser and richer, and happier.

I'll look back and: say, i've learned that the greatest gift to mankind, is love.

I hate: racism, hate
I wish: my children fulfill their dreams.
I need: peace, all the time
I want: a true love

Desy said...

i might kill someone if: Jesus told me I could

if i could i'd: drop out of school and become a famous singer/author

i've never: where does the list begin

i'd never:say never

if i was younger i'd: sing that ice cream song Eddie Murphy did in Delirious (love that red leather

in 10 years i'll:be askin myself where the years went

i'll look back and:remember

i hate:cell phone companies

i wish:so many things

i need:a nice massage

i want:to be loved unconditionally by someone who isn't blood (and to do the same)

Roddykat said...

Should I be expecting the book soon or just stand here posing in B-Boy stance?

Verbal Murda 3 - Dose of Deja!

Eb the Celeb said...

i might kill someone if: they hurt my mom
if i could i'd: travel the world
i've never: been to africa
i'd never: pee standing up
if i was younger i'd: invest in a get rich quick something
in 10 years i'll: be the ceo of my own company
i'll look back and: say wow i made it
i hate: when people doubt me
i wish: corporate bull was a thing of the past
i need: find me something to eat for lunch
i want: to be free

dejanae said...

all mi-t:
ha thnx

u know i cant be doin al the work
besides i know people actually atleast did read the crap

best screenplay huh?
thats a good look

i might marry for money...
im just sayin
the love can come after

u can never have enough shoes

i so feel you on the dancing thing
i need to get back on that

demon hunter:
don't you think utopia'd be a bit boring?
i need some darma to stay awake

*waves back*
i want:
u cant just say that and leave me hangin

fly to where?

that showin up at the door thing
go for it

u know they just gon put you in a psych ward if u start killin folk off Jesus's say so

u just gon stand there posin then
ill take it

i might have to hit u up for a coupla loans when u doin ur ceo thing

mp1 v.8.0 said...

i might kill someone if:they killed or attacked then madz

if i could i'd: be wealthy and have my fam set forever

i've never:been on an ambulance

i'd never:want to go to hell

if i was younger i'd:have gone to Fisk

in 10 years i'll:be a man of hella letters

i'll look back and:say it was all worth it

i hate:hate

i wish: upon a star

i need: time

i want: more time and money

dejanae said...

hey mad-dad:
where u been?

Don said...

@ dejanae: dubai.

Samii Styles said...

I might kill someone if: they fucked with my family

If I could i'd: trace my ancestry

I've never: dated outside my race

I'd never: smoke crack

If I were younger I'd: do crazy shit and not worry about the consequences

In 10 years I'll: have all things/experiences I want now and still want more

I'll look back and: laugh and cry

I hate: heartbreak

I wish: I was born wealthy

I need: love

I want: it all

An Unsung Hero said...

thanx for the josh

"i hate: when people say 'literally' in the wrong context. literally means actually so if it aint actually happened why the hell u using literally 4?"